Chapter 1 - Son-In-Law Madness

"Marshal Nan, this is the surrender document sent by the enemy kingdom.They are willing to give us three thousand miles of land in exchange for the retreat of our Nanjiang army."

"They started the war and offended our mighty Dragon Kingdom, only to be defeated by Marshal Nan.They want to end the war by simply handing us a PIECE OF LAND.That's not going to happen!"

At the Nanjiang border of the Dragon Kingdom, in the war zone conference room, the eleven generals looked at the young man in military uniform with starry eyes, and their eyes were full of fanaticism.

This person's name was Xu Nan, and he was the commander-in-chief of the Nanjiang territory! He entered Nanjiang as a fugitive 6 years ago.

He moved up from the army of cannon fodder step by step.

He strengthened Nanjing and fought here for six years.

He killed nine war gods from the enemy kingdom on his own, striking terror into the enemy army.

That is why they had decided to surrender.

Everyone strongly debated, but they all knew that the final decision would be made by this young man who was only twenty-six years old, but had already been appointed a marshal.

Du, du, du...

Xu Nan was silent.

His fingers tapping lightly on the conference table.

There was no rush to make a decision.

He was waiting.

He was waiting for that person to submit.

Otherwise, this battle would not end so easily.

Bang! The conference room gate was suddenly pushed open in that moment.

Everyone's eyes were pulled to a beautiful woman standing at the door.

The woman was dressed in a military uniform, and her lovely figure moved like the wind.

She was in no way inferior to even the most famous leader.

Hong Zhuang was one of Xu Nan's twelve martial generals.

Xu Nan's lips curled up as he saw Hong Zhuang quickly walk over.

There appeared to be an outcome already.

"Marshal Nan!"

Hong Zhuang walked over and saluted ina hurry, but there was an imperceptible worry on her face.

Xu Nan was acutely aware of the situation and could not help but frown.

Hong Zhuang had been following him for many years and had never seen him with such a look.

Is it possible that there was an accident? "Marshal Nan, news came from Chongcheng that your younger sister..."

Xu Nan suddenly stood up, a fierce expression on his face: "What happened to my sister?"

Hong Zhuang clenched her teeth and reached into her pocket, but she stopped before pulling out the photo.

She was very well aware at once, that this man in front of her had become angry, and no one could stop him.

Marshal Nan’s anger would surely flood Chongcheng with rivers of blood!

"Take it out."

Xu Nan said frostily.


Hong Zhuang took a deep breath before taking out the photo.

Xu Nan stretched out his hand and took it.

At a glance, his pupils dilated.

In a split second, monstrous anger erupted, and a terrifying pressure enveloped the entire conference room.

"Marshal Nan!"

The other generals stood up in unison, their hearts trembling.

What did they see? A man who dared to stand alone against thousands of troops was actually shaking! It was a young girl in the photo.

As she lay in the hospital bed, she was in excruciating pain.

Her blood had stained her soiled clothes.

Her hands dangled by the bed, as if she was clutching something.

This girl was his younger sister! The Commander of Nanjiang's younger sister!

"Your subordinate Hong Zhuang deserves to die!"

"I let you down because I failed to protect her..."

Hong Zhuang clenched her teeth and got down on one knee.

"Howis the situation with my sister?"

Xu Nan used a little force, and the photo in his hand instantly turned to dust.

An even heavier aura filled the air, making it difficult for all of the generals in the conference room to breathe.

"She fell from the roof of the building! Her internal organs have ruptured, and there is no one who can help her right now! She is simply not going to die any time soon because she has a strong desire to live.She won't be here for much longer...’’

Boom! A thunderclap exploded in Xu Nan's mind, his vision black.

The other generals were also shocked.

Their hearts were hammering, and they felt as if the sky was collapsing around them.

How did Marshal Nan's sister come to be this way? The next moment, Xu Nan shouted, "Get a fighter ready for me.I want to go back to Chongcheng!"

