Chapter 7 - Mated To The Lycan King

Well it was the moment of truth and everyone's eyes were on me. I looked down at my drink, took a sip and let out a small sigh. I could remember it all just a vivid as the day it happened. The day that haunted my dreams.

My eyes looked up from my drink to my mate, as he gave me an encouraging smile and I began to tell my story.

"Okay, so it all started on my sixteenth birthday. I was with our mother, we were getting ready to go to the store to buy all the ingredients for my birthday cake. The night or well I guess the morning, well maybe midnight brought on a realization that I don't have a wolf. So you can imagine I was pretty bummed out about that revelation. Of course the Alpha family knew immediately, considering they have to witness the first shifting of our wolves and help guide us through it for safety reasons. She never showed up and I guess the gossip spread like wildfire.

By the time it was the day of my birthday party, many people already reversed their RSVP and had been avoiding me all week long. I was seen as being cursed by the Moon Goddess for not having a wolf.. I begged my mom to cancel the party.. My mother still insisted on having the party regardless of how others were acting and treating me. 'Keep your chin up, soon things will change. You'll see, everything will make sense one day.' is all she would tell me. I wasn't sure what she was talking about but now I think I have a clue or at least a feeling." I paused and looked at Everest and gave him a small smile and he smiled back to me.

I continued as everyone was still waiting and hanging onto my words, "Anyway, the day of my party was the worst day of my life. My mother and I had just left the house and were walking our short cut route to the packhouse when she smelled them. The scent of blood and a God awful putrid smell of Rouge Lycans. There was six of them, they cornered us and demanded for her to give up her child. She wouldn't do it of course and she told them over her dead body. Well she fought them off the best she could. She was super strong and I was amazed at her and how well she actually held her own against the Lycans. That is until one got by her and was running directly at me. I remember falling and crumbling onto the ground and covering myself. When she turned to protect me one of the other's took her by the neck and I heard cracking. She was still fighting and the leader of the group slashed her neck. Not twenty seconds later I could hear the pack coming and one of the malen looked at me and said 'One day we will be together, sorry about all the mess, you're mine.' then they all vanished. Not even thirty seconds later the Alpha and some of the pack warriors showed up. They found my curled in a ball crying and screaming over my mother. I told them exactly what happened and the Alpha didn't believe me because their was no scent left behind. He said it was some story I made up to cope with the trauma of losing my mother to Rouges. He said 'Why would anyone want a wolfless little girl?' Then everyone started treating me different. Even my own brother, but he's fine now. He was grieving and needed someone to blame and I was his easiest target. Claire was the only friend I had the year between my 16th and 17th birthday." Tears were streaming down my face and Everest was fuming.

"You left your sister, who couldn't defend herself alone?!" He slammed his fist on the table and my brother looked down in shame.

"I was still a kid myself. I know now it was wrong to behave that way. My mate helped me work through my grief in a healthy way." He was looking at his empty appetizer plate.

I placed my hand on my Mates and his gaze drifted back over to me and I felt him calm back down.

I began telling my story to them all as I looked around the table, "Now on your seventeenth birthday we all know wolves can find their mates. I was walking and I caught his scent. I was so confused but it was only faint. Not as strong of a smell as you I just felt drawn to him, like the pull of a magnet. I came across him training in a field and he turned to me. I guess he caught my scent too but when our eyes locked and he whispered mate he was confused then very angry. He rejected me and forced me to accept the rejection." I looked around the table. Pity was held in Claire's eyes, Josh was confused and angry, but my mate, he was boiling.

He let out a low growl and was now gripping the table "Who rejected you?!"

I shook my head, I didn't want to make anything worse.

Josh spoke up "He forced you to accept the rejection Avalynn?"

I nodded slowly and Josh slammed his fist down on the table this time making Claire jump. Her eyes went wide then she frowned after a moment. I knew they both know who my first mate was and should have been.

They looked over to Everest and his eyes went wide and he stood abruptly from the table. "I will kill that good for nothing piece of crap and his fake Luna!"

Oh shit, oh no, oh shit! This was not the reaction I was expecting. I stood with him and placed my hands on his shoulders forcing him to look at me. "It is fine. I'm fine. We are fine now."

Our waitress came around with our food and then refilled our drinks. "Please sit and let's just have this afternoon. We can work everything out later." I tugged him to sit down and I noticed Jameson and Ted relax too.

