Chapter 4 - The Rejected Life of Mala Luca

Tamala found Hudson stretched out in her bed that night when she’d finished her fights. She had fought damn hard today. Did not want this man in her room, let alone in her bed. Knew why he was here, what he was going to do, use that bond that was partially formed against her.

How he could be so cruel she didn’t know, but it was obvious to her what he wanted, he was lying completely naked in the middle of her bed. “I wouldn’t run Tamala, I’m faster on my feet than you will ever be.” He smirked right at her.

Knew it to be true, she couldn’t outrun him, not when he had a wolf, and she didn’t have one fully realised. His words, they were a threat, his way of telling her there was no escape from him, if she tried to leave, he would just drag her back here. Knew no one would care, she was wolf-less and worthless to them all.

She stalked off to shower, she’d had a dozen fights today, was the last of her pack to fight, none of them had stuck around to watch, didn’t care if she won or lost. She was tired and tomorrow she would face off against the 3 remaining warriors. Not only had she held her own out there, but won, beaten all her competitors.

The Alpha running her matches was surprised by her each and every time she won, had told her when she won that last one “You’re amazing Tamala.”

“I’m worthless, you mean.” She stated flatly right back at him and then had turned away from him. Tomorrow was the day to see which pack had the best warrior. She was the only one remaining from the Glimmering Moon Pack. They’d all lost today, even Hudson had lost today. She’d clapped him right off the mat, enjoyed seeing his loss, get that beat down by another. He'd glared right at her and stalked off.

She found him pressed up against her in the shower. “You were cruel to me today.” He grated out.

“As you are to me every day since my wolf did not emerge. As you’re about to be now, I imagine.”

“Correct, I will hate you all night.” He murmured right before his mouth touched her mark spot, as his hands started to move over her body.

Closed her eyes as her stupid body betrayed her to his touch. He knew as well as she did by now, there was no saying no, she couldn’t, a stupid part of her craved his touch, no matter how much she hated that part of herself, another part of her enjoyed it, only her mind still hated him it seemed. Her body wanted him, ached for him.

Refused to scream in pleasure, bit down on all of it, held it in with all she had, it frustrated him a lot, found his teeth in her shoulder, bit her to make her cry out, didn’t care if it was pain or pleasure it seemed.

She bit down on all of it, even hours later as he took her in the bed, was grateful he’d rolled her over and was taking her from behind, as tears brimmed in her eyes as pleasure ripped through her body, was going to cum and knew it, couldn’t hold it in, gasp as she felt claws puncture her skin, bit down on the cry of pain, but couldn’t stop the orgasm.

Then he was done, laid on the bed next to her, Tamala buried her face in the pillow and willed herself not to cry, not to sob. Didn’t want this man, but couldn’t say no to him. With every day that the full moon got closer, the pull to him was stronger and so was the tingling on her skin. It was more than yesterday.

Felt him get out of the bed, could even feel his eyes on her. “I’ll hate you every night Tamala, till the full moon comes. Then I’ll be rejecting you before banishing you.”

“I’ll gladly accept it.” She stated, devoid of emotions, would never show him how much he was truly hurting her right now. No one wanted to be rejected by one’s mate, not even when you didn’t want them, it was a pain so bad one could die from it.

Heard him dress and leave, felt the tears burn into the pillow, he was so cruel to use her body, their partially realised bond for his own sick twisted needs, knowing he was going to reject her anyway. It was the cruellest thing one could do to another of their kind.

Lay there in her bed, tears burning out of her, but she did not make a sound, would never give him the pleasure of knowing it was killing her, this horrid thing between them, not a single sob erupted from her, silent tears of pain and agony, not just emotional but physical too. He’d been uncaring about hurting her tonight.

‘No more Suki. I won’t allow this to happen again.’ She wasn’t the only one in pain, her wolf Suki was in pain, wasn’t even realised yet and knew her own Mate, and he was going to be; he’d just stated it clear as day he would be rejecting them on the full moon. He knew, had known coming into this room that first time.

She got up and showered, to get his scent off of her, couldn’t do much about the wounds. Suki couldn’t heal her yet. There was no first aid kit in here either. Dressed in her only clean fighting GI left to her, her dark blue Gi and left the hotel. It was the middle of the night and no-one would care if a wolf-less girl walked about or even went missing for that matter.

Made her way on foot back to the arena and walked about it, looked at the mats all scrubbed clean and ready for the final fight in the morning. Her verses three others, a group fight for the finale. She already knew that they were all going to team up and take her out first, before they turned on each other to fight it out for the top spot. Didn’t really care anymore.

