Chapter 5 - Contraclockwise


"Dr. Wrightwood, sorry to interrupt your celebration, Storm is experiencing severe headache. There's no available doctor to check him."

That was said from the other line, I am in the middle of the road and I don’t have the chance to make a U-turn, so I don’t have any other choice but to way. I drove faster I should be, I don’t care whether police will follow me from driving fast, all I am thinking is to get back to the hospital so I can take a look the condition of Storm.

*Cataclysm Chapter 1.2

I locked myself to my room. I forgot to eat my dinner with the family I treasure the most. All along, I had these feelings for my father who turned his back on us but what was that, I had a wrong invested feelings? Well, I have my father's name, Webb. He even named me Avalanche because what he said before he and mom didn't expect me to come. He even marries my mom and had a beautiful family before but when I turned thirteen, sudden change came. No words were out and left. He doesn't have manners! He should have fought instead of leaving us with my dad. How could he abandon us like kittens? I don't understand. I can't believe, sigh! I just can't.

I heard a knock thrice and the door opened. I didn't even bother to look who is it. He sat on the bedside near me and hugged me. It was dad. "I'm sorry, Lance. I didn't mean to run the moment your mom told me she's pregnant." I didn't reply. If I did, I might say something sharp that will cut his heart so deep. "Please, son... I know you're mad but I need to know what you feel."

I stood up. My patience had its limit. "You left mom knowing that you have a child! Dad, you abandon me the moment you knew I came into your lives! You were one of the reasons why I'm alive but you abandon me before I came out! My father whom I knew suffered a lot! He saved mom from the shame you put on her! Then, eight years ago, my father left us without any words then you came as if you were superman to the rescue? You, sigh!" I close my eyes and go out of my room. I hug mom. "Mom is my father stays at our house before?" she nods. "Then, I'll pack my things up; I'll stay there and don't know when I will be back. I can't stay here with him. I can't stand his presence, not now." I saw my reflection on my mom's eyes, I'm mad. I really am. She hugs me and kisses my forehead and nod as her silent way that she agrees on what I plan.

I pack my things up, some clothes to wear for a month or two. I drove back to the house I was raised. I opened the gate and parked my car. I was hesitant to open the door yet someone open the door for me, and it was my father. It’s been eight long years since I haven't saw him but I knew it was him. I hugged him tight and the eight long years was filling in like there's no gap happened at all.

My father fell asleep while he hugs me. He doesn't want to let go. "Dad, I have to finish my school works, I'll go home after school so let go for now." I think he heard me so I was able to get out on the room.

I'm done with my school works when I saw a story on Facebook that made me read it. "Nice story, bro. When will be the update?" I ask the writer but no reply.

I was about to sleep when I heard my phone beeps. "I don't think I'll update."

No way! The story is too good that it'll stay unfinished. I decided to share it with my readers. "Guys, this story is really good please read so he'll have an obligation to update." I post then fell asleep with a smile.*

"You should know your limit when you're driving, Dr. Abstract." Director Art sermons madly. I looked down. “Look at me!” helding his yell. I looked at him and I saw how mad his eyes are with the touch of concern from his facial expression. "I know, you're a dare devil before. You've been a car racer and a motorcycle rider who compete internationally but come on! It’s a public road!"

I sigh. "But Director!"

"No, buts!" he said with authority. He massages his head and turn his back. “What if you got into an accident?” he suddenly ask with a concern on his voice. I was stunned from what I heard. "Don't do reckless things again. I’ll take care of this. You can go now."

After closing the door when I got out of his office, I inhaled and exhaled slowly. I touched my chest, my heart was pounding from nervousness while the police were chasing after me. This is the first time I violate the traffic law.


I ran from the parking lot to the third floor of the hospital then, I saw how some nurses tend Storm. “Where are the other doctors?” I blankly asks.

“They are all busy, doc.” One of the nurses replied with teary eyes.

“Bring him to Lunar for CT Scan when he finally calm down.” After giving instruction, I hug Storm and carefully removes his hands from his head. I hymn a song that I just composed on the spot. I put my mouth near his ears. “Storm, it’s me. Listen to me, the pain doesn't matter, I am here. Can you hear my voice? Can you feel my hug? It’s… I… don't be afraid. I'll wipe your tears off, so listen to me. The pain is just temporary, so listen to me." a hymn then I put some lyrics that I just heard just now. He stopped from struggling and looks at me. I wiped his tears from his eyes. "I'm with you, Storm." That’s it and we moved fast to bring him out for CT scan.

I study the result of Storm’s CT scan; my eyes are teary. “Lunar, am I late?” my voice is a bit crack from asking. He smiles timidly. “How can I say this that they’ll have positive view out of the negative result?” and there, my tears dropped which I held for so long.

Lunar is about to stand to come near me when the door suddenly opens and sends in Dr. Red. "I'll be the one to disclose the result, Dr. Rackie." He said unexpectedly. “You haven’t had your pledge yet, right?” he sarcastically added. I don’t like how he smiles, he is known as terror when it comes to delivering the result and what makes me nervous was the things that he might say to the family of the patient. "Stay here, Dr. Rackie."