Chapter 4 - The Princess Slave

Viktor POV

“And check on the slave. She almost fainted earlier and I can’t have that.” I growled.

I couldn’t tell if I regretted having her room so close to mine or not. There was something about her that made me feel.. odd. She made my skin feel as if it were on fire, as well as my mind. I hated that this was happening.. she’s my enemy’s daughter.. I just couldn’t figure out what it was. Or why it was happening.

I thought back to the moment I first saw her and my heart began to race.

I watched as she shoved her hand into Marvs throat furiously, and ripped it from his body. I’d never seen such violence. Well.. I take that back actually, I have. But not by a Princess. I knew the moment I walked into the room who she was.. and I knew I had to take her.

I didn’t know why.. I just knew I had to. And so I did. And I named her as my slave. See, I went to that castle looking for King Arthur. I was going to kill him and end this war once and for all.. until I saw her.

And as of today, her Father believes her virtue has been ruined. Usually the day after a slave is announced they’re “broken in.” But I couldn’t bring myself to yet, though I wanted to punish her like her Father did to me for 2 years. I wanted to rip away her innocence.. make her nothing. Make her feel pain.

Seeing her naked today had me on edge. Though the scars that littered her back had me unsettled. Who was responsible for them? Her father? My eyes soaked in the image if her body like a sponge.. I had to call in Minerva to serve me.

“My King, mm I’ve missed you.” She purred. I had her chest pressed flat against the desk, her ass in the air as I pounded into her repeatedly. I didn’t speak as I grabbed her hips and shoved myself farther into her, she gripped the desk so hard her knuckles turned white. Flashes of Violette bent over the desk.. her wet folds.. bending over to pick up her dress went through my head and I found myself releasing on Minerva’s ass just as soon as the thoughts started.

“That was.. quicker than usual, my King.” Minerva said unhappily. I rolled my eyes and threw her dress and a towel at her. She began to clean herself, but didn’t dress.

“I need silence now, Minerva.” I growled. I pulled on my boxers and sat in my chair.

“Are you sure, my King? Maybe I can give you a massage?” She purred as she came up behind me. She placed her hands on my shoulders and I stiffened. I didn’t like being touched.. in fact, I absolutely hated it.

“No, Minerva. I don’t have time.. I have a lot of paperwork to go through.” I growled as o shrugged her hands off.

“Yes, my King.” She said. She began to dress before turning to leave the room. Minerva has been a lifelong friend of mine. She was here before.. I was taken, and when I got back. Though I’ve missed her, I have some things I really need to take care of. Her presence was not appreciated at this moment.

I began shuffling through papers once again. Taxes, taxes, taxes. Where does it end? I took a deep breath and sighed, my guards voice flitted through the link.

“She’s in her room. She finished her dinner and is now asleep.” He said, referring to Violette.

“Why are you telling me this?” I growled. I don’t want to hear about her. Every time I do so many emotions start to stir in me. Not only desire and lust, but rage begins to fills my insides. The things her Father did.. I just can’t do it.

“I thought you’d want to know, my King.” He Replied. His voice was etched with fear.

“Well I don’t.” I growled and cut the link.

My mind goes crazy when I think about her. First I think about the things her Father did. Then I think about her soft skin, her long white hair like snow.. then my mind goes back to her Father and it’s just a complete war-zone raging in my head.

I tried to focus on my papers but I couldn’t. I couldn’t stop thinking about HER. I slammed down my quill and stood up. I walked over to my bed and grabbed my sweats and pulled them on.

Goddess I’m going to regret this.

I opened my chambers door and made my way down the long hall. There are only two rooms this way, mine.. and hers. I didn’t like the idea of her being so far away in the slaves quarters, so I had her placed in the Queens room. My heart raced as I walked up to her door and grabbed the handle. I slowly turned it and pushed the door open, poking my head inside to make sure she was truly asleep before slowly walking in.

I sat down on the chair that faced her bed and watched as the blanket on top of her would rise and fall as she took in breaths. Her white hair sprawled out across the pillow and her face. I felt a sense of peace around her almost. Like my mind finally stopped racing.

She turned several times, mumbling words I couldn’t understand and kicking her legs around. It made me mad, because I needed rest and she was moving quite a lot.. But it also made me wonder, what nightmare is she dreaming about this time? I used to watch her sleep when I had her in the dungeon. I couldn't keep myself from her, but I kept it to where it was unknown to her.

“No..” she cried. I sat up quickly and paid more attention. I will find out what nightmares plague this slave. The constant crying and thrashing during her sleep was beginning to infuriate me.

“Father.. no!” She cried again. I stood up and walked over to her and noticed the beads of sweat on her forehead. I gently placed the back of my hand on her head and sighed. She’s running a small fever.

“Shhh..” I tried to calm her, despite my urge to let her suffer in whatever hell she was in.

“No.. please.. I’ll be good.” She cried. I felt a tug in my heart and grazed her cheeks ever so slightly. She immediately began to calm down and lean into my hand. Her face changed from fear to peace and I couldn’t help but admire the innocent look on her face.

Even with my hatred for her and her family, I can't help but feel guilt for naming her as my slave. I soaked in her face once more before pulling my hand away and walking towards the door. I opened it quietly, trying my best not to wake her and made my way back to my room. Maybe now with a clear mind I can actually get some work done.