Chapter 1 - Thanks for Giving Me Light

At a massage parlor.

“Why the blind one could serve a VIP client?”

“Why? Just because of her face! She used to be a hostess. You can do better than her? "

“Hostess? She is just a hooker.”

Joyce Swift came with a guide stick, hearing so many unbridled cynicism words.

She was blind, but she was not deaf.

Since she worked here, the gossip about her had never stopped. From the discussion behind her to taunt front of her, she already had heard a lot.

As usual, Joyce felt her way upstairs as if she had not heard anything.

The manager, who was in such a hurry in the hallway, finally saw her coming up and rushed over to scold in a low voice. "Why are you so slow? Do you want to do this or not? He is our big client. Serve him well! "

After that, she was roughly pushed into the room.

Joyce stumbled and almost fell.

She quickly stood firm, turning to the direction of the massage bed with a standard smile. "Distinguished guest. Nice to meet you. I am No. 17 technician. Today I will serve you . "

The guest did not respond. She hung her folded guide stick behind the door and felt her way to the massage table.

“Is this your first visit here, sir? I would like to introduce you to our project, we have different kinds of massage such as gastrointestinal maintenance, spinal maintenance, 12 meridian balance... "

A light smile sound interrupted her.

Even though this was just a light smile, it seemed that the room's temperature dropped for it.

Joyce was shocked and her hands in the air stopped in the air.

Her eyes, which still seemed clear, appeared panic. But they soon returned to nature state.

“If you are not satisfied with me, sir, you may change your technician at any time…”

“No. Not necessary.”

Joyce secretly exhaled as the man answered with a cold and drawling voice.

She felt her way forward and stood by the massage bed. "Well, sir. What kind of project do you need? "


“All right. I will let you relax first and give you a detailed introduction to our project. "

Joyce said, with hands on the man's back.

Warm touch from the palm of the hands passed to her whole body. She felt like electric shock through her body. Her hands raised and fell back to the man's broad and solid back.

With every inch, she massaged.

Her eyes were clear but no light, and still clam. However, the man's eyes was cold and full of anger.

The silence in the room was terrible.

Suddenly, a man turned around and grabbed Joyce’s wrist with his big hand." Well, after touching me a lot, you still don’t know who I am? "

Joyce panicked, but quickly recovered her composure with mouth upward. "You are kidding. I have to serve dozens of clients every day. How can I recognize a man just by touching... but your body is really strange to me. "

Although she was clam with a smile, the heart in the chest beat fast.

How could she not recognize him?

She knew it was him as soon as Nathan Eliot said a first word.

“Oh? “Nathan smiled softly and sat up with her wrist in his hand, pulling her in front of him with a chill in his half-narrowed eyes. "You have slept with too many men, so you can’t remember me now? "

The warm breath from his mouth was all over Joyce’s face. Familiar breath warped over her.

Joyce straightened her spine, pulled her hand back, and smiled seductively, " Sir, we do provide special service but you have to pay first.”

Looking at the unbridled smile on this woman's face, Nathan gritted his teeth and pressed Joyce's shoulder to bed. "I will see if I can get special service or not, without paying! "

Then he spun his body, the woman was firmly pressed on the massage bed.