Chapter 9 - Son-In-Law Madness

It was 12 o'clock in the morning.

The Chongcheng that had been covered in dark clouds was finally shrouded in rain.The pedestrians on the street scrambled to avoid the rain.The umbrellas of different colors were like flowers blooming in the night.

On the remote road, Xu Yaozhong was badly battered and stumbled.

The rain had already drenched him, sliding down his cheeks and turning his chin before dripping onto the ground, breaking him into pieces.

It was unknown if it was rain or tears.

He was like a walking corpse, his eyes dull and numb.

After being fiercely beaten and thrown out, the pain in his body seemed to be gone, because his entire heart had fallen into an endless abyss.

Zhou Yugiong did not kill him because she wanted him to watch his daughter and son die.

A white-haired man sending off a black-haired man was the cruelest thing in the world.

Zhou Yuqiong wanted him to experience this feeling.

Xu Yaozhong heard Zhou Yuqiong's ear-piercing laughter that was like that of a devil.

Blood flowed from the corner of his mouth.

He fell heavily in the rain, muttering the word ‘devil’ in his mouth as he completely fainted.

Soon, a black umbrella strode over.Raising the black umbrella, Yi Tianlong sighed.

"Send him to the First Hospital and arrange him to be in Xu Bei's ward.Let Miracle Doctor Wang have a good look."


Hongtong Hotel's neon lights flickered in the heavy rain.

The hotel door was closed, the lobby was so clean that with the light it could reflect people.

It was impossible for outsiders to tell that before this, there had been thirty-five bodies lying in pools of blood here.

The door to room 502 was opened by Hong Zhuang.

The moment the light lit up, Xu Nan’s scarred heart trembled fiercely.

The room was filled with dried-up blood.

There were bloody scratches on the wall.

Xu Nan seemed to be able to see his sister scratching the wall with her bloody fingers.

Some torture instruments were still placed here, and they were also stained with blood, all of which belonged to Xu Bei.

The window on the left was broken, and a clear bloody footprint was left on the windowsill.

This had also been left by Xu Bei.

After being tortured, she was forced to jump down from here! Xu Nan sat on the only clean sofa and looked up at the corner of the ceiling.

There was a hidden pinhole camera.

"Turn on the TV."

Xu Nan said indifferently, "I want to check the surveillance."

"Marshal Nan..."

Hong Zhuang's face was full of worry.

She was afraid that Xu Nan would not be able to stand it.

"I have to see with my own eyes what kind of torture my sister suffered to make me understand how incompetent I am as Marshal Nan."

Xu Nan's voice was too calm, so calm that it made Hong Zhuang's heart tremble.

She did not dare to disobey.

She took out her phone to hack into the hotel's surveillance system.

The Nanjiang's Lifeless Army's twelve generals each had their own abilities.

In addition to being extremely strong, Hong Zhuang was very good at gathering intel.

The Nanjiang's external intelligence system was in Hong Zhuang's hands.

Soon, the TV in the room showed an image.

Xu Bei was blindfolded and tied.

Then, her hands were fixed on the cross.Then, a man and two women in branded clothes walked in with a smile.The woman with a slim figure and thick makeup stepped forward and took off her


Her pretty face was full of pride.

"Liu Xuan!" Xu Bei was shocked.

"What are you going to do to me?"

"What are you doing? Haha, what do you think? Do you still think that you are the Xu family's spoiled daughter? You dared to suppress me in school.I have disliked you for along time.I didn't expect you to still dare to investigate the cause of your mother's death.Blame it on yourself provoking someone you shouldn't have."

"There is indeed a problem with the cause of my mother's death! Is it related to you?"

Xu Bei gritted her teeth and asked angrily.

"Oh, you still dare to look at me like that? It makes me sick.Qu Hai! Qu Hai!"

"Young miss!" Qu Hai came in with a forced smile.

"Come, show me all your tricks.Don't torture her to death.Keep her alive for now.She's still useful."

"Young miss, don't worry.I will definitely satisfy you! Hehe..."

Qu Hai waved his hand and the two thugs entered the room.

Liu Xuan and the two rich young masters sat on the sofa and watched with smiles, as if they had bought tickets to the cinema and were waiting for a good show.

Under Qu Hai's instructions, the two thugs walked towards Xu Bei with ropes.

From this moment on, Xu Bei's suffering began! Xu Nan looked at the TV without blinking and shouted,

"Wake Qu Hai up."

Hong Zhuang lowered her head the whole time, not daring to watch the TV at all.

Upon hearing this, she stepped on Qu Hai's calf.



Qu Hai, who was in a coma, suddenly opened his eyes due to the sharp pain of his bones breaking, and let out a shrill cry.

Xu Nan was still watching the TV.

He saw two thugs using ropes to tie Xu Bei’s stomach, and then each of them pulled back forcefully like a tug-of-war.

"Are you awake? Call Liu Xuan.’ Qu Hai did not dare to scream, even if he was trembling from the pain.


A high-pitched scream echoed in the room.

Qu Hai shivered and subconsciously looked up.

His pupils contracted tightly.

Only then did he realize that he was in Room 502 of Hongtong Hotel.

The scene on the TV was the very scene of him letting people torture Xu Bei! A chill ran from the back of his spine to the top of his head.

Qu Hai's face was so pale that there was no trace of blood.

He quickly knelt down and kowtowed, wailing, "Young Master Xu! Please spare me! I was forced to do it! It was Liu Xuan who forced me to do it! It had nothing to do with me...Xu Bei was screaming, like a cuckoo crying blood, pathetically and endlessly.

This sound made Hong Zhuang feel cold all over.

Torture! Absolute torture! Even a veteran of the Nanjiang would find it difficult to bear, let alone an ordinary girl with a delicate body? In the eyes of Hong Zhuang, there was a touch of blood.

Compared to Xu Nan's calm, she felt like she was going crazy.

It was as if the girl on TV was her own sister! The sharp dagger that had drunk a lot of blood was pressed against Qu Hai's neck.

It had already cut open his skin.

Blood flowed down the dagger and dripped onto the ground.

"Make a call.Otherwise, I will cut off your flesh piece by piece!"

A voice that sounded like it came from hell echoed in Qu Hai's ears.

His heart beat violently, as if it was going to explode.

His entire face turned from pale white to scarlet red like blood.

Under the extreme crisis of death, Qu Hai hurriedly said, "I'll call! Spare me! I'll call! I'll call right away! I'll call right away!"

Slightly trembling, Qu Hai took out his phone.

He found Liu Xuan's number and dialed it.He no longer cared about the consequences.

If he didn't call, he would die.

But he would rather die later and pray for that illusory chance of survival.

Other than that, there was only regret that was difficult to be washed away even by the Yangtze River.

If he had known that it would be like this, even if he was beaten to death, he would not dare to listen to Liu Xuan's instructions and torture Xu Bei.

The beeping sound was like a death knell ringing.

Soon after, the call connected.

There was a charming female voice on the other side.

"Qu Hai, do you have a death wish? How dare you call me so late at night.If there is no reasonable cause, I will cut off the finger you used to make the call."

Qu Hai hurriedly said, "Miss, Xu Bei's brother is back.He is in room 502 of Hongtong Hotel.He has been caught by me.Do you want to come and see him personally?"

"Ha? Xu Bei’s brother? The Xu Nan who destroyed Qin Feiyue six years ago and ran away? Haha, interesting, interesting.Well, since it is so interesting, I will have no choice but to come to see him.By the way, I can use the method I used for that bitch Xu Bei again.I will do it when I get there!"

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