Chapter 6 - Contraclockwise

I really hate being linked by someone whom I don't know. Who is this Abstract that they always put next to my name?

“Dude, I saw your girlfriend at the cafeteria outside the school. I didn’t know that kind of girl is your type.” one of my peers said. I crooked my forehead. Before I’m being linked to this girl, now she’s my girlfriend? I wasn’t able to contain my anger and went out of the campus to look for my ‘girlfriend’.

When I enter the cafeteria, I went straight to the girl sitting near the window of the store. How did I know that it was her, simply because she’s the only customer I’ve seen. I sat down in front of her and it’s obvious that she was stunned by my action. I glared at her but what stunned me was she just looked back at me without any reaction on her face. After I calm down from being stunned, I sat down properly and cleared my throat. “Miss, look... I don’t have the time to play your game as your boyfriend.” I said as I held back my anger. “You’re not my t—”

"Uh, so you are the instant boyfriend I have just recently." She said with the Hermione accent from the Harry Potter. I didn’t expect that. “And you think I’m so pleased with this kind of rumour that was spread all over the campus?” she smile mockingly. “Then, think again. You may have the good looks but you are not my type.” She added, stood up, brought the shake she was enjoying alone earlier then walk out of the cafeteria. I noticed that she’s beautiful especially when you get to look at her close even though she have thick eyeglasses and braces, she have a white and porcelain-like skin, her hair smells good and her lips that was between red and pink color, so kissable. I can’t help but gulp a mouthful of saliva when the thought of kissing her made me imagine it.

The next day, when she passed our classroom my classmates can’t help but to look at her. “Mrs. Radiance Wilton, look at your husband.” My classmates joked on but she didn’t mind, not even looking at them.

When she went back and will pass by our classroom, I noticed that she’s hesitant to move. “Let her be.” I said to my classmates so she can pass but instead of her passing quietly the outcome became more chaotic. While she was getting near, I saw how she glares daggers on me. I knew that I was the one she was looking because I made an eye-to-eye contact to her. She’s not wearing her eyeglasses, oh... her eyes were narrow, so cute. I can’t hide the fact that I’m smiling right now.

I went to school early than the usual, I’m still sleepy but I suddenly got awaken when I saw her coming inside our classroom. She sat next to me near the teacher’s table. ‘Bad mood early in the morning?’ I said to myself. Then, some students were now coming inside. I looked at the white board.

1-3 moved to building F

I was shocked for a moment then, I remember that our room was borrowed for the play auditon. I was about to leave when the drama club adviser look at me. “Where are you going? We’re about to start.” Since I don’t want cause any shame for myself, I sat back.

I was amazed when I heard that she was the one who wrote the script for the play. The cast are complete except for the main characters. The Drama club adviser is strict when it comes to the main characters. “What’s your name?” Ma’am asks me.

"Radiance." I replied then get the script that she was giving.

"Read the line with emotions.” Ma'am says. “Rackie, you’ll be his partner for awhile.” She just nod.

On the script, the main character boy will look at main character girl, he’ll look straight her eyes. "You may look pale due to your porcelain skin but your lips are red as rose like Snow White."

She looks back and smiles. "Your voice is like a melody to my ear whenever you say I look like Snow White." She said but no accent that is same from the Harry Potter character.

In the end, I was the one to be the male lead of the drama and she’s appointed as the female lead. As time goes by, from the practice up until the end of the play, I never get the chance to be close to her. The backstage had a few people but I haven’t seen her coming out so I checked on her. I was stunned when I saw her pulling herself up from the props that made by rope as stairs. It seems like she’s getting out of breathe so I immediately rescue her. I was able to save her; I didn’t expect that she doesn’t weigh much. She coughs and gasps for air, as I am tapping her back; I blow air for her to catch her breath.


I stopped reminiscing when I heard a knock on the door. “Come in.”

“Doc, we have less doctors on duty today.” Said the nurse that was hesitating to come in.

“How come we have less doctors on duty?” I crook my forehead.

“Most of the doctors they need the help of Dr. Rackie.”

I look at the nurse, for the past six days this is always the scene. It’s kind of annoying because they all look for Rackie even the stuffs that she’s not under that department and she didn’t have the full knowledge of it, they look for her. “Why are they looking for Dr. Rackie?”

“They said that Dr. Rackie have a keen eyes and her observations were always right.”

I’m losing my patience. “Oh, so the observation of Dr. Rackie is more accurate than them who study it?” I asked. “If they can’t do their job, then I’ll prolong Dr. Rackie’s vacation until they can do their job properly.” I said holding back my anger. The nurse immediately rushes out after what I said. I massaged my head. “These doctors are so funny, Rackie’s eyes are keen? Oh, if they knew how thick her eyeglasses, I don’t think they will believe whatever she might say.”


“How many years you’ve been with Rackie?” a friend suddenly ask.

“From our second year of high school, so we’ll be almost six years this year. Why?”

“Dude, did you kiss already?”

I crooked my eyebrows. “Not yet but we’ll get there.”

They laughed. “You’re together with her for six years yet you don’t kiss at all? Holding hands or hug, you do?” I shook my head. They laugh again. “Dude, weak! Me and my girlfriend were just six months

but when we kiss we almost remove our clothes from the intense feelings from the kissing then here you go and say that even holding hands, you didn’t do?”

For some reason, I get the thought so I made up my mind that I’ll make our anniversary memorable. We are done eating and we’re walking in the park, the school year is about to end while she’s working so she can save for her to study again. I tried to hold her hands, she seems startled but she didn’t pull her hand. She saw the sunsets that’s why we stop walking, while she was busy looking from the nature, I’m busy admiring her.

“What are you doing?” she asks.

"It’s natural for the boyfriend to kiss his girlfriend."

“But we aren’t like that.” She replied. I was annoyed so I walk away and left her.

It’s been months wherein we don’t talk, she was able to survive without talking to me but I can’t so I went to the cafeteria where she works, I waited for her until her shift ends yet she didn’t look at me at all and walk straight out. “Babe, let’s talk please...” I beg. “I’m sorry, babe.”

She looked at me without emotions at all. “I’m tired, let’s talk some other time.” That’s all she said and ride a jeepney.

It’s been weeks, still she’s not talking to me so my friends and I went to bar, there’s this girl who talk to me and introduce herself. I don’t know if it was the spirit of alcohol or what but I see can Rackie so I kiss those lips. A strong punch woke me up from the truth.

“If you’ll do something that like, don’t do it in public, so obvious that my friends will see.” Rackie said calmly.

"R-Rackie, let me explain." I said.

"No need. What I witnessed is enough." Oh that Harry Potter accent is out. I was about to go after her though she’s not running, actually she’s walking fine yet since she hit some vital parts on my side I wasn’t able to go after her. Her punch was so painful, seems not a girl for that kind of blow.

I woke up from the nap. “What a dream.” I whispered to the thin air. I sigh and touch my side and smile. “The blow you gave is really strong, Rackie. I felt the care and love you gave before but I was too impatient that I didn't wait for you. Now, what can I do to make you mine again?" it was late when I realized my tears dropped. “The person I’m in love with seems like a stone, so hard to please...” I looked at our last picture, that was our 6th anniversary, I miss her cleverness. I miss her, I miss her

sweetest smile that I’ve ever seen whenever I call her ‘Mrs. Radiance Wilton’, if only I didn’t screw up... I think she’s using my name now and maybe we have our child or maybe we’re about to have a bundle of joy. “I’m not going to give up, Rackie until I win you back.” I said to the picture while caressing her image on the picture.