Chapter 4 - Taming Faye

The next morning, Faye worked up to a note saying ' Had a great time last night' she was alone on the bed, that is one of the numerous reasons she doesn't usually do hookups.

It was just a one night thing, no strings attached, just one night of fun.

She walked herself home since she didn't come with her car, it is such a waste that the guy she had mind blowing sex with left her even though she was so beautiful and alluring.

No doubt he was good, too good.

She had the best sex of her life with a complete stranger,she didn't feel force instead she was pampered.

She entered her house and met her mother already awake doing the laundry. she walked in straight to shower, change her clothes and start preparing breakfast while going through her phone to look at her schedule for her new appointment . she was mentally getting herself prepared for work on Monday.

Throughout the night Faye couldn't stop thinking about the stranger and the fun they had, she kept rolling on her bed as her mind kept on wandering to his handsome face, strong muscular frame, his georgous mouth and that expertise tongue.

Ugh!! She groaned

If they had met in different circumstances she would have love to know him better and maybe this could work.

Who's she kidding? That shit doesn't work!

Not after her ex boyfriend left her for his colleague.

"I should stop thinking about him, it's nothing just one night of fun. We were just drunk, loney and needed company.

She just saw him once and they had sex, a mind blowing and unforgettable sex ever, it's annoying thinking about someone she will never see again with the crazy emotions she was feeling.


Daylan could not stop his mind from thinking about what happened yesternight, Sitting in his office he felt bad leaving her all alone in the bed.

She looked so beautiful when sleeping and he had used all his will power not to take her again. He groaned when he felt a tightening in his pants, he's hard for her again.

He shook his head, "No!! It was just a one night thing, nothing much! I can't see her again, I don't want any strings attached, I don't even know her."

Spending a night with a complete stranger was a new thing to him, if atall he was sane and level headed he wouldn't have done that.

No doubt she was fucking hot and tight, he had to leave the room but left a paper beside her telling her how great he felt last night. No doubt It was the best night of his life, and he knew he will never see her again because they never exchanged contacts.

If only they have met in different circumstance he would like to Know her more better, maybe give in to love again, because he knew he's already In love with her.

Who am I kidding?? This can't work! Not after what Jamie did to him.

"I should stop thinking about that night, it's nothing ! We were just drunk."

He was broken from his thoughts when his best friend and assistant Anthony walked in ' here is your schedule for next week, and this papers need your signature", Anthony said handling him the files.

"And a new assistant was hired, she's 25 and according to how the interview went she is well equipped for the work and she also has lot of experience" he smiled.

"What happened to the old one? He asked absentmindedly.

Anthonywas shocked, ' Mr Adams retired last month, we have him a farewell party. You even attended" he spoke eyeing Daylan with concern while sitting on the chair opposite him.

"Oh! That's true, sorry I was out of my mind.

"Are you okay? Anthony asked.

"Yeah, why?

"You seem out of it.

"I'm fine, just that many things have been going on.

"Tell me, what's wrong? His best friend asked

With a sigh he told Anthony everything that happened last night.

He noticed Anthony was quiet, as he was telling him every details.

"After she climaxed, I couldn't stop ........."

Ohhh! Myyyy! Goddddddd!"Anthony screamed and laughed.

"Whoever that girl is, Man! I bet she has you at her finger tip" Anthony grinned.

Daylan sighed.

"And I know you can't stop thinking about her too", he said smirking.

"Ugh!!" Daylan groaned.

"What is wrong?"

"It's just that I miss it, you know....." He flattened.

"You miss her?"

"No! Yes, I don't know.....I miss the her touch, her moans, the passion, the intimacy......" Daylan said standing up, facing the window.

"Awwn You're finally hooked, now you're just realizing you needed someone after been lonely for five years"

Looking at his best friend, daylan said softly "Maybe you're right, I do need someone."

"You will be fine bro", Anthony patted him on the back.

Daylan nodded.

Alright! Anthony said walking towards the door, "should I send the new secretary here tomorrow or schedule a day for her to start?

"Send her here tomorrow after you brief her about the work, what's her name again?

"'Faye smith' he answered quickly blushing.

"Hmm........ That was quick, daylan said eyeing his best friend.


Daylan was silent starring at his best friend with one brow raised.

"Fine!!! She is a blonde and according to Ameerah at the interview, she's fuckinggg Hotttt.

It's obvious Anthony has weakness for women and Daylan was not surprised at all..

"Well, good luck with that daylan said going through the documents Anthony brought earlier.

He continued working and questions keep popping in his head.

"Do I really need someone?

"Will I ever see her again?

"Am I really lonely?

He sighed heavily, arranged his files and went out for lunch hoping the new secretary will do her job effectively when she starts and she surely won't stir any trouble.