Chapter 2 - Son-In-Law Madness

Chongcheng, Military and Civilian Airport.

"Quick, quick! Quick!"

Rows of fully armed soldiers set up their defenses quickly and waited with rapt attention.

They had no idea what had happened.

They had only recently heard that something huge had happened.

They had been called in because there was an emergency, and they had cordoned off the entire airport.

Chen Qiming, the Governor of Chongcheng, broke out in cold sweat.

His heart was as hot as an ant in a hot pan.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Chen Qiming's heart trembled even more when he saw a fighter jet dive from the sky.

It had come! It had finally come! As the fighter jet fell steadily, the wind blew.

The cabin door opened, and Xu Nan walked out, accompanied by Hong Zhuang.

The next moment, he saw soldiers surrounding him, all their guns aimed at him.


Hong Zhuang's bright eyes flashed with ruthlessness, and she spoke coldly.

The invisible killing intent born from years of slaughter at the border made everyone's hair stand on end.

"Marshal Nan!"

Chen Qiming ran over and bowed in front of Xu Nan, not daring to look Xu Nan in the eye.

With difficulty, he said, "My name is Chen Qiming, and I am the governor of Chongcheng.I'm wondering what happened to Marshal Nan, who came from Nanjiang.’’ Hong Zhuang shouted coldly, "Get your men out of the way immediately.Prepare the car.Marshal Nan is going to the First Hospital!"


Chen Qiming raised his head slightly and glanced at Xu Nan.

However, just this one single glance made his legs go soft like melting wax.

What kind of eyes were those! They seemed to contain mountains of corpses and seas of blood! Hong Zhuang shouted again, "Prepare the car!"

"Reporting to Marshal Nan, as the commander-in-chief of Nanjiang, you should not leave your post.The king has ordered you to return immediately..."

Hong Zhuang had already kicked Chen Qiming to the ground before he could finish.

"I told you to prepare the car!" her eyes wide open and her killing intent cold.

Hundreds of soldiers pointed their guns at Hong Zhuang, and the bullets were ready!

"Marshal Nan!"

Now of mutual hostility, someone rushed over.

Chen Qiming panted heavily like a fish that was about to die from lack of water.

Yi Tianlong, the Golden Dragon Supervisor, had arrived.

He was in charge of supervising the warzone.

Xu Nan looked at Yi Tianlong with a cold gaze.

"I don't have time to waste.Get the car ready.’’ Yi Tianlong said bitterly, "Don't worry, Marshal Nan.I have brought a Miracle Doctor from the capital.He has rushed to the hospital to treat your sister."

Yi Tianlong took a token from his pocket as he spoke.

"Marshal Nan, the king has ordered that as Nanjiang's commander-in-chief, you are not permitted to return to the inland city without an imperial decree.You have now violated the law of the country.Please return to Nanjiang as soon as possible and preside over matters concerning the enemy kingdom before going to the capital to see the king."

Xu Nan took a deep breath and calmly stated, "My sister's life is at stake.What do you want me to do when I return to Nanjiang? Yi Tianlong, get lost!"

"Marshal Nan!"

Yi Tianlong was about to say something, but he stopped himself.

"Governor Chen, lead the troops and leave,” he said to Chen Qiming.

"Yes, yes!"

Chen Qiming nodded as if he had been released from prison.

He wouldn't have come if it had not been for the king's orders.

The god of death was not someone to trifle with.

Chen Qiming led the team and left.

Yi Tianlong waved his subordinates away and smiled wryly, "Marshal Nan, you should return to Nanjiang, my dear.

The enemy country is at the critical moment of surrender.

How can we deter the enemy if you are not present? Because you saved my life, I will let you in on a little secret: the big shots are discussing the title for you.

When the war is over, you will be a titled "God of war, ranked first among the five great gods of war!"

Xu Nan said indifferently, "I don't care.’

"I know you don't care, but you have to consider your subordinates in Nanjiang, don't you? The Twelve Generals of the Lifeless Army of Nanjiang will be rewarded after this battle."

"You are the commander-in-chief of Nanjiang,’’ Yi Tianlong continued, licking his lips.

You hold a high position and have authority over an entire region.

According to the country's laws, you are not permitted to return to the inland city.You have already committed a great taboo to come back so hastily.What if the higher-ups get angry...?"

