Chapter 10 - Son-In-Law Madness

In the presidential suite of a five-star hotel in the central area of Chongcheng.

Liu Xuan put down the phone and picked up her clothes from the bed.

A pair of male hands wrapped around her from behind and asked, "Is that trash back?"

This pair of hands were misbehaving, making Liu Xuan's whole body go soft.

Just as her eyes were blurred and she was about to throw away her clothes, her hands left.

Aman who looked a little evil smiled and said, "He had been escaping for six years, and now he just came back to die.It's good to let their family of three, no, family of four, reunite in the hell."

Yiu Xuan asked as she put on her clothes, "Brother Jie, actually, I don't understand why you and Aunt Qiong hate the Xu family so much?"

The man lifted Liu Xuan's chin and kissed her.

"Little darling, there are some things you better not ask.It's not good to know too much.’ 'This man was called Zhou Jie, Zhou Yuqiong's biological son, the same age as Xu Nan.

When Zhou Yugiong married Xu Yaozhong, they entered the Xu family together.

Zhou Yuqiong had planned a good show to let Xu Nan and the daughter of the Qin family, Qin Feiyue, one of the four big families of Chongcheng, make out on an absurd night, causing the Qin family to be furious.

It could be imagined that if Xu Nan was caught at that time, he would undoubtedly die.

It was also because he knew that it would be like this that Xu Nan escaped and went to the border of Nanjiang.

When Xu Nan ran away, the inheritance of the Xu family fell on Xu Bei, but Xu Bei was a daughter, and her personality was not suitable to inherit the Xu family.

At that time, Xu Yaozhong was also very angry.

He paid a great price to calm the anger of the Qin family.

He was thoroughly disappointed with Xu Nan and treated Zhou Jie as his successor, allowing him to enter the Xu family's industry to gain experience.

Zhou Yuqiong and Zhou Jie started from that moment on, gradually nibbling away at the Xu family's business.

When Xu Yaozhong finally realized what was happening, even the Xu family ancestral home was no longer in his name.

The head of the Xu family was kicked out of the door! The two dressed neatly and took the elevator to the underground garage.

They drove a Coupe to Hongtong Hotel.

Half an hour later, the Coupe stopped outside Hongtong Hotel.

Liu Xuan held Zhou Jie's arm and the two of them entered the brightly lit lobby together.

However, they found that no one was there.

They could not help frowning, "These good-for-nothings are lazy again.When my dad comes back, I will teach them a lesson.’

Zhou Jie smiled and said, "Well, why are you angry with them? Go to see Xu Nan.It has been six years.I miss him a lot.’

"I will listen to you."

Liu Xuan smiled sweetly and entered the elevator with Zhou Jie.

She pressed the button for the fifth floor.

A moment later, with a ding, they arrived at the fifth floor.

The elevator door opened.

The two of them walked calmly through the corridor and stood outside Room 502.

Liu Xuan raised her hand and knocked on the door.

"Qu Hai, open the door!"

In the room, Xu Nan sat there without moving.

The scene on the TV had stopped, but it wasn't because Xu Bei had finished receiving the torture.

Actually, it was only halfway through.

Xu Nan had thought that he could calmly finish watching it.

However, he had overestimated himself and underestimated the ruthlessness of Liu Xuan and the others.

Although they had not destroyed his sister's virginity, the terrible torture had caused unimaginable damage to his sister's body and mind! Xu Nan's thoughts were in turmoil...

‘I will destroy this city!’ 'I will destroy this world! He had been at the border for six years, willing to sacrifice his life to protect this country and the people of the region.

What he got in return was a devil that made his heart tremble by destroying his sister! Really, it was not worth it! Hong Zhuang did not get Xu Nan's order, but she still opened the door.

Liu Xuan saw a beautiful woman in a military uniform and was appalled.

And in this moment of surprise, Zhou Jie and Liu Xuan were pulled into the room by Hong Zhuang.

With a bang, the door closed.

Liu Xuan staggered and almost fell to the ground.

She held Zhou Jie tightly and immediately saw Qu Hai kneeling on the ground with blood all over his face.

She exclaimed, "Qu Hai, you!"

Qu Hai trembled, but he did dared not move.

He lowered his head, not daring to look at Liu Xuan or Xu Nan.

On the other hand, Zhou Jie's gaze fell on Xu Nan, who was wearing a military uniform.

His eyes turned cold and then he smiled contemptuously.

