Thanks for Giving Me Light

Thanks for Giving Me Light

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Chapter: 15
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Read Thanks for Giving Me Light by Cong Shuang. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereRoy did not allow anyone to approach. His blood-red eyes stared at Joyce. "Joyce, if you dare to come over, I will throw your child down immediately!" Anyway, the doctor diagnosed that I had intermittent psychosis. I'm not responsible for.....
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Chapter 1: Don't You Know Who I Am?

At a massage parlor. “Why the blind one could serve a VIP client?” “Why? Just because of her face! She used to be a hostess. You can do better than her? " “Hostess? She is just a hooker.” Joyce Swift came with a guide stick, hearing so many unbridled cynicism words. She was blind, but she was not deaf. Since she worked here, the gossip about her had never stopped. From the discussion behind her totaunt front

Chapter 2: How Filthy She Is!

Joyce could not bear it any more. She pressed Nathan's hand so hard, screaming out."Nathan Eliot! " Nathan looked down at the woman beneath him. He saw that she could no longer disguise herself anymore, sneering at her. “ Well. Miss Swift. Do you remember something now? Or you are scared?" “Ah!” Joyce's sulk was only in a flash. It was replaced by a more seductive smile. "I am trying to be kind toremind Mr.

Chapter Chapte 3: The Guest

Family of Eliot Joyce Swift entered the lobby of the main house. She was not able to put the guide rod down whenRoy Eliot greeted her with a warm smile on his face," Joyce,you happened came back. I wouldintroduce you formally today." As he was talking, he took over the guide rod of Joyce, held her waist intimately and led her to thecenter of the lobby. Nathan Eliot was sitting on a sofa. He sipped the tea an

Chapter 4: Destroy Her

Beside the well in the yard, Joyce was sitting on a stone and washing a man's shirt with her head down. Despite she was blind, she washed Roy's clothes all by herself. In early winter, the water was cold. Her hands were already red because of coldness, but she stillrubbed them patiently as if she didn’t feel anything. The servant came over and threw the suit beside her feet. "Hey, Mr. Eliot said that he woul

Chapter 5: Corroded Hands

Joyce’s hand was injured. The doctor bandaged it and said it had been frostbitten for putting too long incold water. But Joyce Swift had basic medical knowledge, and she knew that her skin was torn, gnawed, so it wasnot frostbitten, but rather corroded! Now, her hands were wrapped in thick gauze. She could not go to the massage parlor, so she stayed athome. Dinner time, Roy was feeding Joyce slowly with a sm

Chapter 6: Go Back to Work

Joyce took a few days off and the message parlor informed her to go to work. She just had a skin injury. As long as she wore gloves, and massaging the acupoint should not be aproblem. Joyce served a client for a while. The client became impatient. "What is wrong with you? Why you arewearing gloves when doing a massage? What if you hurt my tender skin? " “I am sorry, it is a little inconvenient. So I have to

Chapter 7: Son

When Joyce woke up again,Nathan had already left. She touched her clothes and laughed at herself. Fortunately, he did not leave her naked here. She endured the pain of the lower part of the body and got out of bed, as soon as she opened the door,the manager came around with the club's technicians. "We just received a customer complaint about your infectious disease , now we have to look at yourhands." After

Chapter 8: DNA Identification

When Joyce returned to the Eliot's house, night had fallen. She was about to go upstairs with a blind cane, and Roy shouted at her. "Wait, what's the matter withyour neck? '' Joyce was stunned and subconsciously touched her neck. "What?" Roy strode over and pulled her collar down, and the dense blue-green hickeys were shown in front ofhim. The man was glaring in an instant! Snap-- Joyce still didn't know wh

Chapter 9: Send to be a Male Prostitute

Hospital. When Joyce woke up again, she smelled the smell of disinfectant. She struggled to get up, but the shoulder was heavy, and the man's strong hands pressed hershoulder. It's Nathan Eliot!She knew the smell of him very well. "Don't move if you don't want to die!" Nathan said coldly. Joyce pushed him away. "It's none of your business whether I die or not. Get out of the way!" She's looking for Mike! If

Chapter 10: Go to hell! Little bastard!

The top floor of the orphanage. The sky was somewhat cloudy and oppressive, the cold wind made people shiver. Roy stood alone on the edge of the top floor, holding thin Mike . As long as he threw it forward, thechild would fall down. 13 floors. Not too high, but if you fell, you would never be able to survive. Roy did not allow anyone to approach. His blood-red eyes stared at Joyce. "Joyce, if you dare to co