Chapter 3 - Spoil My Sweet Window

Chapter 3

Harold slightly raised the corners of his mouth, looking at the girl in front of him. Not only was she a bumpkin, her face was also chubby.

“Don’t tell me you’re my…” Harold couldn’t believe it, “…wife?”

Crystal thought she was seeing a ghost. She burst into tears, whining, “I,I, I’m just hungry. It’s just a small pear. I shouldn’t provoke you this much you have to rise from death. It’s too much, sir…”

Her cry was so loud that Harold ducked back, rubbing his brows. Eventually, he lifted her up and sat her on the altar as if she was a little stray cat, his voice low. “If you cry again, I’ll throw you into the


Crystal immediately shut up. Her large eyes were filled with tears.

“How old are you? You can’t tell between a human and a ghost?”

Crystal finally realized that this man was a real human and not a ghost as she had seen his shadow. “You were dead, weren’t you…” Crystal pointed at the pitch-black casket. “It’s obviously your dead body inside…”

Harold raised his eyebrows and walked over to the casket. He knocked on it, asking, “Do you want to see the body?”

Crystal shrank on the altar, like a rabbit being sacrificed. Shivering, she stammered, “No, I don’t want to see it. Don’t, don’t scare me…”

Harold was infamous, and he didn’t want to be a good man, either. He deliberately teased the girl. “Don’t you know that I’m a bad person?”

Crystal swallowed her saliva, her eyes widening in shock.

“Once I’m unhappy, I’ll kill you and then throw your body into the wild,” Harold deliberately drawled his voice, “to feed the wolves.”

Crystal’s scalp went numb, her face saying that the other was so cruel.

Harold picked her from the altar and let her stand on her feet. As soon as Crystal touched the ground, she wanted to run away. Harold pulled her back like holding a little cat. “Behave. Don’t


Crystal nodded. She didn’t want to see what was inside the coffin at all. Trembling, she said, “Master White… we don’t need to open the coffin, do we? It’s not auspicious.”

“I don’t believe in these things!” Harold wore a faint cold smile. His gaze was indifferent as he said, “It’s utterly exciting to open your own casket, isn’t it?”

Those people really wanted him dead just like that? With some little false news, his funeral was arranged.

Following the custom, the casket shouldn’t be sealed for now. Harold easily pushed the lid aside. Crystal turned her face away and didn’t dare to look at it. The man smiled at her, “What? Do you think there’s a walking dead inside? It’s just a few pieces of clothes.”

Crystal slowly turned her face and nerved herself to look at the casket. Sure enough, there were only clothes inside.

At this moment, footsteps arose from not far away, which were so clear in the spacious but empty

hall. Harold reacted swiftly, scooping Crystal into the casket with him.

Crystal was completely stunned. How did she get in?

The size of the casket was designed based on Harold’s figure. With Crystal inside, the space. narrowed down. She could only lean back in Harold’s arms. Her forehead was pressed against the man’s chest, which was quite muscular.

“Master White…”

Harold had already pulled the casket lid close and covered Crystal’s mouth, almost choking her. “Where did she go…” A staff’s voice came from the outside. “Where’s that Miss Evans?”

“She must have gone to the bathroom, or snoozed somewhere.”

“I’m so unlucky that I have to come and change the candles here in the middle of the night.” “Keep your voice down.” Another person reminded, “When Master White was still alive, he was even more terrifying than the Devil. He’s dead now, and I don’t know what he’s turned into. Be careful. His body could rise up and he could eat you…”

There was a burst of noise outside. After lighting the candles, the staff hurried to leave. “All right, let’s go.”

Making sure that the others had left, Harold let go of Crystal’s mouth. The girl panted heavily. She had thought that she would die here.

Harold suddenly approached her, asking, “Which perfume you’re using?”

Crystal shrank her neck and sniffed herself, but she couldn’t smell anything. As she was too close to Harold, his breath was brushing her ear.

It made her so shy, her voice gradually fading out. “I didn’t, didn’t wear any perfume.”

But the woman in Harold’s arms was so fragrant and sweet.

How much milk candy had she eaten?

“Master White…” Crystal asked timidly, “Why are we hiding in the casket?”

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