Chapter 7 - Contraclockwise

I stare blankly from the things that happened today. I am now sitting inside the office of Director Art while listening to the debates from the doctors who are my senior here.

"Dr. Rackie, should know how to place herself!" Dr. Heart yelled.

The truth is, the Neurological Department rushed to the office of Director Art and now shouting and yelling.

"Dr. Rackie, did the right thing as a doctor." Dr. Red calmly said. “What’s the fuss, doctors?” he asked coolly. “Seriously, where are we when one of our VIP patients is suffering? Come on, let’s just admit it, she even risks her life just to get back here. She abandoned her family’s celebration party for her just to check the VIP patient.” He said with his blank expression. He looked at me and winked. “Dr. Rackie, how’s your leg?” he suddenly asks. “Why so shocked? You ran from the parking lot up to the third floor, isn’t it?”

I nodded. “I-it’s nothing, Doc. I’m alright.” I stuttered replying.

Dr. Red stood up and went right in front of me. He sat and pulled up my pants up until my knees. “Is this what you call alright, Dr. Rackie? Your legs were swelling and full of bruises.” He commented. “Now, doctors, let us be professional. It’s not about being old or new here, it’s about saving lives.

What’s wrong for a new doctor in this department to look after the VIP patient? We all know that this rookie is showing off and we all know that she’s one of the best, even just looking at the patient from a far, her diagnostics are always right.” He sermons. He stood up and looked at me again. “I don’t know why you chose to be a neurologist! Orthopedic Department is nicer to you!” he suddenly commented. “Anyway, Director Art, what can you say?”

“You said it all, future CEO.” Director Art seriously said.

I was stunned from what I heard. It was obvious that everyone was also stunned from the news they’ve heard. “Oh, really? The announcement will be held for that CEO thing will be next week.”

Director Art chuckled. “Brother, it’s getting obvious already.” He said. “Doctors, I don’t want this to happen again. Dr. Abstract might not be fully pledged as a Pediatric Neurologist yet but she’s still a doctor here, she’s a resident doctor here. Meeting is done; you can now go except for you, Dr. Abstract.”

I was left and it was really awkward. Dr. Red smiled at me when I looked at him to thank him. He lean near me. “You don’t have to thank me, I have a condition for what I’ve done today.” He whispered. “Bro, I’ll go now.” Director Art nods.

Director Art glared at me. “You need rest. I’m giving you a full week off. That swelling and those bruises won’t be gone for a night only.” He said. He get something from his drawer and put it on the small table in front of me. “Get this and use it.” He said. I had no choice but to get it then I went out of his office and praying that I won’t go inside that office causing chaos ever again.

After I closed the door, Dr. Red went right in front of me. “Come with me.” he said and carried me on his shoulder. He run while he carries me until we reached the elevator. “Rackie, don’t move! Haven’t you feel where am I touching you right now just to hold you tight?” he asks. I stopped from moving when I felt what part of my body he was holding me.

“You can put me down.” I commanded.

“Promise me, you won’t run when I put you down.”

"Oh, come on! How can I run in this close room?" I sarcastically asks. He put me down and I found out that we’re going to the rooftop.

The moment the door of the elevator opens, he hold my hand and pull me out. “Your legs will be ugly.” He commented.

“Why do you care?” I asked.

“Whoa! Don’t bite me. I’m just helping you here. You make me want to kiss you because of your attitude.” He said. He pulled me and get me close to him. “Maybe, later.” He commented then he carried me again and let me sit from the high place near the wall. “Don’t move or else you’ll fall.” He said while he was busy putting ice in the icepack. “I know you haven’t done this s—”

“Are you some kind of a stalker?” I asked. To be honest, he annoys me and what made me more irritable was I’ve found out that his brother was Director Art.

“Why asking?” he asks without facing me.

“Just answer.” I said demandingly.

“Wow, demanding. Do you know that?” he asked then he looks up to look at me. His face is near my face, I can feel his breathe that is why I move away. He suddenly hold my shoulder so he can support me. “I don’t you don’t move. You know what, if I really want to kiss you, I won’t say it and I’ve done it already.” He said with smile. I sigh. There, that smile again that really irritates me so to stop him from messing around, I kissed him. He was stunned, which lead me to go down and go far away from him. I’m near the door when he pull me. “That’s not a kiss.” He said and give me a deep kiss after he smiled. “You really have the sweetest lips I’ve ever tasted.”

“Are you done? Can I go home now? You’re happy, right?” I sarcastically said.

He stopped me. “That’s not enough, Rackie. I want you.”

“Even if you own me now, I swear you’ll never have my heart, Red!”

“I don’t do anything to you without your consent. It won’t be like stealing a kiss, that’ll be rape.”

“At least, you know!” I said then walkout. Actually, I want to break his fingers but since I want to stay here I have to bear, next time there’s no next time.

I’m about to get inside my department to get my things because I have to go home. I saw Dr. Red in the hallway talking to some nurses; he waved and winked at me. I noticed how those nurses turn their heads and look at me.

I rolled my eyes to Dr. Red and went inside the department to get my things.

*Cataclysm Chapter1.3

I suddenly open my eyes when I realize when I heard my phone alarms. It’s 7 o'clock, I'm not late but I have to get ready because the house is a bit far from the school.

"Mom, I won't eat breakfast today. Sorry." I shout out while running through the stairs.

"You can still make it, you have to eat first." a familiar voice says.

I turned around to look who it is. Oh, yeah! I forgot that I'm with my father from this day onwards. I can't say no after long years of not eating together.


After a long and exhausting day, at last, day off came! Being alone in the house is not cool when all you want for your day off is to just sleep and lie down all day."This pride of mine really made my life miserable." I whisper to the air. "Thanks to turbo washing machine, I can do the laundry without a sweat."