Chapter 3 - Tangled Obsession

Authors pov

After reaching New York, she first got a new sim card and discarded the old one. Jenny has given her someone's number who can provide her with a fake ID for the time being. The guy turned out to be a hacker and was extremely talented in his work. With her old ID it would have been difficult for her to hide. After doing all the necessary procedures she was finally done and she thanked God for giving her a friend like Jenny.

Cherry gave her the necessary information for the work and asked her to come to the media house tomorrow. He was staying just a few blocks away from her place.

The apartment which Jenny gave her was much more beautiful than she imagined it to be. It was a medium sized apartment but comfy and well designed. It had two bedrooms, one has all the belongings of Jenny's mother and the other one was vacant. Jenny's mother was no longer between them and Florina never expected that Jenny would share the last memories of her mother with her. She was grateful for it.

Florina looked at the locket around her neck intently. She wanted to telecast the news right at the moment but she had no source. For a second she thought about publishing it on social media but the bitter truth is people only hit likes and no one takes action against it and these cops definitely don't give any fucks. Plus the russian mafia can take down the video from the internet within a few minutes and she would be lying dead in some garbage alley.

She had few names in mind who can help her publishing it or telecast it on famous sources afterall who won't want the spicy news. But she had to contact them first and she does not have any contact left after her abrupt escape plan from her home.

She can't even use the media house she was going to work in as it was new and it can't stand against the Russian mafia.

All she wanted to do was save those innocent girls, their screams were ringing in her ears.

'Dad I really miss you right now... What should I do. I have no one to protect me...'

Only if she knew that she was soon going to get her guardian angels, not one but maybe two?

She ordered herself a pizza and a drink as she was hungry. Finishing it she changed herself into her pajama's for the night. Disappointment flashed on her face when she saw her close to nothing clothes.

'Need to do some shopping...'

She huffed and plopped down on the bed.

As soon as she fell on the fluffy bed sleep quickly engulfed her because of the tired day she had.


Florina got ready in the morning for a fresh start.

'Stay strong... Don't be scared, you have done nothing wrong... Head high queen...'

She encouraged herself looking in the mirror.

She was wearing a blue jeans and a white button up shirt as she had nothing else to wear, after getting the job she was planning to do some shopping.

She reached the media house and found cherry on the entrance waiting for her.

She smiled at his sweet behavior.

"Babe... Hii good morning..."

He chirped and hugged her.

He literally dragged her inside and introduced her to everyone.

"Am I not getting interviewed..."

She asked.

"Ohh come on you are my recommendation, you are already hired..."

Cherry said with a scoff.

The office was small but had everything which one should have. Few staffs were busy and rest all were quite, minding their own business, only cherry were being the overexcited soul.

They were sitting at their computers but they had nothing to do for now so they were just gossiping about random things.

"You said your name is Florina but your I'd card is showing Jane..."

Cherry asked confused.

"I like to be called Florina... My dad used to call me that and jane is a very boring name..."

She shrugged it off. She didn't wanted to tell him the truth and get him in trouble too.

"Ohh I see... You have no dressing sense by the way. Who wears jeans nowadays girl. Wear some booty shorts or miniskirts. You are young not a granny..."

saying this cherry rolled his eyes.

"That's so mean... And today I am going to shopping anyways. Wanna join me..."

She asked and cherry gave her an obvious look.

"You don't even have to ask... and we are going to a club by the way."


She raised her eyebrows.

"Not for fun... I got some tips that many famous personalities are going to meet their and you my darling are going to do some Paparazzi work..."

He answered in his usual tone.

"Now that's some fun..."

She grinned.

After work they went for shopping. Cherry had a mind-blowing fashion sense, he chose some good office outfits for Florina along with some lingeries and pretty party dresses and surprisingly he got an impressive discount too. Florina was beyond happy for the discount as she was short of money and this is what she needed the most.


At night they went to the club for their work. It wasn't crowded as it was Tuesday but plenty of people were present there, dancing and enjoying their drinks. They looked so classy and rich that Florina started feeling like an outcast but the dress cherry chose for her was perfect for a place like that which somehow boosted her confidence.

Suddenly she felt cherry tucking on her arm and she looked at him confused at his nervous face.

"Florina listen to me... Don't click any pictures of anyone. We are dropping the plan."

He said in a serious tone. A total contrast to his usual self.

"But why, you were so excited. What happened?..."

She noticed him glancing at one particular direction but couldn't understand what's going on.