Tangled Obsession

Tangled Obsession

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Chapter: 60
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Synopsis about Tangled Obsession

Read Tangled Obsession by Cherry. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free herewarning- sexual content, polyandry. Florina was living a perfect life with a perfect job and a lovely boyfriend but her once fairytale peaceful life turned upside down in just a single night because of something that she saw. Now she was on the hit list of Russian mafia and he wanted her dead at all costs. Florina ran for her life but destiny threw her in another frenzy when she stumbled upon Sebestian King, the American mafia boss and Vincenzo Romano, the Italian mafia boss. She catched their attention at first site. And as people says, 'the devils always feed on pure souls...' These two devils have now started craving her. But the problem is vincenzo and sebestian are the biggest enemies of each other. They can't even share the same air to breath, let alone share a girl they both desire. They are ready to kill each other to have her for themselves. Will any one of them be able to get her? And the main question is whom will Florina choose OR will she run away from them scared of this new life that she was thrown into? Only if she knew that once you caught an eye of a mafia there's no going back.
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All Chapters of Tangled Obsession

Chapter 1: 1) Trouble!

Authors povFlorina zoomed her camera on these bunch of people who were dealing with cartel full of innocent girls.They were shifting girls from one place to another like animals. One girl tried to scream and fight butgot backhanded by the man and Florina almost slipped from her place witnessing the brutality.Florina was on the tree trying to record everything going on the port. She was trying her best to kee

Chapter 2: 2) On the run!

Authors pov"What the fuck are you doing here Florina... Do you know what you have done, do you have any ideahow much trouble you are in..."Florina threw herself in the arms of that person."I don't know what to do Jenny... I am scared, everyone Is involved... They will kill me..."Jenny was her best friend in the office."I know... I know..."Jenny rubbed her back."Listen Florina... You need to go underground fo

Chapter 3: 3) The club!

Authors povAfter reaching New York, she first got a new sim card and discarded the old one. Jenny has given hersomeone's number who can provide her with a fake ID for the time being. The guy turned out to be ahacker and was extremely talented in his work. With her old ID it would have been difficult for her tohide. After doing all the necessary procedures she was finally done and she thanked God for giving h

Chapter 4: 4) The devils!

Authors pov"Drop it Florina... We are not doing anything. Just___""Ok ok... We are not doing anything... But atleast we can enjoy right..."She said noticing his stressed state.Cherry gave her a tight smile and nodded.His friend had told him that some VIPs are going to be in the club but he didn't tell him that those VIPsare American mafia and Italian mafia.He was shook to the core after seeing them, they can

Chapter 5: 5) Sebestian king!

Authors povSebestian was busy talking to one of his business partner when his bodyguard threw a girl in front ofhim. His eyes quickly snapped towards the girl who was still on the floor.his bodyguard told him that she was clicking pictures and he went furious. It was a very importantmeeting and his mood was already sour as he had to deal with Vincenzo.Sebestian doesn't gives a fuck about people learning abou

Chapter 6: 6) Vincenzo Romano!

Authors povVincenzo went out of the room where a few of his business partners were discussing about thebusiness. He was sure that this meeting will not go well as his biggest enemy sebestian king waspresent there too.As always sebestian and Vincenzo managed to throw some insults at each other. They love tohumiliate each other while other people were sitting there alert. Shit never goes well when this twodevi

Chapter 7: 7) Devils always feed on pure soul!

Authors pov'Oh my god what the hell was I doing...'Florina was trying to calm her breathing and patted her chest to relax herself.She closed her eyes and their faces flashed in front of her eyes. Their cold eyes and smirking lips, shecould still feel their touches on her body. She touched her neck and recollected how Sebestian's lipsfelt on her body and vincenzo's soft lips on her cheeks still had it's effec

Chapter 8: 8) In search!

Authors pov"Oh my god... Where is the necklace..."She said in panic and started looking for it.Florina checked her bed, her bathroom and her whole apartment but she didn't find it. She was on theverge of crying now. She has risked her life for that, she can't loose it now."Where is it?..."She ran her fingers through her hair.Suddenly she remembered last night, sebestian and Vincenzo.She checked her phone and

Chapter 9: 9) Little rude but not bad!

Authors povVincenzo's furious eyes roamed on florina's body. Her shirt was torn making her bra visible to the eyesof these hungry vultures making his hands clench in a fists as he noticed how his men were eye rapingher. She had a wound on her forehead with some dried blood and fresh blood was dripping from herlips. She also had a very nasty bruise on her left cheek.The heart he thought is dead clenched in pa

Chapter 10: 10) Stop me now!

Authors povVincenzo placed the knife on the man's cheek and made a deep cut on it just like the bruise he left onflorina's face."You touched her even when she told you that she is here to meet me..."He growled at his face.The man only whimpered as his tongue was already lying on the floor."How dare you touch her with your filthy hands..."Vincenzo looked at him like a psycho. Smirking evilly he held his hand