Chapter 4 - Don't Escape, My Doctor!

On the second day, Julia Hill companies Rain to the amusement park for a fun day, after returning to the apartment to take a shower, Julia Hill begins to help Rain review her music tutoring these days, Rain seems to inherit her genes, she likes singing a lot. Julia Hill corrects a few wrong pronunciation of hers and then explaines to her again, the little Rain then nods and looks at her with worship. “Mommy, i heard that you used to have a band, since you are so good at singing, why not to be a star instead of being a doctor?” the little Rain asks with confusion. Why did you give up music and choose to be a doctor? These two days the little fellow askes the same question with Lan Wilson unexpectedly. Julia Hill then smiles:”because singing cannot save people’s life, only the doctor can.” “Oh.” the little Rain seems still in the haze:”then i want to be a famous singer so that i can help mommy to fufill your dream.” Hearing this, Julia Hill feels so warm in the heart, the little Rain is her angel, if it were not her, she didn’t know how she was going to survive all these six years. She then kisses her cheeks:”enough for today, it’s late now, you should sleep.” “En.” the little Rain then closes her eyes. The phone is ringing all of a sudden after she turns off the lights, it’s from Lian Yi, she sounds so excited on the other side of the phone. “Julia, my big fish has taken the bait, i give you the address, you come here to help me.” she really catchs the fish? She almost forgets about this thing, isn’t she another 18-line star? “You come here soon, it’s really a big fish this time.” Well, seems she has to go, because she already promised her yesterday. “Mommy, are you going to work as a spy again with my godmommy?” Julia Hill only smiles to her without giving explaination:”yes, sweetie, you go to sleep, mommy will back soon.” Lian Yi soon sends her the address, she then changes and takes her high-magnificated camera to go out.

After arriving into the destination, she looks for a long time before she sees Lian Yi who hides behind the flower waves at her furtively:”Julia, come here.” Julia Hill then walks to her and squats down, she sees a high-end private clubhouse nearby, outside the club, there’s many famous cars. The crystal chandeliers are fully open inside of the club, the neon and moonlight illuminate the whole building. “See, it’s international superstar Joely.” Lian Yi says so excitedly and then hands over the telescope to Julia Hill. Julia Hill then looks at the direction Lian Yi pointed to her, seeing a woman who sits in front of the window with a black dress, the cap on her head is pressured very low, her straight hair is naturally rolling between her cheeks, though she covers herself so well, Julia Hill still recognises her at once. It’s definately Joely, there’s a cup of coffee besides her, but she never takes it up, she keeps looking outside of the door while eyes on her watch, she seems is now waiting for someone. Julia Hill feels so surprised, she has been following shots with Lian Yi a long time, but most of the stars are 18-line, but today they really catch a big fish. “You know her background? Well, her father is the military commander, she never shoots kiss play, those bigwigs in this circle do not even have the qualifications to court her, but there’s some gossip that she has been married secretly for years.” Lian Yi keeps saying with excitement:”who has the lucky to have such a woman to keep her marriage secret for years? If this is exposed, it will be a astonishing news, then i will make more profits.” “You dare to find news on her, are you not afraid?” Julia Hill feels a bit worried. “Hum, it’s all for the life!” “But you paparazzi sometimes can be so bad to dig out news on her private life, there must be a reason for the hidden marriage.” Julia Hill said. “All right, enough justice talking here, come to watch it for me carefully.” “Here, she’s coming.” Lian Yi exclaims with excitement and takes up the camera. From a distance, a tall man walks into the club, Joely then stands up with a smile and walks to him, she naturally gives him a hug, the two then chats there, they seem so close with each other.

“Omg!” Lian Yi claps her hands while says:”she’s really get married secretly, omg, omg, i caught a big fish this time indeed!” Lian Yi watches on her moves with telescope while fixes her eyes on the charming man. “No wonder she’s the movie queen, although it’s only a figure, the special charm on him has already send out incisively and vividly.” The man who walks with Joely really is charming, only just a figure has already overwin the million. “Julia , stop dazing there, come to help me shoot some.” Julia Hill then takes up the camera to shoot, but she only gets to shoot the man’s back, and the pictures are all blur. “It would be nice to get a picture of his face, how about we go inside...” But suddenly Lian Yi keeps still there before she finishes her sentences, there’s more hand on her shoulder, the force is moderate, but it’s enough to hold her still. The man in black takes her camera over her shoulder and forces her to stand up, he clasps her arms from behind, Lian Yi now bends almost ninety degrees over her body, she then ask for forgiveness right away with smile. “Oh, easy, easy, my big brother, i do this only for living a life, please forgive me, you can have the camera, i promise there’s no backups, please let us go.” Julia Hill then realizes they have already been exposed, she then looks behind from Lian YI, it’s a tall man in black, he’s the bodyguard of that man, before she do any reactions, her body has already been lifted from ground by another man. But the two men ignore the begging of Lian yi, the man takes out the phone and dails out one number, after few seconds, the man then nods while says”yes, i get it.” “Our boss wants to see you two, let’s go!” the man said with cold tone, then they grabs Lian Yi and Julia Hill to the club. “My big brother, my big brother, please let us go, we’ll never do it again, please let us go...” Lian Yi once been exposed before too, but the worst thing is that her memory card was taken away and then been sweared hardly, the thing soon was over after she made the gaurantee, but today seems

things are not that easy. She now feels so scared. “Shut up!” the man said with a sharp voice. Lian Yi stops saying a word now, Julia Hill also stops struggling, they two are grabed into the VIP room of the club. The room is spacious, the lights inside are a bit dim, joely sits near the door, the man sits towards the door, he laps his legs naturally, but there’s a sense of suffocation on him which people cannot describe with words. “Boss, here they are.” the bodyguard then delivers the camera to the man. After seeing the face of the man, Julia Hill then feels stuffy in the heart, she cannot believe her eyes right now, how could it be him?