Just wanted to be away from all these hateful, disgraceful wolves who still called her names, even though she’d taken on at least one from every pack here and had won against them all. They still didn’t see her as one of them, never would. She was always going to be rejected by everyone in a place like this.

Tamala was sitting in the front row of her packs section when everyone started filing in for the final fight. She had not slept much. A few hours here in the arena was all, three if she was lucky. Her body ached and she was in pain, not that anyone would care, so she kept it from them all, wouldn’t show them that.

She was hungry, had not eaten breakfast either, couldn’t be bothered. It would do her no good. Knew Hudson sat right behind her, felt him kick the chair she was sitting in. “You’d better win this for the pack.” He stated flatly.

Tamala didn’t respond, was already injured, didn’t heal like any of them did, and he’d added insult to her injuries last night. Felt him kick her chair again a minute later, even harder than the first time. “Tamala, you’d better win this.” He grated out.

Her eyes didn’t move off the mats, she had to win, because he was useless and had lost himself, they had all lost. Only she, their most disgraceful pack member, had made it to the final. This was it, the final day.

They would go back to the pack after this match, 5 days till the full moon, 5 days of that asshole who was sitting behind her, coming for her to do as he pleased before rejecting and banishing her.

‘Suki, you will not shift when the moon sets.’ She told her wolf and meant it.

‘It will hurt us, Mala.’

‘Yes, it will, but he will never let us go if he sees you, and you know it.’

There was silence from her wolf. It was not something a wolf would want, to reject their Mate, he’d already told her he would be. Tamala was fine with it, wanted it. He would be nothing but cruel to her, to them, and she’d never escape the pack. If Alpha Glenn ever found out she had a wolf, he would never let her reject his son. Not when she was their best fighter, with a wolf she would be a powerful Luna.

They would all want that for the pack, a Warrior Luna, to birth him strong powerful heirs, not something she ever wanted, had wanted out of this pack for years now and truly knew now, there was nothing here for her and her wolf.

Felt his breath on her neck “you will do as you’re told and win this for the pack.”

Finally, she turned her eyes on him. “Really? And if I don’t?” moved her eyes to those behind him. She could see Jet looking right at her. Oh, he knew what she was, she realized as he looked back at her, that’s why the warning the other day. Pity she hadn’t listened.

Stood up and looked at them all, his unit. Likely only Jet knew the truth, “Well, I do believe you all told me to die here.” She stated loudly and clearly for them all to hear “Perhaps I will do as the pack really wants.”

“Tamala.” Heard Hudson’s warning tone.

Turned her eyes right to him “I believe you stated, you wouldn’t even have to bother to bring my body back, was worthless no…am a worthless wolf-less piece of trash, you’d be happy to leave behind.”

“You will win this, Tamala.”

“Will I?” she locked eyes with him, stared hard right at him “I guess we’ll see if I have the energy to do so. I’m tired to be honest.” And she was tired, tired of the whole pack, wanted out more than anything at all right now and death would bring that too.

Heard her name called by the referee and turned away from the pack, this was it. Tamala was going to die today, no more would she be.

Undid her belt and pulled the top of her Gi off and showed everyone here the wounds she had sustained, not just from the fighting, though there were more than just a few bruises from that. But no, showed them what Hudson had done to her, the bite marks to her body the scratches to her back and puncture marks to her sides and shoulders. She did not heal like them.

He had gotten mad at her last night for not screaming for him like he wanted her to, had scratched and bitten her, to punish her and try to make her cry out for him. All her wounds were on display for all to see. The cruelty of her pack life.

‘What are you doing?’ Hudson’s voice shot down the mind link at her, sounded angry.

“I don’t heal like you all.” She stated out loud “Wolf-less, injuries can kill me.”

‘Tamala.’ Again, Hudson’s angry voice a full warning down the mind link.

She didn’t care, she didn’t answer him, Tamala was going to die today, and Mala would be born. Stronger and unbreakable is what Mala would be.

Could see her three opponents looking at her, heard one of them snort amusedly “Can’t handle wolves, I see.”

Ignored him, this was her day, her day to die and she would go out her way. Today she would not fight, today she would take every hit they could land on her and today she would get stronger from it, would go home and be in a body bag, or left here, unwanted by all, who knew. Or she would be in the pack hospital for the next 5 damned days, where Hudson could not touch her.

Today she was going to allow injury to herself to get away from him, closed her eyes and felt Suki worry about the match that was to come. If Tamala died, so would Suki and there was nothing her wolf could do about it, had no say in the matter. Couldn’t emerge and take control to fight for her own life.

Took a long breath in as she stood facing her opponents, took up her stance, both fists raised, ready to fight, let that breath out long and slow, looked to each of them in turn, they were the other top fighters, three different packs, all with no respect for the wolf-less, breathed in again, centred herself and as she breathed out, opened her hands and slid her right foot back, changing the way she had previously fought.

