Chapter 5 - The Princess Slave

Violette POV

I had the strangest dream last night. Father was yelling at me after finding out that I’d let Lillian have one of my bows and a necklace.. instead of being forced to have my hands struck 400 times and my back whipped, King Viktor placed his hand on my face and took me away to be safe.

I would’ve rather gotten the strikes on my hands, and I have, but it appears my dreams have other ideas.

“Miss, you need to wake- oh, you’re already awake.” Beatrice spoke as she walked into my room and opened the curtains.

I nodded my head and went to speak when I remembered I wasn’t allowed to. Goddess, I hate this life so much.

“You need to get dressed. You’ll be joining the King for breakfast.” She said. What? Breakfast?

“Here, they’ve brought your gown. He has a few rules, as we are hosting a breakfast with two other royal families. You are to sit at his feet. You are a slave, and slaves belong at the feet of their Master. You will not speak a word unless King Viktor speaks to you. And you may not look at anyone besides the King. Do this, and you may eat breakfast afterward.” She said. I can’t look at anyone. What an odd rule. Either way, the idea of getting to eat breakfast is enough reason for me to obey.

They filled up a bath and helped me in. I was surprised to find them beginning to wash me. Slaves don’t get washed. They have their own.. facilities and do their own things. One maid drenched my hair while the other scrubbed my feet. The water was nice and hot, soothing my aching muscles due to last nights sleep. I have always loved baths like these.

I wonder why the King is being a different Master. He keeps me close but doesn’t want me near. He makes me his slave but treats me better than slaves usually are treated. It made me worry. Would this all lead to my death? Treat me well before you murder me? Is it some sick twisted way to torture my family? My ancestors?

They helped me out of the bath and dried me off, braiding my long hair and pinning it up in a low bun. I raised my hands and pulled a few strands out in the front and one of the maids grunted at me and frowned. I Ignored her and pulled more strands out to my liking and then they began to dress me.

A maid held a simple gown like yesterday in her hands, except this one was black, and not as see-through. Well, except for when I stand in front of the light.. then you can see my silhouette.

“The King requests that you meet him in his chambers right away,” Beatrice said. I nodded my head and began my short walk to his room.

The guard's eyes glazed over and within seconds he was opening the door. He closed the door leaving the King and I alone. I watched silently as the King paced around the room picking up items and throwing them back down.

“When you were cleaning, did you happen to see a black tie?” He asked. I took a second to respond as I thought, then nodded my head as an image of me rolling up a ties comes to mind. I walked over to the dresser and opened it, it was completely full of straight perfect rolls of ties.

“Hmm..” He said as he grabbed out a black tie. I couldn’t tell if he liked it or not so I stepped back and didn’t say another word.

“Beatrice told you the rules for breakfast?” He asked.

“Yes, master,” I replied. I noticed he kept looking back at me and I wondered why.. did he regret this dress color on me?

“You can have breakfast after this if you do well.” He said as he tied his shoelace. He’s a well dressed man, very well put together.. and as much as I hated to admit it, he looked handsome in his dress clothes.

“Yes, master,” I said.

“Can you not think of anything better than “yes master”?” He asked, snapping out of my ridiculous thoughts. His voice sounded irritated and it made my gut clench with fear.

“Yes, master.. I mean.. sorry, master. I’ll try to do better.” I said. He made his way toward me and stopped a few inches away. He looked deeper into my eyes without saying a word. Something about him made my fingertips ache to touch him.

He quickly pulled me out of my thoughts when his fingers ran across my collarbones. Why does he make my skin feel like this?

“Let’s go.” His hands dropped to his sides and he opened the door. I followed him out and across the castle. We went into the dining hall and he took his seat at the head of the table and I took mine by his feet.

“So, have you broken in your new slave yet, Viktor?” One of the other Kings asked after a few moments of slow chatting. If I break a rule I’d know exactly who was speaking. His voice almost sounds familiar. I won’t risk it though.

Viktor took too long to respond and the other man spoke up again.

“I think I’d like to try her.” He said. I watched Viktor’s jaw clenched and he spoke. He tended so slightly, almost as if the idea of another man touching me had angered him. I shook away the thoughts; I’m being ridiculous again.

“You cannot,” Viktor said bluntly.

“Is it not tradition that when a King takes a slave that he shares her with the other royal heads?” He asked. Fear filled my every pore and I wanted to run away or die trying.

“Yes..” Viktor’s said.

“Then may I not try your slave?” The man pushed.

King Viktor looked down at me for a moment, his expression was cold and dangerous.

“Do as you wish.” He said after a few short moments. My world began to spin and I could feel myself begin to panic. No.. I cannot go through with this! I’d rather die! I started shaking in fear and I looked around for a way out but there was none.

“Stand, slave.” The other man said. I stood up, fear cascading out of me like a waterfall.

“Look at me.” He said. I looked to my master for permission and he nodded. The moment my eyes met with him I filled with disgust. My Fathers so-called best friend, King Richard.

“Ah I’ve been waiting for this since you sprouted, Princess Violette, slave of King Viktor.” He said. My stomach turned to knots and my heart began beating out of my chest.

“Come here.” He purred. I looked at my master once more for approval and he nodded, though I could’ve sworn I saw hesitation.

As I walked around the room, I could feel holes being dug into me by glaring bystanders.. probably King Richard’s mate. It wasn’t my fault.. I didn’t ask for this, nor did I ever want it. My eyes stung as tears threatened to pour from them. Why will no one help me? Why must King Viktor allow this? I’ve done nothing to him..

“She is a beauty.” He purred. He moved a strand of hair from my face and pushed it behind my ear. The need to vomit all over him hit me hard but I held it back as best as I could. I wanted to flinch away from him, but I knew as a slave that that means I’ll get a beating.

He turned me around and pressed my back against him. A whimper of pure terror fell from my lips when I felt his hardness press against me.

I wanted to scream, to cry. To hit Richard and protect myself but I feared if I showed Master up in front of them I’d get a beating. I hope he sees the fear in my eyes. The hatred I have for him for doing this to me. I will never forgive him.

I knew if I tried to make a move they’d use my collar on me. But the burning need to run away and crawl into a tiny hole to wither away.. ate at me. A tear slid down my face but it was no use. No one will help me. I’m damned.