Chapter 3 - Contraclockwise

The party poppers that the patients popped the moment I went inside the hospital startled me. My patients were smiling at me.

"Congratulations for passing the board exam, Dra. Rackie. You really bring the bacon!" the nurses happily said. I chuckled when they used the Filipino accent because they don’t speak that way.

“Don’t English me, I’m nosebleed.” I replied in broken English. “Thank you. Now, kids go back to your romms please… the Director may get mad when he saw all of you here.” I reminded them. They follow what I said. I paused for a while from receiving their artworks as my gift when I saw the director of the hospital. “Go back to your rooms, I’ll do my rounds later and collect your gifts.” I said then the nurses were assists the kids back to their rooms. I involuntarily inhale when I saw him coming towards me. Director Art the one who’s known for being strict and I was one of those whom he made a sample when it was my first come here for my internship. I secretly gulped when he was right in front of me.

“Dr. Wrightwood, why are you here? Isn’t it you should be celebrating with your family?” he asked with full confusion.

“Uh… Director, did you allow me?” I joked on reply to cover up my nervousness.

He smiled. “Yes, go home for today and report to work tomorrow. I know your family wants to celebrate the success of their daughter.” He said. He was about to go when he turn around again. “Congratulations, Dr. Abstract Wrightwood, you nerve-rocking girl!” I was stunned of what I witness, I didn’t expect him smiling, well… he’s always poker face. I was about to breathe when he went back. “By the way, I can give you a ride.” He offers.

I just smiled. “I have my car, Director. I can go home safely, thank you.” I respectfully decline.

"I see... Okay, see you tomorrow." He said with his poker face again.

I visited my patients first to say thank you from their warm welcome earlier. I received a lot of artworks from them and gifts from their parents and guardians. I wasn’t able to refuse those given gift because they were insisting. I went last to my grumpy patient, from the very first time up until now he’s still my patient. I knock before coming in. “Storm how are you?” I asked.

"Why did you take Pediatric-Neurology? You should have considered me first!" he asked.

I smile. "Tom, you knew I did. I'll take cardiology when I'm ready." I explain.

I’m a bit emotional today because he thought that what he really needs to be fixed was his heart and not the tumor he have in his head. As a matter of fact, I cried what specialization should I get first as a doctor because I don’t know what should I study first. However, when we found out that Storm is getting weak from his brain tumor, I decided to take what I had taken.

"I won't congratulate you, Dr. Rackie!" he emotionally said.

Mrs. Casper, mother of Storm signed me to follow her outside. “I’m sorry about his behavior today.” She apologetically said.

I smile at her. "It’s okay, Mrs. Casper." I assured her. She handed me something that I was stunned after seeing what it is. "I can't accept this."

"You've been so good to my son the very first day you met him, that is just our way of thanking you for all that you've done."

I sigh heavily How can I refuse if I’ll be seeing and hearing this. "But, Mrs. Casper..."

"Please..." she pleads.

"You can't say no, Dr. Abstract Wrightwood." Someone said at my back. I turn around to look who is it and I saw the owner the the familiar voice I’ve heard. I didn’t guess wrong, it was from the rude older brother of Storm with his twin sister, Windy.

Windy automatically smiled at me "Yeah, you can't. Our family decided to give you a gift that you can use and here this is my gift as a congratulation gift for passing the board exam." She present and give the wrapped gift she prepared for me. I didn’t had a choice but to get it. I went the room again. "Tom, see you tomorrow. Listen to the nurse who will look after you today, okay?"

Storm glared at me. "Come here first." I went in front of him then his family came in. Storm signed me to come closer which I did yet I didn’t expect what he have done. He pulled me closer to him and kissed me. "Congratulations."

I am very stunned but when I regain my senses, I nodded. The reaction of his family wherein they’re all stunned of Storm’s action made it more awkward for me so I went out without bidding my farewell.

"Wait!" I was about to walk down the hallway to get out of the place already but this Flood was so fast that he was able to stop me. I turn around to face him. "My brother doesn't mean anything about that kiss." He said.

I looked at him straight from the eyes. "I know."

Flood pulled me and locked his two big hands on my waist. "And it isn’t a kiss anyway because this is a real kiss."

I cover his mouth and push away myself from him. "I'm not interested to know what is real and what is not. I have to go now; Mr. Flood Casper my family is waiting for me." I removed his hands that were holding my waist. Argh! What an annoying and pervert man, really! He’s getting on my nerves! I hurriedly came inside my car when I got to the parking lot and drive home. I can tolerate Storm’s actions since he’s a kid even though his actions are bothering me. It storms my mind then all of a sudden, his brother will come that seems like he wants to flood my brain from thinking of both of them however I shouldn’t have to waste my time thinking about those two because I have to go home safe.