"Brother Nan, long time no see.Where have you been for the past six years? I couldn't find you anywhere." Xu Nan looked up, expressionless.

He did not expect Zhou Jie to be here.

After Zhou Yugiong married into the Xu family, Zhou Jie bullied Xu Bei a lot.

Fortunately, Xu Nan was no longer as weak as he was when he was young.

Every time Zhou Jie dared to bully Xu Bei, he would beat Zhou Jie up.

Then Zhou Jie would cry and run to Zhou Yugiong to complain.

Xu Nan would be punished by Xu Yaozhong and told to kneel down.

However, every time Xu Yaozhong scolded Xu Nan for admitting his mistake, all he saw was Xu Nan's stubborn gaze.

"What is your relationship with this woman?" Xu Nan asked.

Zhou Jie said, "She is my girlfriend, and also the daughter of Liu Sanchong."

"Qu Hai, I hope you're not lying to me!"

Liu Xuan had already reacted at this time.

What did he say to catch Xu Nan? It was obvious that Xu Nan had caught Qu Hai and asked him to trick her here.

The next moment, Liu Xuan's expression changed slightly.

Since that was the case, Xu Nan must have already known about what he had people do to Xu Bei.

"Liu Xuan." Xu Nan chewed on Liu Xuan'’s name as he slowly got up.

In a split second, a terrifying murderous intent swept the room.

In Liu Xuan and Zhou Jie’s senses, they only felt like they were facing a wild beast that was choosing its prey.

That enormous pressure made their hearts beat like thunder, and their breathing almost stopped.

When that pair of eyes looked over, it was as if they saw a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood surging over! Liu Xuan's legs were weak.

She subconsciously pulled Zhou Jie, but Zhou Jie was the same as her.

The two of them both fell to the ground, feeling the urge to pee surge.They were about to be unable to hold it in.

"Hong Zhuang, Xu Nan whispered.


Hong Zhuang's body exuded a murderous aura.

"How much torture has my sister suffered? Give it back to her.Be gentle and don't kill her."


Xu Nan looked at Qu Hai again.

"You will lead the way.How you treated my sister at that time, now you will treat her the same way."Qu Hai trembled violently,


"Or first cut off the flesh on your body piece by piece.Don't worry, I won't let you die without a thousand cuts."

Qu Hai's pants were wet again, and his whole body swayed, but he didn't dare delay.

He nodded repeatedly, "I will listen to you! I will listen to you!"

"Xu! Nan!"

Liu Xuan screamed, her eyes full of horror and resentment.

"You dare!"

Do you know who I am? I am Liu Sanchong's daughter! If you dare to do this to me, my dad will definitely cut you into pieces and cut your family into pieces! And then feed you lumps of trash to the dogs! "

Xu Nan looked at Liu Xuan calmly, as if he was looking at an ant.

"There are many people who want to cut me into pieces.

You don't even have the qualifications to line up."

Hong Zhuang directly reached out, grabbed Liu Xuan's hair, and pulled her towards the cross against the wall.


Liu Xuan screamed in pain, "Xu Nan! You dare! Brother Jie, save me! Save me! Ah!"

Hong Zhuang punched Liu Xuan in the stomach, making her bend over in pain.

She did not even have the strength to struggle.

Then, she easily fixed her hand on the cross.

Hong Zhuang turned back, "Qu Hai, you command."

Qu Hai sat on the ground, his whole body trembling like electricity.

He said ina trembling voice, "First...



the tripe..."

Hong Zhuang picked up the blood-stained rope and wrapped it around Liu Xuan's waist.

She grabbed one end with one hand and pulled hard.

The strength of two thugs was actually not as strong as Hong Zhuang.

Liu Xuan’s stomach shrunk at a speed visible to the naked eye, then shrunk again.

In the end, it was only the width of two wrists.


A mournful wail came out of Liu Xuan's mouth, and some foul-smelling excrement poured out.

The pain she endured was even greater than what Xu Bei had endured at that time! It was only at this moment that Zhou Jie reacted.

He shrunk back in fear, picked up a stool, and smashed it at Xu Nan.

Xu Nan lightly kicked Zhou Jie, causing him to smash directly into the wall.

He wailed in pain and roared ferociously, "Xu Nan, you are finished! You are finished! You dare to do this to Liu Xuan, Uncle Liu will not let you go unscathed! You are dead! Xu Yaozhong is also dead! You are all dead! No one in this world can save you! No!"

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