There would be no fighting for her, defence and deflection only, whatever hits they managed to land, she would take. It was going to hurt a lot and she knew it. But today was her day, things in this fight would be done to her liking.

‘Tamala what are you doing?’ it was Hudson. He knew how she fought, they had sparred a lot and he’d lost nearly every time, now her hands were open, not closed. Not something she ever did.

‘Exactly what the pack wants of me.’ She answered and cut the link.

The round started and she ducked and weaved, blocked with her arms and knees, rolled out of the way and got back up, took hits and gasped in pain, but didn’t go down, not yet, had worse in her pack to be honest. Worse from Hudson himself and his unit. She could take it still.

Saw an opening and a chance, a perfect gap in their fighting, just what she had been looking for, and shot right into it, only to stop short of that sweet spot at the last second, allowed herself to take a hit between her shoulder blades and at the same time one to her abdomen, cried out in pain and fell to the floor, could taste her own blood in her mouth, bit her own tongue on impact.

Tears burned her eyes as she lay there trying to catch her breath, and found the Alpha refereeing in front of her “Why aren’t you fighting back?” he asked her as she pushed herself up onto all fours, her arms were shaking, and pain shot through her ‘Cracked rib.’ Suki told her.

“I’m fine.” She told him and forced herself up onto her feet. Refused his hand and offer of help, she would do this on her own, as she had to do everything in the past two years. Had yet to even throw a single punch, was not going to.

‘Tamala, you will fight back.’ Hudson’s angry voice inside her head, severed that link. He only wanted her to win, for his own sick need to have her up until the full moon.

She felt anger well up inside of her ‘there is no Tamala here anymore.’ She thought to herself ‘Tamala was weak. Mala is not. Today Mala Luca will be born.’

Closed her eyes and took a long breath in, let it out slow and opened her eyes. They were all smiling at her, thinking this was going to be easy. Saw them ready themselves and shifted her stand to face them directly, raised both hands up, and opened her palms to them.

“Fight dammit.” She heard Hudson yell from the sideline. Little did he know she was fighting. Fighting to own herself, to rid herself of all weakness, including him. She was going to fight with all she had to become someone else; better, stronger and gone from his cruelty and live as she wanted to, a life she would choose for herself.

Round two started and she again was on the defensive, moving quickly in and out and around them, was half their size and faster than they were. Blocked hit after hit, her arms were black and blue from blocking, as was down the side of her right leg and she could feel the pain as they came at her all together.

Miss stepped and took a full knee to her chest as a hit to her lower back connected a second later, tried to scream in pain but couldn’t, saw blood burst from her own mouth as she took a leg swipe and went sprawling down on the floor, pain racking her entire body.

‘Get up.’ Suki roared inside of her mind, her wolf was scratching furiously at the edges of her mind, trying to be released, heard Hudson roar her name, lay there on the floor and half smiled at the thought of him watching on, watching her kill herself. Wondered if he realised, he was the very reason she was doing this, she could hear fighting and yelling going on from her pack. It was Jet, sounded like he was trying to contain his Alpha.

Found that referee Alpha in front of her once again, rolled her over onto her back and looked down at her, to her injuries “You’re done.”

“No, I’m not.” She laughed, though it was hollow and emotionless to her own ears. “I can still fight.”

He frowned down at her, she knew the rules, as long as she could stand, and was willing to get back up, to stay and fight, the choice was hers. This was her fight, she wasn’t done yet.

‘Tamala stop. Tap out.’ It was Hudson, he sounded a little panicked to her.

Snorted with full amusement at the sound of him panicking over her, sat herself up, spat blood onto the mat next to her and turned to look right at him. He was being held down by his whole unit, why did he even care?

He didn’t, it was not him that cared, he had realised the bond he felt would be severed and he’d feel it, everyone here would see him in pain, over a wolf-less, worthless thing, he would be disgraced himself if they knew he was to be Mated to her, the wolf-less, that was all.

Pushed herself up onto her feet and heard Hudson yell “The Glimmering Moon Pack resigns…we forfeit.”

“I do not forfeit.” She announced, “This is my fight, he does not now or ever speak for me.” Looked right at him, it wasn’t just him looking at her now. It was his whole unit, and she realised, by the way that they were looking at her, they now knew, it was in his reaction to her being injured.

No Mate could stand the sight of their Mate nearly dying or being so severely injured, he was no different to any other at all in that regard. It seemed he might not want her, had every intention of rejecting her, but couldn’t stand seeing it. Now they all knew what she was to him, to them, to the pack, their future Luna. A disgrace at that, but they all knew.