Boom boom boom...

The engine roared before Yi Tianlong had finished speaking.

Ared car with a license plate flew over and opened the door.

A man saluted Xu Nan and took a token from his pocket.

He said stonily, "Marshal Nan is not allowed to return to the inland city without any decree.Please, Marshal Nan, return to Nanjiang!"

As he looked at Yi Tianlong, the corners of Xu Nan's mouth curled into a sharp arc.

"Prepare a car for me.I'd like to visit my sister in the hospital."

"Marshal Nan!"

Yi Tianlong felt a headache coming on.

Xu Nan ignored Yi Tianlong and left with large strides.


Chen Qiming did not dare to leave the airport.

He brought his soldiers and continued to secure the area.

Chen Qiming's pupils shrank and his heart trembled when he saw Xu Nan come out.

Even the king's decree could not stop him now.

"This car has been commandeered.If you want it back, come to the hospital."

Xu Nan was talking about Chen Qiming's car.

How could Chen Qiming dare to object? His throat moved as he nodded repeatedly.

Yi Tianlong caught up and saw Xu Nan preparing to get in the car.

"Stop him!"


Hundreds of soldiers once again aimed their guns at Xu Nan and surrounded him.

Yi Tianlong roared, "What the hell are you doing? Don't make a mistake you will regret!"

At this time! Boom...

The sound of the motor rang out again.

Another red car with a license plate approached and blocked the car's path.

A young man in a suit left the car and took a token from his pocket.

"The king has given the order.Marshal Nan, please return to Nanjiang as soon as possible!"

Xu Nan glanced at him and turned to look at Yi Tianlong.

"You won't be able to stop me."

His words were indifferent, but they caused Yi Tianlong's hair to stand on end and his heart cold.

He watched Xu Nan get in the car, but did not dare to say another word.

This man could not be reasoned with, he was already on the verge of rage! The motor resounded, and Hong Zhuang drove around the cars in front of her, following the direction to Chongcheng Hospital.

Chen Qiming's vision darkened.

Even the Golden Dragon Supervisor was powerless to stop it! Three decrees could not stop it either! Chongcheng Hospital, Intensive Care Building.

In the corridor of the 12th floor, there was a moving bed with a girl who was beyond recognition.

Xu Bei was her name and she was Xu Nan's sister! The face of the grey-haired old man was as deep as a lake.

He gently pricked Xu Bei's body with a few silver needles and then checked her pulse.

Xu Bei's body twitched at that moment.

Her swollen eyes widened slightly, but she could not see clearly.

She did not know where she got the strength, but she managed to hold the old man's hand and said with difficulty, ""

Pfft! A mouthful of blood splattered from her mouth.

The scarlet blood had a hint of black in it.

Then Xu Bei fainted once more.The old man was shocked.

He quickly stabbed three golden needles into Xu Bei's head.

He felt her pulse, which was as weak as a candle flame in the wind.

He sighed and shook his head.

"Master, how is she?" a pretty girl to his side asked.

"Her internal organs have ruptured and her days are numbered.I used Three Profound Needles to stab her life source, but I can only delay her death for a little longer.I'm afraid..."

The girl's heart sank, and she looked at Xu Bei with pity in her eyes.

Even her own master was unable to save her.

Then there was probably no one in the entire world who could save her.

She had no idea who it was, but how could he bear to have tortured her like this? What a sin! Weng...

The girl suddenly felt her entire body soften and her legs tremble, as if she were carrying a mountain on her shoulders! What happened? She was confused and struggled to turn around.

There were two more people in her line of sight.

Aman and a woman, wearing military uniforms.

The man was about the same age as she was.He pursed his lips tightly and ignored everything in front of him.

Only Xu Bei, who was lying on the bed, got his attention.


"Marshal Nan."

The girl heard her master's exclamation.

What? Marshal Nan? There was only one person in the world who could be called Marshal Nan.

Could it have been that man, who was about her age...? For six years, he guarded at the country's gates, commanding millions of soldiers on his own! The...The Commander of Nanjiang! The girl's heart surged with monstrous waves the next moment, before her shock faded.

This legendary figure's eyes were bloodshot, and a tear slipped quietly from the corners of his eyes.

He was crying!

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