Aman in a suit and sunglasses hurriedly said, "Marshal Nan, you can't! The surrender of the enemy country is critical at this point.What if you don't stay here in Nanjiang?"

Xu Nan shot him in the eyes with eye daggers.

"There is no such thing as a ‘what if situation! My sister will die! DO YOU KNOW SHE'S GOING TO DIE?"

The man was so frightened that his face turned pale.He quickly lowered his head, not daring to meet Xu Nan's eyes at all.

"Prepare the fighter jet!"


A fighter jet took off from Nanjiang on its way to Chongcheng.

Xu Nan was filled with anxiety and regret as he flew above the clouds.

Six years ago, he committed a crime and escaped his home, refusing to contact his family.

Later, he rose upin Nanjiang and became well-known throughout the enemy country.

He was afraid that enemy spies would find his identity and endanger his sister, so he decided not to contact her.

He could not even send anyone to guard her.

Currently, any unnecessary action could reveal his identity.

However, he had not expected his sister to be involved in such a disaster! As the killing intent in his eyes almost solidified, he clenched his fists tightly.

They all deserved to die, regardless of who they were!

"Hurry up! Move!"

Xu Nan felt as if his heart was being knifed repeatedly, and he could not help but shout.


As it streaked across the sky at incredible speeds, the fighter jet left a trail of white fog in the sky.

However, three fighter jets with golden dragon markers caught them before they could leave Nanjiang.

"Marshal Nan, he's the Golden Dragon Supervisor!" said Hong Zhuang.

Xu Nan's face was expressionless, and he remained silent.

"Commander Nan! Please stop the fighter jet immediately! As the Commander of Nanjiang, you cannot leave it behind! I repeat, you cannot leave Nanjiang!"

The voice came from the communicator into the fighter jet and echoed in Xu Nan's ears.

Xu Nan shouted gravely, "I have to return to Chongcheng today.Even if Yi Tianlong comes, he will not be able to stop me! I will give you one minute to leave! Otherwise, don't blame me for being ruthless!"

His sister was in danger, and the quacks were powerless to help.

He was the only one who could save her! Even if the emperor of heaven appeared at the critical moment of life and death, Xu Nan would not give up on saving his sister! The three supervising fighters were still following at this moment, but all pilots remained silent.

They were at a loss for what to do.

They could attack him directly if someone else forced his way out of Nanjiang.

But they didn't dare, and they couldn't attack this man! Nanjiang would have broken through several years ago if it had not been for Xu Nan.

"We can't stop him; please contact the invigilator as soon as possible."

Yi Tianlong received the news from his subordinates at the Capital City Supervisory Department.

"Hurry up and look into why Marshal Nan left Nanjiang."

Yi Tianlong received the message on his phone a split second later.

His expression shifted dramatically, and he shouted into the communication device, "Please hurry! Leave as soon as possible!"

In the Nanjiang fighter jet, beside Xu Nan, Hong Zhuang looked at her watch, her heart racing.

Xu Nan said one minute, and then it must be one minute.

If the supervisory fighter jet did not leave, he would definitely attack.But once he attacked the Golden Dragon Supervisor, it was equivalent to treason!


At this moment, Hong Zhuang's heart tightened.

Her finger was already on the launch button.Everything would be irredeemable as long as she used a little torce!




As she was about to count the last second, Hong Zhuang's entire body felt empty.

The three supervising fighters in front of her moved in two directions! She quickly moved her hand away from the launch button, only to sense that she was drenched in cold sweat.

But there was no change in Xu Nan's expression at all.


The fighter jet with the word "Nanjiang" painted on it charged without hesitation through the dividing line of Nanjiang, above the pure white clouds that resembled cotton candy.

At the speed of the fighter jet, it would take about half an hour to return to Chongcheng if everything went smoothly! For Xu Nan, thirty minutes was as long as a century!

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