Chapter 4 - Tangled Obsession

Authors pov

"Drop it Florina... We are not doing anything. Just___"

"Ok ok... We are not doing anything... But atleast we can enjoy right..."

She said noticing his stressed state.

Cherry gave her a tight smile and nodded.

His friend had told him that some VIPs are going to be in the club but he didn't tell him that those VIPs are American mafia and Italian mafia.

He was shook to the core after seeing them, they can't risk taking their pictures. These mafia's will make them vanish with a snap of their fingers.

Cherry didn't wanted to scare Florina by telling her about them so he chose to not tell her.

Cherry lead Florina towards the counter.

"Tequila for me and what about you Florina..."

He looked at her.

"Sex on the beach..."

She said to the bartender and he smirked.

"DRINK... I am talking about the drink..."

She glared at him.

He cleared this throat awkwardly and served their drinks.

Florina noticed how nervous cherry was looking and being called nervous was an understatement for cherry as he was internally shaking. He wanted to go home as soon as possible but he didn't wanted to spoil florina's first night in the city.

"Are you okay... We can go home if you are not feeling well..."

She said.

"No... No... I am perfectly fine... Let's enjoy."

He gave her a forced smile and she reluctantly nodded.

Cherry was drinking his drink and he almost spit it out when he saw them.

The sebestian king, American mafia boss. All the people chickened out from his way when he walked towards the vip section in a black suit and with his bodyguards lingering behind him.

As soon as he vanished another devil appeared from the crowd. The Vincenzo Romano, Italian mafia boss. With a blank but scary look on his face. His aura was enough to make someone piss in their pants.

Sebestian and Vincenzo were rivals to each other and they never failed to threaten each other by shedding blood. If one was east then the other was west. With same nature, same personality and them being ruthless mafia's they still didn't get along at all. Their rivalry was like a heirloom for them, passed down to them from generations.

Both were terrifyingly powerful and were in cut throat competition. It was very rare to see them at one place and whenever they do, it doesn't end up good for anyone.

Cherry was thinking why they were here but that was not his problem. He didn't wanted to get in any problem so he decided to head home.


"Cherry... Oh my god! Is that you..."

He heard a familiar voice and turned towards his boyfriend James.

"What are you doing here, why didn't you tell me about your plan..."

James complained.

"I was here for work... Anyways meet Florina, she works with me..."

Cherry introduced them.

"Oh my god! You are so beautiful..."

James gave her a friendly hug and she smiled at their friendly gesture.

"Nice to meet you too James... You have such a lovely boyfriend I must say..."

She giggled.

"I know right... You mind if I take him from you..."

He winked.

"Ohh no... Not at all. Go ahead."

She quickly said.

James literally dragged cherry on the dance floor.

"James we need to go home..."

Cherry said worriedly.

"Oh shut up and shake that ass for me..."

James said playfully and started dancing but he noticed cherry looking at Florina who was drinking alone.

"Shit how can I be so stupid... I am sorry baby. Wait..."

He said and brought Florina on the dance floor too thinking he was feeling bad about leaving her alone.

The three danced together, Florina and James were enjoying but cherry wasn't.

After sometime he finally convinced them to leave.

"I need to use the washroom... My cab will be here in few minutes, you guys can go ahead. I'll be okay..."

She assured them.

"Are you sure Florina..."

Cherry asked.

"Yes... Cherry. I can take care of myself, stop being my mom..."

She laughed and James joined her too.

"She is right... Let's go cherry..."

They left waving goodbye to Florina.

Florina went to the washroom but it was crowded. Looked like all the ladies in the club decided to use it at the same time. Her bladder was literally feeling like it will burst at any moment as she drank alot.

Florina couldn't wait any longer. She sneaked in the second floor and thankfully the washroom there was empty. She did her business and washed her hands fixing her makeup and hair.

She got out and only few people were present there which was very wierd for her. The first floor was full of people and the second floor was almost empty compared to that. She shrugged it off and took out her phone from her clutch. It was still 10 minutes for her cab to arrive. She turned on her camera and started taking her selfies.

"Hey you girl..."

She heard some man and almost got startled by his voice.

"What are you doing here... It's the VIP section..."

He stood in front of him.

"She was taking pictures..."

The man beside him said. They both were built like tanks and were wearing suits of bodyguards.

The man snatched the phone from her hold.

Florina frowned at him.

"Excuse me... I am sorry I didn't knew it was the VIP area. And I was___"

"Take her to boss..."

She was yanked by the man harshly and they dragged her inside the room. It was a big room filled with expensive drinks. Few girls were standing there with almost close to nothing clothes. It didn't had the same vibe as downstairs and it was dimly lit.

A small scream left her mouth when that man pushed her forward and she fell on the ground. If it wasn't for the lavish carpet she would have scratched her knees.

"Boss we found her clicking pictures..."

The man said.

Florina stood up and finally looked at the man whom they called boss.

Her world started spinning when her green eyes met the grey one.