Looked at the pack members behind Hudson and then at his unit once more, not one of them had said anything to her in two long years that wasn’t cruel. Had been shunned by them as much as the rest of the pack. Hated them all.

“I hate all of you.” She yelled at them, her anger bursting out of her. “I hate the Glimmering Moon Pack.” Felt that anger well inside of her, it was white hot, heard many gasps from other packs, why she didn’t know. They didn’t like her, would be shunned by them as well if she was part of their pack, likely it was more to do with it just being the boldness of her insult to her home pack.

“I will stand and fight, to the end.” She stated flatly to her opponents “The outcome, will be…whatever it is.”

Took another breath in as they all nodded, seemed she had earned their respect finally. Found the Alpha referee right next to her, leaned right down to her ear. “Is your Alpha your Mate?” his words a bare whisper.

“No.” she answered firmly “I’m his punching bag.” She stated for all to hear, didn’t care anymore. Tamala was gone after this round, she would be completely freed from the shackles that bound her to this world. To a man who would not respect her, did not love her, would never. But would take great pleasure in using her body for his own sick needs till the full moon.

“Count it out, Alpha, from ten. Let’s finish this once and for all.”

“Alright.” He sighed, didn’t exactly seem happy about it at all.

Closed her eyes and breathed in ‘No shifting Suki, not on the full moon, we will leave as wolf-less, let him reject us, and let us accept it, use that pain to make us stronger than anyone.’

Felt Suki snarl inside her mind ‘Let’s, he does not deserve us.’

Heard the countdown start, kept her eyes closed, just stood and breathed as best she could, at 3 she opened her eyes and a smirk played on her lips, as she raised her hands ‘Fight Mala.’ Suki roared at her.

Saw her opponents blink in surprise, it was a mirthless smirk, she had nothing left to lose, no family, no pack that cared, it was just her and Suki, they were a beloved dark tree.

Something that was about to stand alone, hidden somewhere in the depths of a wood, where nothing and no-one from her old life would know they existed. No more would anyone from their old life be able to find them, touch them or hurt them anymore.

The third round started. She breathed and watched, deflected and struck finally, saw that big bastard launch himself at her, knew his speed, had watched him, watched all of them for the past two rounds. Shot forward and snapped the palm of her hand right up into his nose, saw him stagger backwards and fall down, turned her attention to the next man, they wanted to know who was the best fighter here today.

She had trained her whole life for this very moment, always wanted to be here, though now she was here alone, the one man she had thought would be here to cheer her on and be so very proud of her, no longer cared. She still lived under his roof but he barely looked at her in passing, never said a word to her, not once in two years now.

Slid between the legs of the next man, jammed an elbow into the back of his knee as she planted her foot into the ground and stood up behind him, launched herself up onto his back and snapped her arm around his neck, grabbed her wrist and locked off his air way, till he couldn’t breathe, felt him throw himself backwards to try and hurt her by landing on her, held on even tighter. Bit down on the pain of more ribs cracking under his weight.

Held on to him with all she had, while not only he struggled to breathe, so did she, excruciating pain was also running down the left side of her ribcage and she was struggling, really struggling to breathe. ‘punctured lung.’ Suki whined she could not heal her, and one lung down was not good. Let go of the man when he stopped struggling due to unconsciousness.

Struggled herself to get out from under him, was laying on the ground, could feel blood dripping from her mouth, pushed with all she had to get up once more, could see the sticky stringy stream of blood hanging down from her mouth. It took almost a minute for her to get up.

She staggered about quite a bit, her lung had collapsed, and she was hazy around the edges of her vision, turned in a circle to spot the final opponent. He was just standing watching her, had waited to see if she would get up.

“You have a death wish, I see.” He sighed.

“Today…I…do.” She answered, could barely find the breath to speak, and her words where not only wheezy but gurgley as well, stood with a hand curled around her left rib cage. Even she could feel the difference in it, could also feel bone protruding from her ribs, that had punctured through her skin.

Dropped her hand away and heard many a horrified gasps, wondered just how bad she looked, knew she was barely able to stand, but it’s what she wanted, to go out on her own terms, she was not going to let him, take to her ever again.

“I’m…rea..dy” she gasped and with much effort raised both her hands before her, closed both her fists and slid her left foot back, dragged in half a strangled breath and saw him come, managed to dodge the first hit, turned and stepped right into his fist that was coming, made sure that it connected to her face a full fist and felt darkness rush towards her so very fast, could feel herself falling down, had allowed him to land that final blow, one that would either be her undoing or her rebirth.

Registered the contact of her body to the ground, heard her name being called out somewhere off in the distance and then that lovely, blessed pain free darkness claimed her.