Chapter 9 - Tangled Obsession

Authors pov

Vincenzo's furious eyes roamed on florina's body. Her shirt was torn making her bra visible to the eyes of these hungry vultures making his hands clench in a fists as he noticed how his men were eye raping her. She had a wound on her forehead with some dried blood and fresh blood was dripping from her lips. She also had a very nasty bruise on her left cheek.

The heart he thought is dead clenched in pain when he saw her crying and pleading him with her beautiful green eyes. After decades he felt these familiar emotions.

Vincenzo kneeled in front of her chair and released her hands from the bounds and Florina quickly fixed her torn shirt. She was still shaking and seeing this Vincenzo was fuming in anger.

Florina slightly flinched back when Vincenzo slide his hand under her knees and other behind her back. He effortlessly picked her up in bridal style and she looked at him shocked, she wasn't expecting him to do that.

The men who had harassed her were now shaking in fear. They have never seen their boss treat someone like this and if he is doing this gentle then she must be someone special to him and they are going to be doomed now.

"Legateli Tornerò." (Tie them down I will be back.)

He ordered his right hand man glaring towards the men who were harassing Florina.


The man came forward with pleasing voice but Vincenzo's one glare was enough for him to cower back.

Florina was witnessing everything with blurry eyes. She had wrapped her arms around vincenzo's shoulders as his warmth was making her feel safe.

Vincenzo walked outside the basement and Florina quickly closed her eyes as she came in contact with the bright lights of the mansion. The guards and maids looked shocked as they saw their don with a girl in his arm. They were used to seeing him kill people and humiliate his whores which he hires for quick fucks. They have never seen him behave like this with anyone, no one has ever seen his this side.

Florina tried to take in her surroundings as much as she can do. His house was beautiful inside out. The shiny marble in which one can see his face clearly, royal chandeliers hanging from the ceilings, the one she has seen only in movies and the beautiful paintings on the wall. Everything screamed money and power.

Vincenzo kicked open the golden color door of his room and got in. Her mouth dropped when she saw his room, it was nothing less then a chamber of a King. The king side bed was big enough to fit 5 to 6 people easily. His room alone was bigger than her whole apartment, decorated with golden and black color. It has a big portrait of Vincenzo on the wall behind his bed. Florina felt like she is in a five star hotel.

Vincenzo gently placed her on the bed and she leaned against the bedpost.

"I was___"

She tried to break the uncomfortable silence but he ignored her and disappeared in the bathroom.

'Why is he not angry on me... He hasn't even questioned me about anything. What's going on in his mind...'

Florina's was brought back from her thoughts when she saw Vincenzo sitting in front of her with the s first aid kit.

She looked at him and the kit with furrowed eyebrows. Vincenzo ignored her weird looks and poured the antiseptic on the cotton pad.

He dabbed it on her forehead and she winced when it burned. He didn't bother to make her comfortable or blew on it to soothe her. He cleaned the wound the way he wanted and it was not at all gentle. He did the same with her lip cut too and it was worse.

Florina stopped wincing when he threw the used cotton ball in the dustbin and closed the box which he literally threw on the nightstand.

'Oh my god... Did the great Italian mafia just treated my wounds?...'

She internally screamed.

He held his palm in front of her which had some medicines on it.


Was all he said in his gruffy voice.

She quickly gulped them down as her head was pounding due to the blows she received from his hulks.

Finally they were done and now Vincenzo folded his arms on his chest and looked at her sternly.

"What did you do that you ended up in my basement?..."

His dominating voice with his Italian accent again made her feel weird tingles in her stomach.

She stared at him for a second. She could see his build arms and his tattoos from his folded sleeves and his white shirt was clinging to his body like second skin showing all the muscles perfectly.

He snapped his fingers in front of her and she awkwardly cleared her throat. His lips slightly twitched upward seeing that she was checking him out.

"Did you find any necklace last night when I bumped into you?..."

She asked and he narrowed his eyebrows.


"Yes, it was of pastel color. Did you find it, it is very important to me. That's why I came to meet you here and ask if you have seen it."

She said hurriedly.

He thought for a second and shook his head.

"No... I didn't found any kind of necklace..."

He replied nonchalantly.

Her face fell, all her hopes died down. She was sure that he must have had it but he was clearly denying it. Why would he lie if he has it, it was not like he needed it. He can buy thousands of necklaces like that.

"Ohh okay... Thank you for saving me earlier..."

She said with a small smile and his calm face instantly flashed with anger.

He walked towards the closet and came out with his white shirt in his hands. He threw it towards her which landed on her face.

"Change into this..."

He grumbled and walked out, not even bothering to look at her reaction.

'He is not that bad... Maybe a little rude but not bad...'

She smiled behind him.

Florina Changed into his shirt as her clothes were totally ruined. The shirt reached to her knees, covering most of her body.

'God... He is really big...'

She looked at herself in the mirror and she was looking like a toddler in his large shirt unlike those sexy girls that she had seen in movies with their boyfriend's shirt.

Florina heard the door click open and she turned around. It was a maid, she placed the food tray on a small table in front of the sofa and bowed to her.

"Don has ordered you to eat and take rest... I'll try to get some clothes for your size..."

She said in monotone.

"Thank you..."

Florina smiled at her but the maid didn't return it back. She just gave her a blank look and left.

Florina scrunched her eyebrows looking at her strange behaviour.

She devoured the delicious food as she was pretty hungry by now and laid back on the sofa. Her eyes automatically closed as tiredness took over all her senses and she dozed off.

Vincenzo sat in front of the men who were now tied to the chairs. He smirked looking at their trembling form.

"hai osato toccare ciò che è mio" (You dared touch what is mine.)

He said evilly and his guard handed him a knife.