Chapter 8 - Thanks for Giving Me Light

When Joyce returned to the Eliot's house, night had fallen.

She was about to go upstairs with a blind cane, and Roy shouted at her. "Wait, what's the matter with your neck? ''

Joyce was stunned and subconsciously touched her neck. "What?"

Roy strode over and pulled her collar down, and the dense blue-green hickeys were shown in front of him.

The man was glaring in an instant!


Joyce still didn't know what was going on, and a roll with the cold wind slapped on her face.

The loud voice was heard by the servants of the back kitchen. They looked at each other and went on working.

"Bitch! You said you went out to work ,just to seduce a man? So hungry? Huh? "Roy pinched her jaw and ground his teeth, and the hatred in his eyes seemed to crush her directly.

Joyce was beaten so that the corners of his mouth seeped out blood, tinnitus and dizzy.

She didn't struggle, but in a determined tone . "I didn't!"

"No? Oh! "Roy sneered and told the servant next to him, "Hostess said her legs were a little stiff, and

went to pull her outside and let her kneel all night, until her legs and mouth were not hard!"


Several servants came up and brutally pulled Joyce out.

At night, it rained heavily.

The window was wet by the rain, and the figure kneeling in the garden could be vaguely seen through the blurry window.

Roy's eyes were undisguised anger. Her eyes can't see and she can seduce people, should he also break her legs?

In this way, she would not run around again, nor would she opened her legs to other men!

In the cold rain, Joyce was pale ,exhaled gas were with white fog.

But she kept her back straight and knelt motionless.

It seemed that God had to punish her. It was the beginning of winter with little rain, but it rained all night.

In the morning, Joyce was still kneeling in the yard, the clothes on her body had long been soaked through, the whole person was thin and haggard like a leaf, as if a gust of wind can blow away.

But we couldn't see a little mess in her face and eyes. She was extremely stubborn.

Roy came over and glanced at Nathan and Rose, they came here from a distance. "All right, get up and have breakfast first."

Joyce closed her eyes and just raised her legs, the whole person fell down because of her physically tired.

She bit her teeth, picked herself up with difficulty, groped for the blind stick next to her, and stumbled up and paced in the direction of the restaurant.

"Nathan, look!Why would big brother do this to Miss Swift! What a pity! "

In the distance, Rose sighed with sympathy, but her eyes were full of schadenfreude.

Nathan, who has been locked in Joyce's line of sight, had already been permeated with cold.

Joyce, this was you betrayed the world, did not hesitate to lose both eyes, the last choice of men?


At the table, everyone was eating, and the housekeeper handed Roy a courier. "Master, he said it was a very important emergency and let you open it yourself."

Roy opened the express delivery and slipped out a few photos when he took out the information from it.

In the photo, were all Joyce and Mike , and that material, unexpectedly was Joyce and Mike's parents and child’s identification!

Roy stood up and threw the appraisal report and photos directly on Joyce's face. "Bitch! Didn't you say you abort the baby? So what's going on? "

Joyce's head went off, she shook her head hastily . ``What child, I don't know what child. ``

Roy bit his teeth and pulled Joyce's hair, picked up the photos on the ground, and came to Joyce's eyes. "Are you still pretending to be stupid with me now?! There are pictures of the child! There are also parents and child identification! You're still trying to lie to me?! "

He was so angry that he even forgot that Joyce was blind and pressed her head to force her to look at the parents and children identification on the ground.

"Roy , listen to me. I'm not lying to you..."

Joyce was powerless and anxious to explain that Nathan on the table would almost bend the spoon in his hands!

Roy's hysterical voice came. "Oh, you think I can't find it if you don't tell me?"

Rose's vicious eyes dripped around and picked up the picture and took a look at it. "Oh, hey? Why is the child's clothes so familiar? I seem to have seen it in some orphanage. Brother, don't embarrass your sister-in-law. I'll take you to find it. "

Joyce was horrified and hurriedly hugged Roy 's arms. "Roy, I beg you! Give him a break, the child is innocent! "

"Bitch! Get out of here! "

Roy kicked her away with a hard foot.

Joyce's thin body slid on the ground for a distance, directly hit the wall, she had to spit a mouthful of blood, directly fainted.