Chapter 3 - The Princess Slave

Violette POV

“What?” I asked. F*ck. I just broke rule number 4, didn’t I?

“Did Beatrice not explain you your rules?” He asked. He was standing in the doorway of his office, leaning against the door frame.

I snapped my mouth shut and he nodded his head.

“She did, I just forgot. I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.” I said in a low voice. I couldn’t feel his emotions from here.. usually, I’m good about things like that. Everything about him is cold, dark, and expressionless. I couldn’t understand how a person could ever be this way.

“Come here.” He demanded. His voice was soft but also aggressive. I don’t know how that happened but he did it. I placed the broom against the wall and walked toward him.

“You’ve done well cleaning the room.” He said. I hadn’t noticed I’d even cleaned..I’ve been too.. in my head. Though I could tell he wasn’t in such a bad mood as he was earlier.. but that still worried me. Hopefully, he doesn’t think to reward me.. usually, slaves get rewarded if they’re good, but I don’t want that kind of reward.

His hand tilted my chin up when I didn’t respond and he stared right into my eyes. His hazel eyes pierced my soul and my skin started to tingle again. If it wasn’t for my hatred for his family, I’d probably fall on my knees for him.

“Answer me when I speak to you. Is that clear? Every single time. I know what the rules are.. now I’m changing them. I want a reply every time I speak to you.” He said. I nodded my head in agreement and I noticed the muscles in his jaw clenched. He really wanted me to reply to his every word.

“Yes, master. I will reply from now on. I am sorry.” I said in almost a whisper. He nodded his head and pulled his hand away. I began feeling slightly lightheaded and dizzy. My feet started to give way and I felt myself drifting into unconsciousness.

Warm arms snaked around my side and held me tight. I slowly fluttered my eyes open, the feeling I had, now going away.

“Are you okay?” He asked. I swear I heard a hint of worry in his voice but maybe that’s just whatever is happening to me. I must be hallucinating.. maybe even dreaming.

“Yes.. yes, master. I’m fine. Just felt lightheaded, is all.” I said breathlessly. He stood me up completely and pulled away.

“I have guards getting a room ready for you. They will bring you to it. When you’re not in here or doing your duties out there in other parts of the castle with my approval, I want you in that room.” He said. A room? I already had a room.. in the slaves quarters. I wasn’t there long, maybe a day or two. It wasn’t much either, but it was quiet. It was mine. There aren’t any other slaves in the castle, so I had it all to myself.

He did say other parts of the castle.. would I be allowed outside? Goddess, I haven’t even been outside for weeks since my capture. It has been pure torture.

“Yes, master,” I said. I could see slight irritation on his face and he spoke again.

“They are here. You may leave.” He said. Just then his bedroom door opened. I quickly grabbed the mop and broom and the box and was escorted out of the Kings room.

I wanted to ask them if we could drop this off with the rest of the cleaning supplies, but I feared they’d tell on me for speaking out of turn. So I reached forward and tapped on one’s shoulder.

He stopped walking which forced me to stop, and I looked up at him as he turned to look at me.

I held up the cleaning supplies and shrugged my shoulders. One of the other guards took the supplies from me and we continued on our walk.

It took 30 seconds tops to get to my room. I wouldn’t have thought he’d keep me so close.. usually, slaves have their own chambers on the opposite side of the castle unless the King requests otherwise. I mean, that’s where I’ve been staying; far away from him. But now he wants me so close? In the same hallway as him?

“Your room.” One of the guards said as he opened the door for me. I took one step in and the room made my jaw drop to the floor. This looks like a room fit for a princess. Or.. well.. let’s just say a really broke princess.

The walls are bare, but the bed is magnificent, it almost reminds me of the Kings. Big wooden frame with carvings. There’s a matching dresser and vanity, then there’s a desk with writing utensils on it. In the corner was even a tall shelf full of all different kinds of books.

I got the most excited when I saw a bath readied for me. The steaming liquid calling for me.. the tub big enough to submerge myself up to my neck.

I nodded my head at the men and the guards stepped shut the door, leaving me in my room all to myself. Maybe.. being a slave won’t be so horrible.. if I could just follow the rules.


The bath wasn’t anything like I’m used to, but it was hot.. and that’s all I cared about. A maid brought me dinner a bit ago.. I wasn’t expecting it.. I hadn’t eaten much in weeks because of everything; I could tell id lost a list of weight. It was so much food and it was amazing. I’d never eaten so fast and so much in my life. I wonder if that was a reward from the King.. if so.. I could get used to it.

It didn’t take very long for my mind to race as I lay in bed. Having a room and a bed makes such a difference.. I haven’t slept well in weeks either.

My thoughts began to drift to the time before now. After I was captured, but before I was named slave of the King to the whole world. He kept me in a cell. A dark, cold, and wet cell. Why? Because he’s brutal.

Many nights I went without food or water. But every 3 days they’d show up with a plate of food and a glass of water. Starvation can do things to you, and so can dehydration. The wolfsbane didn’t do much to me, they kept giving me smaller doses than what I’m used to taking every day. The silver collar around my neck didn’t help much either. But being hungry and dehydrated definitely keeps your wolf side away. They only kept me strong enough to live.. not to shift.

He never visited me. Which, I didn’t mind but I was to be his slave so why ignore me? Why take me just to lock me away from everyone including himself? Beatrice visited me with dinners, she always had a hateful look on her face when she did too.. I guess being a rival royal princess isn’t very liked around here.

There were many nights I woke up screaming from the attack with the men and Sylvia.. that’s the first time I’ve ever killed a man. I rubbed my hands together under the blanket and turned to my side.

My stomach twisted and turned. I was beginning to feel sick. I wrapped the blanket tightly around me and closed my eyes. I just need to go to sleep. That will make me feel better.

It didn’t take long for sleep to come over me. But I tossed and turned all night. Dreams of the King plagued my mind. Then the day we found my mother.

She had been kidnapped. Father felt her die since she was his mate and they had marked each other.. We were at our palace, waiting for any news from the warriors about her body when we received a package. When father opened the box.. she was cut into tiny little pieces. It all started when the Silver Aisle kingdom accused my Father of torturing and killing King Viktor’s younger brother.. but I know that’s not true! He was only a child and Father would never kill a child.