I watched him sit and began again "The whole year I did everything to avoid them. Then on the night before I turned eighteen his wolf took over and found me by the pond outside our house. It was a clear night and I wanted to enjoy it. I watched him visibly struggle with control over his wolf. He said my scent still appealed to him and his wolf was angry. Angry with him for rejecting his true mate.. He said that the pack would be better off without me, I was trash, and he wanted me gone. He doesn't want to see me at his ceremony but then said he plans on banishing me from the pack as his first order as Alpha."

My mate was raging below. I could tell, his heart beat was erratic and his eyes kept changing and being more vibrant. He took a slow and deep breath and looked at me, "Fine, but he is obviously not ready to take over the pack and the approval will be denied at his ceremony." He growled. "He's going to know what it's like to be humiliated in front of everyone. Everyone will know that you are now my mate and was his. Not that it matters because if you were mated to him and I found you, I would have challenged him for you." He grinned.

"This is going to get ugly." muttered Jameson. I saw Ted nod in agreement.

I sighed and we all began eating our food in a very uncomfortable silence. Claire kept looking at me and I shook my head at her. I wish she would stop looking at me like I was wounded. I'm not, I have endured so much over these last few years that no one realizes. I am much stronger than they all give me credit for.

I ate my food and ended up not being able to eat it all. I pushed it around my plate when I could feel him watching me. I picked up another bite of steak and ate it. I couldn't help it, it was so delicious. I looked up finally and he was smiling at me. I smiled back in return.

The waitress came over to check on the table and he ordered four chocolate cheesecake slices, four red velvet cake slices, and four carrot cake slices. Enough for everyone to have two slices. I guess I best stop forcing this food down my throat so I could enjoy dessert and not be miserable.

"So Avalynn have you shifted into your beast yet?" He asked curious and I noticed all eyes moved to me.

I shook my head "No I haven't. Honestly I wasn't aware I had anything until I met you, yesterday at the waterfall."

"Why did you go to the waterfall?" Josh asked.

"Not important." I sighed.

"So yesterday was the first time you heard your beast?"

I nodded again. "Yes."

"Oh, happy belated birthday then, my beautiful mate." His eyes flashed in anger and I know he realized what Ryder said was right before I met him. The look was gone quickly and he softened his expression. He took my hand and kissed the back of my palm.

I felt my cheeks heat up "Thank you." I smiled and gazed over to him.

"Do you even know what you are?" His head tilted to the side.

"Well I have a pretty good guess I'm a Lycan? But how when my brother is a wolf?" I looked down the table to my brother and he just shrugged.

"Well when you were talking about what happened to you, you mentioned something your mother said to you. She said something like you would understand one day?" His hand went up to scratch the side of his face as he was thinking.

"Yeah, I dont know why she said that. Looking back it seems like she knew I wasn't a wolf?" I shrugged and looked down at my brother. "But how are you a wolf and I am a Lycan?"

Jameson spoke up then "Well maybe it's genetics or you're adopted?"

I sat back in my seat a frowned at the last comment. Why would mom keep it a secret from me?

"Maybe Alpha Mike knows? He has to know all the ins and the outs of the pack?" Claire suggested.

Everest nodded his head "Yeah I can ask him. He will have to tell me. He could of been hiding the truth the night your mother died to keep the pack under control. I big pack scared of Rouge Lycans wouldn't be pretty for anyone involved. It could of risked you life too. We will get it figured out, don't you worry. But for now let's find your shoes to go with the dress and book you an appointment to be pampered for the ceremony? Claire would you like to join her?"

"Oh I couldn't.." She began

"Nonsense. You deserve it after everything you've done for my mate. Maybe Josh and I can get some truth while you ladies are getting ready." Everest looked at Josh who nodded in agreement. "It is settled then. Avalynn, ready?"

I smiled and we went searching for the perfect pair of heels. I found them and accessories to go with my dress. We booked a spa treatment, hair and make up appointments. When the sun was setting we met back up with everyone.

"See if he will help you shift." Charlotte asked.

"Uh, Everest would you mind helping me in my first shift? I don't know what to really expect since I was brought up learning about wolves." My feet suddenly becoming very interesting.

"Of course, let's go." He took me by the hand and led me into the forrest.