Chapter 8 - Starting with A Divorce

Starting with A Divorce Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Sassy and Charming

Ainsley took the hunting rifle and sighed in her heart.

When Manuel changed his clothes, everyone packed up and followed the instructions of the coaches on the field. The hunters entered the hunting ground.

Of course, most of them came specifically for Manuel, and those who were not good at hunting stayed in the camp to watch.

Among them were Cason and Kaliyah.

The Gage family had people prepare binoculars and all kinds of drinks and snacks, and there were many deer behind them.

However, most people were more interested in the situation in the field, and they all took out their binoculars to watch.

Cason thought of what Ainsley had just said and lowered his gaze to pick up the binoculars.

The hunting ground was a huge grass field. The wind was clean, and it was vast. Ainsley rode on a horse, and the wind whistled past.

For some reason, she felt a little excited as if something that had been suppressed in her heart for a long time had finally been awakened.

Her eyes seemed to have finally regained some vigor, just like how they used to be unfettered.

Not far away, Cason put down his binoculars with a calm face and did not speak for a long time.

He never knew that the dull and boring woman in his eyes could be so sassy and charming.

Lainey didn’t know how to ride a horse. She only held the hound and waited for Ainsley. When Ainsley got off the horse, Lainey looked up and saw Manuel also looking up at Ainsley.

A bit of interest flashed through the man’s eyes.

Lainey’s heart ***aa beat.

Sure enough, Manuel said a few words. The staff beside him walked over and said respectfully. *Ms. Easton, Ms. Salter, Mr. Gage said that the people who hunted the most today can take away their favorite prey from here or the little pony and deer that they raised.”


‘s eyes were shining. “Aisy, if you take the first place, can you bring that horse back?”

Ainsley was a little tempted.

Most of these rich people were like Lainey, and very few of them were truly skilled at hunting. In the end, only Manuel’s and Ainsley’s prey reached a total of 19.

When it was almost over, Ainsley raised her head and looked at the brent goose circling in the air. Manuel had already prepared the ammunition and shot it at the brent goose.

His skill at guns was extremely great. Ainsley knew that there was no hope, but after a gunshot, the brent goose still circled freely.

Ainsley was stunned and looked at him.

The muzzle of the gun was still smoking. He calmly put away the gun and let the people behind him put it away.

Many onlookers felt it was a pity. “If Mr. Gage hit it this time, he would surpass Ms. Easton!”

“It’s really a pity. Almost! That brent goose will be Mr. Gage’s.”

Manuel took off his gloves, looked up at Ainsley, and smiled. He sincerely echoed, “What a pity.”

It seemed to be real.

Ainsley raised her gun and easily hit the brent goose. Hearing the exclamation beside her, she lowered her gaze. It was unknown what she was thinking.

At the end of the hunt, they were having a braai at noon.

Probably because Ainsley was hungry from hunting, her appetite was surprisingly good, but Lainey was a little unhappy.

She angrily took a bite of the chicken wing and muttered, “What a disgusting couple.”

Ainsley looked over. Cason was roasting meat for Kaliyah. Kaliyah leaned against him, gentle and sweet.

Ainsley looked at Lainey’s reaction and felt that it was a little funny. She handed her some vegetables. “They love each other. What a sweet couple! Why are you unhappy with them?”

Lainey took it and snorted, “You know why. I am not happy to see them. When you were with Cason, I didn’t see him treat you like this.”

Ainsley’s expression was indifferent. Cason didn’t treat her well because he didn’t love her at all.

“Hey, the two young ladies are eating.” Then they heard a voice.

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