Chapter 4 - Be Eaten Up with Love

Before the New Year, I met that man of 38-year-old, who was divorced with two kids.

"Aunt, since the man you introduced is so good, why not my cousin marry him? Can a 40-year-old man be called a young fellow? Oh... and, if cousin marries, you can be a grandmother immediately. My cousin needn’t give births for being a stepmother since he has a son and a daughter. “

After hearing my words, Harriet was shocked and scared, glaring at me with her dead fish eyes. I had been a push-over in front of her these years. I endured as much as I could, which made her become worse. Now she even wanted to sell me out.

"What’s wrong with you, what kind of man you introduced to her?"

Harriet was originally irritated by me. Seeing that uncle supported me, she quarreled rudely right away, “It isn’t bad that he is 38 years old with a car and a house. It is her luck to marry him.”

I gave Harriet a scornful look and then turned back to the ward.

It had been several days I didn’t visit and I found that grandmother’s bed was changed. After asking the nurse, I turned to the corner of the corridor and saw her lying on the temporary bed.

Suddenly, my eyes turned red... "Grandma, why are you here?"

I quickly walked over. The middle-aged carer of my grandmother said coldly while eating sunflower seeds, “You owe more than $10,000. The hospital is so nice not to chase you away. The bed in the ward is so expensive. The nurse Just came to remind that they won’t offer the imported medicine if the

owed money isn’t paid over. Besides, the caring fee your uncle paid expires today. I won’t come here tomorrow if you don’t continually hire me.”

I said nothing. Seeing that grandma stay asleep, I went downstairs to repaid the money.

The carer immediately changed her face when she saw me take the money out. I didn’t mind that. After all, it is common that people pursue money in the world.

When uncle came back, he looked guilty. I didn’t mind it at all. Harriet had formed a habit of annoying these years. Uncle couldn’t stop her and had no such ability!

I gave him the rest money in the card and reminded him not to tell Harriet. Otherwise, she would possess it all.

“Lydia, where do you get it? We can’t break the law.”

“Uncle, relax, it comes from...” I racked my brain to get a reason to tell him.

Uncle took the bank card with uncertainty.


After arriving at home, I went upstairs and locked the bedroom.

I filled the bathtub with water and lay down comfortably.

The pain after the first sex and the itchy feeling of every step became better during the hot bath.

I stared at the ceiling with numerous thoughts. What happened in these days was like riding a roller coaster, so stimulating! Looking at the bruises on the legs, the red marks on the body, I thought of Wayne Gilbert, the scary man. I suddenly had no idea where I got the courage to sleep with him.

After I poured my face with water, I decided not to recall the shameful thing that happened yesterday!

Compared with the past, the days ahead really mattered. I felt lonely and hopeless when I thought about my current situation.

I couldn’t live in uncle family. Today, I openly offended Harriet. I had to find a house to move out. Also, I had to buy a new cellphone because Wayne broke mine several days ago.

Both were calculated at least four or five thousand dollars.

I counted the rest of my money which was barely enough for living...

The next day, I bought a cellphone in the budget and spent the rest money renting a house in the old city.

When I moved out in the afternoon,Harriet sneered for a while, yelling that I slept with a man and became his mistress. The words was so terrible. She stared at me like supervising a thief, afraid that I could steal something valuable.

It wasn't until I finished packing that I found that I only had two suitcases of weary clothes as the luggage after so many years of living. What a poor life! I smiled bitterly. Destiny was so unfair!

After moving, my life returned to the original state, simple and and ordinary.

Except for school, hospital was the place I went to the most. Seeing that grandma got better and better, I found that whatever I did was worth doing.

But what troubled me more was the friendship with Katherine.

The warning of Wayne that day was still in my ear. If he found out that I was still harming his niece, he certainly wouldn’t forgive me. However, I couldn’t give up the friendship of so many years. I had to take courage to keep in touch with her in the fluke mind.

I wouldn’t visit her house anyway in case I met Wayne, I would definitely die then...

But sometimes, the more you feared something, the bigger probability it would come!