Chapter 9 - Thanks for Giving Me Light


When Joyce woke up again, she smelled the smell of disinfectant.

She struggled to get up, but the shoulder was heavy, and the man's strong hands pressed her shoulder.

It's Nathan Eliot!

She knew the smell of him very well.

"Don't move if you don't want to die!" Nathan said coldly.

Joyce pushed him away. "It's none of your business whether I die or not. Get out of the way!"

She's looking for Mike!

If Rose really knew what orphanage Mike was in, the consequences would not be imagined.

Nathan had a slight sip of thin lips.He said slowly. "I don't care if you die, but it has something to do with your children."

Joyce's body stiffened slightly as she prepared to get out of bed, facing Nathan. "What makes you say you're related to my child? Master, I can tell you very well that the child was born to other people, and he had no relationship with you!"

She crossed Nathan and tried to get out of bed, but she was caught on her wrist.

"To abort our child without mercy, and to give birth to other people's child for money, Joyce! You've refreshed my limit again! "

Joyce twirled her wrist, and clenched her teeth and pulled her hands out of his."People give me the money, and what about surrogacy? I'd be happy to!".

The eyes of the Nathan were in a dangerous way. He's so cheap!Why did he save her?

She should have been tortured to death by Roy!

There was a stalemate between them, and Rose opened the ward door and came in. "No, Nathan, brother found the child!"

Joyce froze hard.

Did Roy find Mike?

What should she do......

Nathan let go of Joyce's hands, twisted his eyebrows and looked at Rose. "Whose child is that?"

Rose glanced at Joyce, who looked pale. "The orphanage said that the father of the child was an old man. The old man died shortly after the child was born. Miss Swift sent the child to the orphanage."

Joyce's dark eyes were instantly full of shock.

How was that possible?!

Who made this rumor?

Without waiting for her to speak, Rose continued. "Brother said that's a bastard, anyway. He was going to adopt it and send it to Japan to be a male prostitute!"

Sent to Japan as a male prostitute?

Joyce heard this sentence, the pores of the whole body were blown up.

Frightened and struggling to get out of bed, regardless of the dripping on her wrist, she yanked out and stumbled out.

She did not carry a guide blind stick, either touched the door or hit someone down.

When she came out of the ward, her face was black and blue.

And on the back of her hands, because of the improper treatment of the needle inside, also gurgling blood, shocking!

Joyce didn't care about it. Worry and anxiety remained on her pale face."Mike......Mike, you can't do anything, you can't."

Around the doctors and patients to see such a stumbling near the crazy woman, all hiding far away, afraid to approach.

Rose hurriedly pulled Nathan, pretending to care. "Nathan, sister-in-law can not see, can not let her go out alone, or we first send sister-in-law back, eldest brother may just be saying it."

Nathan stared at the staggering figure, and finally walked over and grabbed Joyce by the wrist.

"Let me go!"

Joyce wanted to struggle, Nathan ignored her, bent down directly, carried her on his shoulder like a sandbag, raised his feet into the elevator.

No matter how jealous Rose was, she could only bite her teeth and obediently followed.

Nathan threw Joyce into the car. "If you are not honest, you will never see the child!"

Joyce's lips trembled. "Master, please take me to see the child."

As soon as she dropped her voice, Rose got a call. "What are you talking about? The eldest brother is at the top of the orphanage with the child, want to throw him down?!