Chapter 4 - Spoil My Sweet Window

Chapter 4

“I can’t let others know that I’m not dead.”

“Hmm…” Crystal thought for a moment. “But why did you bring me in here?”

Harold tutted. “It just came handy.”

Crystal wiggled her body. “Can we go out now…”

Harold pushed open the lid of the casket. He jumped out agilely with the support of only one hand. Crystal’s forehead was covered in sweat. She was so afraid of height and could only seek Harold’s help. “Master White… It’s too high. I’m scared.”

Harold rested his elbow on the side of the casket, looking nonchalant. “What does it have to do with


Crystal’s eyes sparkled with tears. “But… you brought me in…”

The man remained unmoved. “Oh, I did that, so what?”

Crystal was so mad she was about to explode. She said without any bit of strength, “Too much!” It was the first time Harold saw someone dare to get mad at him. Perhaps this little bumpkin had been living in the countryside for a long time she didn’t know what kind of person Harold was in City

He propped up his jaw with one hand and looked at her with interest. “It’s not impossible to carry you down.”

Crystal immediately perked up.

The man chuckled. “What did you call me?”

“Master White,” Crystal didn’t notice that something was wrong. “They all call you that.”

Harold raised an eyebrow. “You’re my wife. You can’t call me that.”

Crystal was inexperienced enough to ask, “What should I call you then?”

Harold’s handsome face was particularly attractive in the flickering candlelight. He said unhurriedly, “Use your brain.”

Was he asking her to call him her husband?

Crystal’s ears turned red in an instant.

“Master White,” A man suddenly walked out from the shadows. It was Harold’s assistant, Luke Jones. “Everyone says that you’re dead. Our men are all worried. Why are you here…”

“I just spent time to attend my own funeral and experience the world.”

He looked at Crystal, who was still sitting in the casket and contemplating, then turned around as if to leave. “I have something to do, so I’ll…”

Crystal was so afraid that he would leave her alone in the casket. She shouted hurriedly, “Honey… don’t go!”

Luke almost fell to the ground!

Did he hear wrongly?

How could this little girl call Master White ‘honey’?

Harold looked at the girl with interest. “Call me again!”

Crystal was timid. Still sitting in the casket, her eyes turned red. She reached out to hug him. “Honey…”

Harold didn’t know where his interest came from, but he felt that Crystal was really interesting, obedient and soft.

Holding Crystal in his arms, he turned around and saw Luke’s shocked face. “Master White… When did you get married?”

“You don’t know her?”

Luke came to his senses. “Is she the Evans family’s daughter?”

As soon as Crystal touched the ground, she gasped for her breath. The man pinched her cheek and lifted her chin up. “Do not tell anybody that I’m not dead.”

Crystal nodded, indicating that she would not tell anyone.

Harold felt the touch was quite good, so he couldn’t help but pinch her again. Then, he told Luke, “You should call her Mrs. White.”

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