Chapter 8 - Mated To The Lycan King

We walked into the forrest in a comfortable silence, although I was pretty nervous. We found a small clearing next to the bend in the river. It was quiet and a perfect spot for shifting. I stood in front of my mate as he began talking about a firs lycan shift.

"A lycan shift is different than a wolf shift. Your bones elongate but it's not a back breaking experience. It's still painful but not as painful as a wolf shift. You can still run like a wolf or you can walk like a human. Just whatever your preference is, I am sure you will figure it out. I like to switch it up." He smiled at me.

"Okay." I walked a few feet away from him and looked around. I gazed up at the sky and looked at the moon. It was shining bright and the stars were twinkling above us. When he started speaking again I looked back over to him.

"So when you shift you'll want to focus on your Lycan. Allow her to take over the shift. Don't let your human side fight your Lycan side. When the sides fight for control, that's when a shift can be extra painful and take longer than needed. Soon when you're used to it, it will become instant, almost like second nature. I am sure your Lycan is ready to come out and play, yeah?" He smiled.

"It was her idea to ask for your help. What do I do about my clothes?"

"You can shred these and I'll have Ted or Jameson get you a blanket or other clothes." He shrugged as his eyes went dark. "Or you can strip now and save the clothes." He smirked, teasing me playfully. My lycan purred in my head.

My cheeks heated and he chuckled. "Ready?"

I nodded and I watched him begin circling around me and tell me to focus on my Lycan. Give her control. I closed my eyes and did as he said.

I felt my bones stretch and heard a few popping sounds. I felt my face turn into a snout. I opened my eyes and looked at my hands. They sprouted fur, a beautiful deep red color. My paws were all white tipped. It wasn't that painful honestly and it was super quick. I thought these were supposed to take a while? I knew the wolves could take hours on their first shift. I turned and looked at me mate who was already shifted. In front of me was a very large midnight black fur Lycan. He walked up to me and I realized he wasn't much bigger than I was. Why am I so big? Aren't females smaller or maybe that's just female wolves.

He nuzzled me and motioned to follow and we took off running throughout the forest. I nipped at his heals and he suddenly stopped and turned back to me. I skid to a stop and Charlotte tipped her head back and howled. She dashed away from him, moving to run on all fours. We were much faster now as we darted through and around trees. Charlotte realized this "All fours for danger and war and human stance for everything else when running."

"Oh, that makes sense. Look how beautiful his Lycan is with that midnight color fur." I smiled as I watched behind her eyes as she stopped running to take a look at her mate as well. He was so majestic, his fur almost glistened under the moonlight.

He stopped in front of us and nuzzled against Charlotte. She nipped him playfully as they played together. They were bonding with one another and I could feel how happy she felt. We finally made our way back towards the pack and stopped outside of tree line. I heard him shifting to his human form and reappear in shorts.

He had an extra change of clothes in his hand. "Follow me so you can change. No one will be able to see you here. Now when you shift back focus on the human side and don't fight it. Just like when shifting into your Lycan." She licked him and I laughed.

We shifted back to our human form and I put on the jean shorts and tank top. I walked out from the bush and tree bunch and found my mate leaning back against a tree.

"Very impressive Avalynn. Are you sure that was your first shift?" He smiled at me.

"I am very sure, why?"

"That was the smoothest and quickest first shift that I have ever witnessed. How did it feel?" He pushed off the tree as we walked together.

"It was a bit painful at first but I just tried to do what you said and focused on my Lycan, Charlotte. She took over and then before I knew it we were running." I smiled.

"Charlotte." He smiled "Your lycan is beautiful."

"Thank you. Your lycan has the darkest fur I have ever seen! What is your Lycans name?" I questioned as he led us towards the packhouse.

"His name is Connor." He smiled.

"Oh. That sounds like an older strong name." Charlotte was letting it roll off her tongue in my mind, repeating it over and over again. "Mmhm, Connor, Connor, Connor."

He nodded and flashed me a brilliant smile my way, "Ready to go in?"

"Oh, uhm, I am not allowed to be in the packhouse." I looked away from him.

He growled then and took me by the hand. "Today, you are allowed. You will soon be their Princess. You are allowed to be wherever I am allowed to be and that is everywhere." His eyes were searching my face when I looked back to him.

