Chapter 6 - Mated To The Lycan King

This dress was the one. I hated shopping and I hated how plain I had always looked in everything I put on, but as I stood looking at my fitting room mirror, this was perfect. It hugged me in every perfect curve spot that I didn't know I really had. I actually felt stunning in this dress. I could hardly believe it as I turned around to look at myself.

Claire was looking at me with her hands over her mouth. "Want to show him how beautiful you look in this one?"

I looked at her in the reflection of the mirror again and nodded my head. "Yes, I think I would. Do you think he will like it?"

"Like it? He's going to love it because you look absolutely stunning! He's going to be drooling all over you! If he doesn't well I'll smack him upside the head." She laughed.

"Claire! He's a prince! You can't do that! He will have your head" I warned, laughingly.

"Watch me. Let him mess up. I don't care if he's king of the universe! I'll let him know what's what!" She laughed.

I laughed with her and nodded "Okay, okay. Whatever you say."

"Okay, so I'm gonna go get a snack and some drinks! I'll meet you soon." She quickly hugged me before she left.

I walked out and I felt my mates gaze on me as I approached where he was sitting. His eyes were roaming all over my body as I was walking to him. He never looked anywhere else as his gaze met mine. I stopped and I stood up on the pedestal and finally turned looking in the wrap around mirror. The dress was a navy, floor length dress with a sweetheart neckline. It was a tulle material mixed with pearl beading and rhinestones all throughout the upper part of the dress. The detail work was heavy up top and lightened as it went from my waist to the floor. The pearl details didn't go past my waistline, only the rhinestones were scattered about. It offered a glimmering effect as I walked, reflecting off the lights. The bottom of the dress flowed nicely and it had pockets. Which was a super cool detail if I do say so myself. I felt beautiful for the first time in my life.

My mate stood and walked over to me "Stay there I want to be able to match this exact color and all of my suits are black. Do you mind waiting as we try to find one here?"

"No it's fine. I'll be here. I can wait." I smiled and he kissed me softly.

I noticed that Ted and Jameson were gone. I am sure they're out doing something else because this was a drag and a snooze fest for most men.

I turned back to the big mirror and was looking at my reflection. This was the first time in a long time that I have felt this beautiful without the full glam of makeup. As I was gazing over the details of the dress and the impeccable stitch work I heard the front door chime.

I wasn't paying attention but heard our future Alphas voice and his annoying girlfriend Jamie. "Pick whatever dress baby. You're going to look... Oh. What is this?" I looked up as they both approached me. I sighed and prepared myself.

"Just because you put on a dress doesn't mean that you'll fit in at the ceremony." Jamie was looking me up and down, hate and disgust in her eyes. "Matter of fact, that's the one I want and no other bitch is going to wear what I am wearing. Take it off."

I frowned and I don't know if the courage came from me, my beast, or both but I growled "No. This dress is mine."

They both blinked at me confused "Take it off, now. She wants it, she gets it." Ryder was glaring at me but also not? His eyes were traveling all over my body and I wanted to cover up any of my bare flesh.

"No." I said through gritted teeth.

He shook his head and looked at Jamie. "There is no way she can afford that anyway. It will still be yours." His phone rang and he stepped away after kissing her forehead.

I didn't move from the spot Everest left me at. Jamie walked closer to me and I saw Everest in the reflection. He looked absolutely dreamy in his navy suit.

Jamie must have said something that I tuned out because he was walking over angrily. "Wha- what?" I looked down at her.

"Did you hear me bitch? Get down off there you waste of space!"

Just then Everest growled and Jamie whimpered where she stood, barring her neck to my mate.

"How dare you speak to her in such a manner and you are to be the future Luna?! Disgraceful!"

I blinked and looked at Jamie then, she was shaking where she stood, her eyes watering. "Get out." He demanded and she took off running. As she was getting ready to leave Ryder came in and looked at Everest and myself and walked over to us. Jamie was outside still and was looking in the windows.

"Prince Everest, I don't know what this.." He looked me up and down before continuing "human said to you but she's lying. My Luna should be treated with respect."

Everest laughed at him. "She isn't a human."

