Chapter 2 - Thanks for Giving Me Light

Joyce could not bear it any more. She pressed Nathan's hand so hard, screaming out."Nathan Eliot! "

Nathan looked down at the woman beneath him. He saw that she could no longer disguise herself any more, sneering at her. “ Well. Miss Swift. Do you remember something now? Or you are scared?"


Joyce's sulk was only in a flash. It was replaced by a more seductive smile. "I am trying to be kind to remind Mr. Eliot that I will be your sister-in-law soon. Are you sure you want to screw thing up? "

Nathan shook off Joyce's hand and his hand reached into her loose overalls. " Who does not know that you are blind but horny? What will happen if someone knows you are seducing your brother-in-law? "

His hands slipped over her and Joyce's body trembled uncontrollably.

Though she lifted her face, laughing proudly, her heart ached. “Well, you did well. For we are acquaintances, I think it is necessary to show you what I have got from other men these past few years!"

Then Joyce put out her arm, grabbed Nathan's neck and kissed him.

Something suddenly fluttered in Nathan's eyes. He was totally bewildered by these eyes.

At some point, he saw a glimmer of light in Joyce's eyes, as if the eyes that once could hold the stars were back!

But soon they returned to a haze of dust.

Looking back, he pushed Joyce away. Then he stood up immediately, standing at the end of the bed with fury in his eyes.

Joyce frowned and asked innocently. "Doesn’t Mr. Eliot like this? Then what style do you want? I can cooperate with all of them to make sure you are satisfied. "

Is she really that horny?

Anger was surging in his heart again.

Nathan stepped forward, grabbed Joyce's wrist and stared at the woman in front of him. "Is that the way you serve your clients? "

Joyce did not evade at all. "There are many projects. It all depends on the preferences of clients. "

Nathan grabbed her tightly as if to crush Joyce's wrist.

It was so hurt that Joyce's tears were about to fall. But not only did she not resist, still struggled to kiss him. "I remember you used to love the French kiss, so why do not we just..."

Before she could finish, Nathan tore her clothes apart into rags.


With a cry of surprise, she was dragged unmercifully out of bed and fell on the cold floor.

“Joyce Swift! How filthy you are! "

Nathan threw out a few words with his teeth gritting, then slammed the door.

Joyce sat on the floor, trembling with her hands clenching.

But at the same time, she let out a long sigh of relief and reluctantly stood up. Her clothes were torn. She had to use a hand to cover herself up in some important place, and felt her way to the door then reached out the other hand to find her guide stick .

As soon as she opened the door and went out, the manager came in a rage and slapped her.

“How did I meet a jinx like you? What did you do to offend Mr. Eliot? I tell you, you’d better pray that Mr. Eliot did not take it seriously, or else you won’t be the only who suffer, we all will screw up ! "

Her face was burning, but she still bent over and apologized. "I am sorry!"

A few of the technicians who gathered around looked at Joyce, taking pleasure in her misfortune. "She offended Mr. Eliot? It’s so terrible."

“She thought she was the great Miss Swift! Pretend to be noble? Who did not know that she had been so filthy that her family was ruined? "

“If I had such a daughter, I would have drowned her in the river!”

The last few words touched Joyce’s wound.

She hung her head. Her face clouded with gloom.

Yeah, she did ruin her family.

She is an eternal sinner! She deserves to die!

But she can not die, at least for present.