Chapter 10 - Tangled Obsession

Authors pov

Vincenzo placed the knife on the man's cheek and made a deep cut on it just like the bruise he left on florina's face.

"You touched her even when she told you that she is here to meet me..."

He growled at his face.

The man only whimpered as his tongue was already lying on the floor.

"How dare you touch her with your filthy hands..."

Vincenzo looked at him like a psycho. Smirking evilly he held his hand and that man's eyes widened when he saw what's going to happen with him.

Digging the knife deep in his skin vincenzo's slowly and painfully plucked out all his fingers one by one.

Matteo, Vincenzo's right hand man was watching everything standing beside him. He has never seen his boss killing someone just because they touch the woman he wants. This was the first time and he was quite shaken after witnessing it. This was not the first time he was watching vincenzo torturing someone but the look on his face was definitely new.

Vincenzo wasn't satisfied even after torturing the men to death, he was craving for more. He wanted to destroy them and Matteo could sense that. Vincenzo brutally killed both the men just to show everyone that no one should touch what belongs to him.

Vincenzo took a second for himself and stopped, his eyes darted towards the metal door in the torture room which lead towards the dungeon. He could see his face on the shiny metal door and for a moment he couldn't recognize himself. It felt like his inner demon has taken over him. Vincenzo had a

very dark side and he always tried to control himself from becoming the person he doesn't want to be. He can't turn into a psychopath now.

Sighing he stood up and was about to leave but stopped when Matteo said...

"Isn't it too much don... I am sorry but I have never seen you like this before. Is she someone special?..."

Vincenzo glared at him.

"It's none of your business..."

"I apologize... I didn't mean to disrespect..."

Matteo quickly apologized and bowed down.

Vincenzo carelessly threw the knife on the ground with a click sound and head towards his room. At first he was reluctant to enter his room with his messed up state as his white shirt was stained with blood. Even his face and hands had blood on it. He was not sure how she will react and he didn't wanted to scare her either.

Still he opened the door and went inside. it was bothering him that why is he so concerned about, what she will think of him.

When he saw the empty bed he narrowed his eyes and quickly started looking for her in the room. A strange wave of relief rushed in his body when he saw her sleeping on the sofa.

He clenched his jaw again at the weird emotions he experienced just now.

'Why do I care... If she leaves then It shouldn't bother me. I can't get attached to her... No, she is not mine...'

He tried to clear his conflicted mind.

'she is NOT mine...'

He repeated again in his mind.

After taking a shower he came outside and looked at her sleeping form. His cock twitched in his pants when he saw her in his shirt. Her long legs were looking so sexy and he started imagining them wrapped around his waist. The shirt was indeed very long for her.

He leaned down to her level and removed some strands of her hair from her face.

"Che cosa mi stai facendo, piccolo fiore..."

(What are you doing to me, little flower)


Florina was awakened from her sleep with a jolt. Her breathing was heavy and it was coming in pants after whatever she saw in her horrible dream. She was so scared now that even in her dreams the mafia's were chasing her.

She glanced at the clock hanging on the wall, it was 12.30 am. She was quite surprised as she slept in the afternoon and was now sleeping the whole day. She found herself under the comfy and soft duvet on the large king size bed instead of the sofa.

'How did I get here...'

Florina's eyes roamed in the room and she found vincenzo sitting on the same sofa where she fell asleep. He wasn't wearing any shirt and was only in his black pants. Holding a drink in his one hand he was sitting there like a king, occupying half of the sofa. His legs were spread and his other hand was

resting on the armrest. He was staring blankly in the fire like he was deep in thought. The fireplace was the only source of light in the dark room.

His body was a perfect sculpture, like a skilled artist has carved every inch of his body. Florina couldn't take her eyes of the mysterious man sitting in front of her.

"Don't look at me like that..."

His masculine voice broke her thoughts. He hasn't even looked at her and was still aware that she is staring at him.

Florina took a deep breath to ignore the awkwardness and asked him.

"Are you okay?..."

Her words grabbed vincenzo's attention. He couldn't understand why she was asking that and he frowned looking at her.

"What do you mean?..."

"You look stressed, like something is bothering you..."

She answered with a gentle voice.

His face flashed with surprise but he quickly hide it and looked away.

"I should be the one asking you this..."

He mumbled.


She couldn't hear him properly.

"How did you know... That I am stressed..."

He inquired amused. No one has ever managed to read his face like she did. He wasn't used to this kind of conversations, no one talks to him if it's not related to work.

"Your eyes said it..."

She said and he looked at her intently.


He placed the drink on the table and walked towards her. Florina admired how his muscles flexed whenever he moved.

She felt weird things in her stomach when she saw him sitting in front of her, so close that his breath was fanning her face.

"Then tell me what do you think about them now ?..."

He whispered tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. She closed her eyes at his warm touch, it was for a second but it was so soothing.

Vincenzo looked at her green eyes waiting for her answer. He was curious to know if could she really read him. If she really can then she is bad news for his heart.

"They are sad... Looking for something that they can't have. They don't look satisfied, everything is incomplete and so___"


Vincenzo placed his hand on her lips preventing her from saying further.

Florina took a hold of his rough hand and slowly removed it from her mouth.

"I am sorry if I crossed the line..."

"Perché sei così diverso"

(Why are you so different)...

He couldn't take his eyes of her face.

"I can't speak Italian..."

She mumbled.

"I know..."

He leaned down towards her lips and her hold on his hand tightened. Vincenzo looked in her eyes for a second like he is asking for permission and she closed them giving him the green signal.

Vincenzo slide his hand behind her neck and pulled her in a slow and gentle kiss.

He scooted closer to her when she snaked her hands around his shoulders. Their gentle kiss turned heated and he dominated her mouth making her moan. She forgot everything when his warm lips graced her cold one. She has never felt this much domination and passion in a kiss as jimmy was the only man she has ever kissed.

Pulling out from the kiss vincenzo unbuttoned the two buttons of her shirt. Florina gulped nervously looking at his lustful eyes.

He stopped for a moment and traced the outline of her bra with his fingers lazily.

"Stop me now... Because there is no going back once we start this..."

His authoritative words made wetness pool between her thighs and she cursed herself internally.