"What?" Ryder was confused now "She doesn't have a wolf."

"No, she doesn't have a wolf. I would suggest you both leave before you meet an angry Lycan." Everest said in a commanding tone and he bowed and left. Before opening the shop door he turned and looked back at us. We locked eyes and he glared at me but looked at Everest and frowned. He was confused but oh was I in for it now. I sighed Nd shook off that negative energy. He isn't ruining my day today. I am taking this as a happy day for once! I believe I deserve it with everything they put me through. To be honest, I kind of enjoyed watching Jamie shiver in fear. I loved watching my first mate get shut down and told to leave.

Everest took my hands in his and looked up to me "Are you okay? What was that about?" I shook my head and he sighed.

"You have to trust him and give him a chance. He can help us." Charlotte stated.

My stomach growled and he smiled down at me, "Hungry?"

I nodded my head and now noticed Claire standing a few feet away from us her eyes were wide. When did she get back?

"Do you love the dress?" His thumbs were rubbing my hands softly.

"Yes. Yes I do. I feel really pretty in it." I smiled.

"Then it's settled. Oh and you don't look pretty, you look gorgeous. We will purchase this dress, go get lunch, and go find you shoes to match?" He questioned.

"That sounds like a plan." I smiled happily

His attention turned to Claire then as I was stepping down with his guided help. "Claire do you have a mate?"

"Yes, I do." She responded.

"Can he meet us in a few?" He asked.

"Of course. I'll text him to join us.

I walked back to the room while Everest was giving orders to pack the dress and suit to pay and be shipped to his suite in the packhouse.

When I came back out my brother was walking in as I was rejoining. That was quick, I thought. He bowed to Everest and greeted him.

"Everest this is my brother Josh, Josh this is my mate Prince Everest of the Northern territory. Josh is also Claire's mate." I looked over to him and his eyes widened and they shook hands and exchanged pleasantries with one another.

We paid for our things and left the shop. We walked a few blocks away and were joined soon by Jameson and Ted. I introduced them all to one another as we stood outside one of the upper scale restaurants in town.

"Today is on me everyone. Feel free to get whatever you desire." Everest announced.

"Sweet, Ted! We can order the whole bar and get wasted." Jameson laughed, clearly joking.

Everest glared and cleared his throat.

"Kidding broody moody, kidding." Jameson rolled his eyes.

Everest helped me in my seat and the waitress approached our table. She took our drink order and Everest ordered one of everything on the appetizers menu. When she dropped off our drinks she went around the table taking our dinner orders. I ordered a Cajun shrimp pasta with a medium cooked steak and salad with ranch dressing. My mouth was already salivating at the thought of the food. Thankfully the appetizers came out quickly.

Everests hands found my own and I smiled over to him. "Do you mind telling me now what all of that was about? With the future Alpha and his Luna?"

Silence was over the table and the air became thick with suspense. I swallowed hard and picked up my soda taking a drink. My brother cut in then "What happened?"

"I was just wondering why your future Luna was treating your sister, my Mate, horribly? Actually worse than horrible, as if she was trash that was to be disposed of? Why they think she is a human? How you're a wolf and she is clearly not a wolf?" He growled and quickly composed himself.

My brother sighed and looked down at his appetizer plate before he looked back over to Everest. This was it, party is over, cat is out of the bag. Here comes the second rejection. I felt my stomach knot up and my heart was beating erratically in my chest. Everest hands squeezed my own as my brother began to speak again. "I could tell you but it isn't my story to tell. I wasn't there when it all happened. None of us were. Only Avalynn and my mother were there when it happened. Avalynn?" My brothers eyes were on me. I felt tears brimming around my eyes and I pushed them back.

"Tell them, you deserve to heal. Everyone needs to know what you've been through.. The burden is not only yours to carry. We are no longer alone.You deserve to have happiness in your life, my life, our life." Charlotte spoke to me softly.

I sighed and looked at my quivering hands in my lap. "Well where to start? I don't know where to even begin really. It's so much to unpack. So much over these last few years. Where would you like me to begin" I asked him.

"How about when you realized you didn't have a wolf?" Everest suggested and I nodded in agreement, taking a deep slow breath.