I nodded my head some "Okay. If you say so." I was a little hesitant and I wasn't sure how things were going to transpire, especially if he wasn't by my side.

"Don't worry, everything will be fine. If they have a problem they won't for long." He gave me a reassuring smile.

We walked up the steps together and he held the door open for me. I haven't been in here since before my mother passed away. I wasn't allowed in meetings considering I was still in school and had other things to worry about. I wasn't a warrior and a lot of times meetings were for warriors.

I glanced around the open entry way that led into the living room. It was an open concept and had seating available everywhere. The packhouse was three stories tall and had a full finished basement. The basement was for games and movies. The first floor was for eating, meetings, and the offices of the Alpha and Beta were on the first floor.

The second floor was for the Beta family if they chose to stay here, but generally they have their own and only stay here in emergency situations. The guest rooms were also shared here and there was seven large suites on the second floor.

The third floor was the Alpha families floor. There were several bedrooms, their own kitchen, the Luna had her own office, their own gaming area. It was their own space. I have never laid eyes on it, just what I have over heard.

"Do you need clothes for tomorrow?" I realized that I hadn't walked any further than the entrance.

"Oh, I'm sorry it's been a long time. And yes, I don't really have anything." I blushed.

"We can get you some. Shouldn't be a problem." He smiled and nodded his head to the stairs.

We walked up to the second floor and he opened the door to his suite. I looked around at how nice the room was. It was updated with soft grey walls and a large white couch, a TV hung onto the wall, with a white marble table under it. A geometric patterned area rug sat between the hardwood floor and the couch.

We sat on the couch. It wasn't that comfortable but I guess it would do. "So this may be much nicer than my home but it feels very cold, almost like a doctors waiting room or a hospital." I looked over at him. "There's nothing hanging on the walls, nothing on the table tops." I frowned.

He smiled "They treat their rooms like hotels."

"Oh? I've never stayed at a hotel so I wouldn't know." I laughed.

"They're a lot like this. Bare, uncomfortable, and unwelcome feeling. For the most part, some are nice though." He looked over to me. "Are you hungry?"

I nodded my head "Actually I am."

"Lets grab a bite to eat, grab you some clothes and whatever necessities you'll need and I'll arrange a late meeting with Alpha Michael. Tomorrow is going to be a long day filled with the spoiling my Princess and the Alpha Ceremony."

He sighed and stood up, out stretching his hand to me. I took it and stood up, following him out the door. We got down the stairs when he realized he left his phone.

I told him to go back up and I would wait for him downstairs. I walked over to the couch and sat down to wait. I heard someone approach me and the hair on my arms stood and I got a bad feeling.

That's when a fistful of my hair was yanked. I let out a scream from the pain and turned in their grasp to see who it was. It was Jamie and she looked pissed.

"I don't know what the hell you are doing here but let me show you where the trash goes!" She screamed in my ear.

I let out a low and threatening growl and she began loosening her hold but yanked once again. I was worried that shifting would break some of their things or she would injure me in the middle of my shift since I have only done it once. When her hand laid across my face I knew what I had to do.

"Just shift, show her who is boss." Charlotte was fighting me for control.

I let the shift happen and shifted into my lycan form giving Charlotte full control. Surprisingly enough, that shift was super fast, like I've done it multiple times before. My deep red fur sprouted and my body elongated and took shape. The shift was much easier this time. Charolette had full control now and she, well we towered over Jamie.

She growled and dug her claws into her, lifting her into the air and throwing Jamie away sending her flying into a book case. She fell to the ground and books fell down upon her, blood trickling down from her wounds. I stood there growling at her and she looked up at me with horror and shock in her expressions. I wanted to rip her throat out. That's when I heard a small clap. His scent washed over me and our eyes locked.

My mate had a smile on his face. I looked around and Alpha Michael was walking into the room. He was looking at Jamie with a shocked expression, not understanding why a Lycan just threw her into a bookcase.

If anything I knew we were definitely having a meeting about me now. I turned away from Jamie not before growling at her first. I picked up a blanket with my teeth, walked over to Everest and he took it from me. I shifted back to my human form and as Everett was wrapping a blanket around me protectively, all I heard from Alpha Michael was "So it is true then? What your brother told me was correct? You are a Lycan?"