Chapter 5 - Spoil My Sweet Window

Chapter 5

Luke was stunned!

Didn’t Master White awfully dislike this marriage?

Why did he start to dote on his wife in the blink of an eye?

Although Luke was dying to know, he didn’t dare to ask more. He respectfully addressed Crystal as Madam and then said to Harold, “Master White, we have to go to the meeting.”

Harold turned around and was about to leave. Someone grabbed the hem of his shirt.

Crystal only dared to pinch a little fabric of his shirt as she was so afraid that he would be she grabbed hold of him.

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Harold leaned to one side and looked at the girl’s soft hand, not showing any pity to her. “Are your really not scared of me at all?”

Crystal licked her lips and was about to say something.

Harold’s hand landed on her waist, and in an instant, she saw a dark and shiny gun placing against her heart. The man’s voice became more playful. “Are you scared now?”

His handsome face looked exceptionally cold under the pale moonlight. Crystal was frightened. Her eyes were red, and her voice turned pitiful. “I’m scared, but I just want to…”

“Want to do what?”

“I just want to sleep.” Crystal frowned, her eyes tearful. “I woke up at five o’clock, and I’ve been putting up with it until now…”

Harold raised his eyebrows slightly, “Then you can go to sleep in the casket.”

Crystal couldn’t hold it in anymore. Tears rolled down her face. “Then I might as well die. I have to sleep in the coffin anyway.”

The little girl’s eyes, cheeks, and nose were all red, making people pity her. Harold’s conscience, which had been dormant for nearly twenty years, seemed to be somewhat awakened at this.


With a swift turn of his wrist, he pointed the muzzle upward and threw it into Crystal’s arms. “It’s just a fake gun. Why are you crying?”

Crystal stared blankly at the thing in her arms.

Were the fake guns so realistic these days?

“Take it if you want.” Harold looked indifferent. “Follow me.”

Luke reminded him from the side, “Master White, it…”

Harold didn’t even look at him. Luke didn’t dare to say anything else.

Crystal followed behind Harold docilely. The man had a burly figure that his shadow had almost. covered her all. Her voice became soft. “Master White… where are we going?”

Harold turned his head to look at her, his eyes sparkling evilly. “It’s our wedding night, where should we go, you say?”

Crystal froze on the spot, and her small body straightened. She said stiffly, “Should I sleep in the casket then?”

Harold turned around and bent slightly. “What, you don’t want to sleep anymore?”

Crystal opened her eyes with her fingers. “It’s more important to guard your soul by the casket.”

Harold looked at her pitiful face. “I’m not dead yet. It’s boring to guard that thing. It’s more decent to guard me.”

Crystal subconsciously wanted to scold him, but she didn’t have the guts to do so. She could only bite her lips and remain silent.

“Do you still want to sleep?” Harold’s patience was running out.

Crystal hugged herself. “I’m not sleeping anymore!”

Harold sucked in his cheek. “You’re still throwing a tantrum. Looks like you really don’t want to live anymore.”

He scooped her up.

The girl was petite, and holding her in his arms felt like holding a piece of soft cotton candy. The girl always gave off a sweet fragrance. When the night wind blew her aroma to him, it could make his heart itch.

The man’s cold tone sent chills down Crystal’s spine.

At this moment, she only felt that that she was doomed!

She was going to be killed on her first day of marriage!

After a long silence, Crystal said tremblingly, “Um, I have one last wish before I die!”

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