Chapter 3 - The Rejected Life of Mala Luca

Tamala returned to her room and took a long hot shower, hoping she’d use all the hot water and leave nothing for the rest of them, doubted it, seeing it was a hotel, but she could wish for it.

Came out of her bathroom to find Hudson standing inside her hotel room. “What do you want?” She grated out.

She saw his eyes move right over her towel-clad body and gritted her teeth. He wouldn’t dare, she was wolf-less and touching her would taint his pure wolfen body. His eyes moved right to her neck to that hickey on her neck, in fact, and she felt anger roll off him like it had before, saw his wolfs eyes glow a little behind his own, felt Suki sit up and actually look right at him.

‘Oh hell no.’ she shot at her wolf. They were 18, but the full moon wasn’t for another week. ‘I’m not being Mated off to this asshole.’ She told Suki, who was showing signs of interest in the sight of his wolf on the surface.

“You will not be going on any bloody date.” Hudson grated out at her.

“You’re not the boss of me.” She shot right back.

Heard him laugh “Aren’t I? I am the Alpha here and you’re what?”

“Better than you, is what.” She couldn’t scent him but felt Suki try, did not want to scent him as their Mate, but the way he was reacting to that hickey on her neck, it was fully possible he could be her Mate, she wouldn’t find out until the full moon, but just because she didn’t know, didn’t mean that he didn’t.

His senses would be more heightened than hers. He could have picked it up on the last full moon, which had come just a day prior to her 18th birthday. It would explain all the sudden glaring at her over the past month. Well, he could issue his rejection and she would issue her acceptance right back, if that was the case, Suki didn’t like him anymore than Tamala did.

“For one more week, and then I am gone. I will remove myself from the pack and never have to see you again.”

Heard a low growl come from his wolf “I’ll take the pleasure in banishing you myself.” Hudson snapped.

“It won’t hurt me. I won’t even feel it. Wolf-less remember.” She shot right back, she would feel the severing, as would Suki, but they had been preparing themselves for it for years now, would stand and accept it, or reject that pack themselves.

He was on her in a second. “You’ll feel me.” He growled and smashed his mouth down onto hers, gasped and lashed out at him, even as she felt it, the slightest tingle from his touch barely there, could feel the pull towards him, the more he pushed himself to her, kissed her and blocked her hits, the more her resistance to him faltered.

He was going to be their Mate and Suki even knew it as well, could feel all their resistance to his assault on her mouth falling away, gasped as the towel was pulled from her body and then his hands were on her bare skin. “No.” she gasped at him.

“Yes.” He groaned right into her neck, kissed her mark spot as his hand slid down her body quickly, to touch her intimately, could feel desire and heat pooling between her legs. She didn’t want this with him, but couldn’t stop it, her own body was betraying her and so damned quickly too, cried out as he pushed his fingers inside of her and started to move them, heard him groan as he pushed them in and out of her getting harder and faster.

Heard his voice in her ear “Fuck your hot.” And then his mouth was on hers hard and demanding as she was pulling at his cloths, her body ached for this man, so much need to have him even while her mind screamed ‘no’.

Felt his hand leave her and then he kicked her feet apart and took her in one hard thrust, screamed in pain and heard him sigh “Yes, so fucking tight.” Then he was having her up against the wall uncaring of the pain he was causing her, continued to thrust and take what he wanted until she was moving with him the pain gone and pleasure filling her, gripping on to him and crying out.

Pleasure ripping through her body as she felt her orgasm crash over her, heard him grunt and swear as he slammed her hard up against the wall and she knew he was done, had cum himself.

‘Don’t cry.’ She told herself ‘Don’t you let him see anything.’ But inside she was in pain, this man, this wolf who hated her, was the future Alpha to the pack, had called her horrible names, took great joy in beating her, couldn’t wait to banish her, was creating unwanted feelings inside of her.

So much pleasure at his touch, couldn’t even scent him yet, but the slightest tingle on her skin at his every touch and she couldn’t resist him, had lost to him and quickly so.

“Put me down.” She finally said.

Heard him laugh softly “Why? You enjoyed that. Let’s do it again. I’m going to have you all night, Tamala. You’ll scream my name and then sleep like a baby after.”

“Fitful at best, get off me.” She grated out.

She found those ice-blue eyes of his on hers, felt his hand slide up her body “What if I don’t want to. You’ll like spending the night with me.”

Shoved at him and he dropped her to the ground finally, “Get out.” She snapped angrily “I’ve got a date to go to.”

Saw pure rage in him, realised to late she shouldn’t have said that, when he grabbed her and shoved her down on her bed, “The hell you do,” he grated out, “you’re mine tonight, let him come and he’ll get to hear you screaming my name in pleasure.”

Glared up at him even as her body started to betray her once more, it already wanted him, he might be furiously angry with her, but his hand and its touch was light on her skin as it slid over her breast and her nipple hardened under his touch “You’ll hate yourself.” She shot at him, trying to fight the sensations he was causing in her body.

“That’s tomorrow me’s problem.” He stated and lowered his mouth to her breast to nip at her nipple “You smell so fucking good. So hot for me Tamala, you can’t resist me and I’m not going to let you.” Heard the pure amusement in his voice as his hand slid down between her thighs, stroked over her clit and a moan escaped her.

“I hate you.” She gasped, as his strokes quickened, creating not only more desire but pleasure to her. She meant every word. She did hate him.

“I hate you too.” He chuckled and pushed his fingers back inside of her, “I’m going to hate you all night, and you can hate me right back.”

She was defenceless against him, it seemed, powerless to her body’s growing need to have every part of him, gave into the pleasure completely at some point and begged him for more, let him touch her and taste her in all the most sensitive places, cried out and moaned as he took her, many times in many ways.

Woke up alone and felt tears burn down her face, the whole room was a mess, they’d been all over the place, the bed, the floor, up against the wall, could see her own blood over there where she had lost her V-card to him. Sat up and looked at her aching body. He’d left more than one mark on her body. Dashed her tears away.

She would never let him see how much pain he caused her, emotional or physical, knew he was going to reject her come the full moon, she was still wolf-less, showered and stared at herself in the mirror for a long time, he’d put a new hickey right over the one Ken had given her, it was deep and dark and there for all to see. There were several on her body. Everyone would have heard them last night, this place was not likely to be sound proofed.

Dressed as she stared hard at herself, she knew Suki couldn’t heal her yet, so she had to deal with the aching that was left over, the pain from the bruising he’d left, she had many finger bruises on her body, her shoulders, her hips, her thighs every where he’d gripped onto her.

Seriously doubted he would even acknowledge it was him, took a long deep breath in and glared at herself, stood up and squared her shoulders, walked out of her room, had to act as though she didn’t care, would ignore the stares she knew she was going to get.

Got her breakfast, he was sitting with his unit, laughing and chatting as though nothing happened. Tamala took her food and went outside to eat as far away from them as she could get, didn’t bother to look at him, didn’t acknowledge him at all. Ignored him as he did her.

She was going to have to fight today, push past the pain of her aching body and fight with all she had. Would do it, like she always did inside the pack. Would not cry, would not show weakness around him. Never would she do that. Reminded herself that one week was all she had left and then she was gone.