Chapter 3 - Don't Escape, My Doctor!

When Julia Hill entered, Ian Wilson sat at his desk. He was looking at the resume she had delivered. The sun shining outside the floor-to-ceiling window illuminates his face, draw the outline of his beautiful face, and the faint lazy gesture reveals deadly elegance. .

He has always been like this, and the woman’s soul is taken away inadvertently.

Listening to her come in, Ian Wilson still did not look up. While looking at the resume, he said: “Miss Hill’s resume and education background are really excellent.”

Julia Hill has just finished her study for Ph.D. and her paper has won a lot of awards. Her clinical experience is very rich. These externalities can indeed be said to be very excellent. But it is just a little bit of irony from his mouth.

Julia Hill just hang her head without a word.

Ian Wilson threw her resume on the desk, naturally sitting in the office chair and crossing his fingers and looking at her: “But no matter how beautiful these looks are, they can only be appearance.”

There is an insinuation in that remark, but Julia Hill is still in silent.

Ian Wilson leaned back on the office chair, and his tone was as indifferent as the begining: “To tell the truth, you are really far away with my standard. But this is my brother’s hospital. He is optimistic about you and wants me to keep you again and again.”

His brother? Henry Wilson?

How small is the world.

“So, I can consider giving you another chance.” Ian Wilson is now like a high emperor, indeed, her future is now in his hands.

“Answer the questions that I asked you in the interview room until I am satisfied, you can stay.”

Which question? Why do you want to be a doctor? Or do you have medical ethics?

Not embarrassed enough for her in the interview room?

She approached his desk and took up her resume with a strong pretense of calmness: “Sorry, I do not meet your hospital’s requirements. I give up the qualification to apply for the job. Mr. Wilson can find someone else.”

But the resume just picked up by her, he grabbed it, resume fell directly to the ground with an inertial, a big sound, she has not slowed down, her wrists are tightly clamped.

“Ian Wilson, what are you doing?” Julia Hill shouted out loudly, her wrist hurt by his strength, and the more she struggled, the tighter he grasp, “You let me go!”

“What do you think I want to do?” His cold voice rang on her head. “You are just a candidate, employ you or not, that’s a hospital decision, when is it up to you?”

“Yes, I am just a candidate. You have the right not to hire me, but you have no right to humiliate me!” Julia Hill looked up and looked at his fire-catching eyes and shouted loudly, but this sentence obviously annoyed him. The strength in his hand is even greater.

“I don’t have the right?” Ian Wilson’s eyes are scarlet. “Your life is saved by me, you now say that I have no rights? Julia Hill, I tell you, in the world Ian Wilson, it has never been somewhere whatever you want to come or leave. Since you dare to go, I will let you pay the price. This is what you owe me six years ago!”

Julia Hill’s heart is like a drum, and he is being beaten by countless drums. Yes, she owes him.

Julia Hill also gave up the struggle, let him suffocate, let alone lick his wrist, even if she licked her neck, she will also let him pinch. Now that he gave her life, if he wants it she also can let him take it now!

When Julia Hill did not struggle, Ian Wilson actually felt more disgusted. His hand let go of her wrist. It might because that she was weak, the moment he let her fall, she fell to the ground.

“Hire you or not, the hospital will give you an answer after discussion.” Ian Wilson turned back, “Get out!”

Julia Hill was released, and left the Dean’s office at the fastest speed. Without a moment of delay, she ran out of the hospital all the way. She grabbed a taxi from a young man and drilled in. The voice of the guy outside the window blamed constantly. . But she couldn’t hear it. The whole person was soft. In fact, she had fantasized many times to imagine a reunion with him one day. She thought she can face it in a natural way, and she can bend the corner of the mouth he once most obsessed with, but she now find that she has burst into tears.

She closed her eyes, the past with him just like a movie, from beginning to end, repeatedly, again and again.

“Here you are, Miss.” The car stopped at the music tutored place of Rain. The driver reminded her,

when he turned back, he was shocked when he saw her tears. He couldn’t help but ask, “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, thank you.” Julia Hill wiped the tears and paid the money to get off the car.

The heart has been unable to calm down. She tried hard to recover, and she went to the bathroom to make up, for fear that she would let her daughter see it.

After Rain’s class, her godmother took her out with her.

“How about your interview?” Lian Yi asked, “You must have surprised all the examiners?”

Lian Yi was the only friend she made after she left Ian Wilson, who is straightforward and arrogant. She saw that she had taken the child is hard, so she recognized Rain to her daughter. She had helped her a lot in the past few years.

“Don’t mention it, I messed up.” Julia Hill took Rain from Lian Yi’s hand.

“True or false?” Lian Yi was shocked, “how can you mess up at your level?”

“Then Mommy, have you failed?” Rain was also full of frustration. “Can’t you enter the hospital you want to enter?”

When she saw Rain, she was particularly intolerant. She picked her up and smiled. “No, I heard that the Dean wants to leave me, there should be a turn.”

“Oh-oh.” Lian Yi hit her with a punch. “The dean said that he wants to keep you. This is the determined thing. You are still here pretend in front of me. Do you believe that I will kill you.”

This Julia Hill really can’t guarantee, what his assistant said is the truth. Stay or not, it is actually up to the man? Henry Wilson has never been able to do his brother’s master.

“Well, Rain, your mommy is about to become a doctor in a big hospital, you, finally, don’t have to suffer with her any more.”

“Mommy is great, Mommy is the best.”

Rain laughs so happy, but the more she understands Julia Hill, the more she feels more and more self- blame. These years, Rain really suffered a lot with her. At this moment, she suddenly feared that she would be rejected by the hospital, she was afraid to see Rain’s disappointing.

“Congratulations, Julia, the bitter life is over, today I am off duty, let’s go out and have a good celebration?”

“Okay, okay, I want to eat spicy crayfish!” said Rain very excitedly.

Julia Hill is still in a mess now, but there is no thought. Plus, this time, she has already worked hard to apply for the job.

“I am so tired, I just want to go back to sleep, Yiyi, you just said that you are off duty, right?”

“Well, I am fishing for big fish these few days, I don’t have to go to the magazine to be on duty.”

Lian Yi worked in the magazine, she is an entertainment reporter, to put it plainly, she is a paparazzi. And she was not interested in the big fish she said.

“Well, today, you will accompany Rain first, and I will pay all the expenses.” Julia Hill said with a sorry tone to Rain. “I’m sorry, baby, today Mommy is too tired, let your godmother take you first. Tomorrow, Mommy will take you to the playground, okay?”

“Well, Mommy, attention to rest, I will behave beautifully.”

Hill Hill laughed and gave a kiss on her face.

“Okay, there is no arrangement today, I can take care of the baby for a day, but if my big fish is hooked tomorrow, you have to help me.”

“No problem.” Julia Hill said.