Chapter 7 - Don't Escape, My Doctor!

Did the leaders say something?Who? Ian Wilson or Henry Wilson ? It is impossible to be Ian Wilson, is not it? Julia Hill smiled awkwardly, then asked: "Mr. Gao, could you tell me where is president in now? " She should say thanks to Henry Wilson . “President is studying abroad and he will be back next month.” “Oh, thank you.” Put on suits, and Julia formally took office. New people, new things, and new environment, she expected everything would be all right. Julia Hill encouraged himself. Hospital work has always been intense and hurried, especially in surgery. It except for the first day of no substantive work, the next day officially into the intense work. She was so tired because of a series of car crashes. When she came out of the operating room ,it was in the early hours of the morning. There were several no incoming call on her cell phone. Julia took off his sterile clothes, and dragged his tired body to return a message to Lianyi. She did not go home tonight. Julia was so tired that she could not take a bath . She could sleep as soon as she closed her eyes, but then her phone jingled. It was not Lian yi , but a push message. “Wilson group entered in S and made the first entertainment media company in China with a huge amount of money.” Wilson group?Ian Wilson? He was running a media company, and going into the entertainment business? Yes . . . he did say that to her before. She wanted to be a singer before, so he promised her that he would build a agency for her, just for her. He really did six years later, but it was not for her anymore. It was for Qiao Li now. Thought of this, her clear eyes had some light, and then slowly became dim. she had been exhausted to the extreme, but now could not sleep. She made the dream about the man many times, the next day the alarm clock rang several times

before she woke up. She got a headache. She flushed her face and then went back to her office. The nurses gathered and watched her full of adoration. “Dr. Hill, how wonderful you are. You are so highly skilled and you are so young. You saved the patients who was hardly to die in that accident yesterday. You are so great.” “Yes, Dr. Hill, you are really great.” Julia Hill heard these words, and she also felt pleased. Although she was very tired, she also quite was a sense of achievement. “It was doctor’s responsibility. Do not be so dramatic.” Julia smiled slightly, "I was too tired yesterday, today was a little late. Could you help me for a while, I go to have breakfast . " “Well, go on. The work is so heavy that you can not without eating.” Julia went to the canteen to buy two dumplings and a bowl of gruel fast. When she entered her office, and she was told by the nurse: " Dr. Hill, Mr.Gao just found you. It seemed to be in a hurry . " So early? It must be urgent . Julia quickened his pace and could only run. She ran so fast, when turned a corner ,she knocked down a person, " bang . . . " The bowl fell on the ground, gruel scattered that person all over. “Oh, I am sorry. I am sorry!” Julia Hill really felt sorry, he was wearing a white shirt, and it has been wet. It can see the body inside and became looming. The short had changed beyond recognition, she wiped him unconsciously, but suddenly he grasped her hand on his chest . "Dr. Hill, you touch my chest in public. It would be not well. People may think you seduce me if they see. " The voice? Julia was shocked and then slowly looked up. Ian Wilson? It was just a matter of life. he just said I touched his chest?Seduce him? It was a normal thing . why he describe it so obscene? “Dr. Hill?” Uh...

Julia hurried to take his hand out. Her face turned red, and hastily hung down the head. “I am sorry, I was too bold to get your clothes dirty.”Julia was still in accordance with the rules, " how much, I pay . " Hear her say this, he smiled contemptuously, and walked directly around her, said: " Never mind, you should be careful. If you knocked others, it’s afraid to become such easy. " Then he walked away, Julia cursed him in the heart. She never thought of the man was really annoying. Why did she used to so obsessed for him? Julia cleaned up the mess, and then knocked into the office: "Mr. Gao, are you looking for me? " “Yes.” He said, " There is something very important. I want you to do . Come on, sit down . " Julia sat down , and Mr.Gao said, " Do you know Ian Wilson? " As soon as she heard this, Julia Hill clearly heard his heart beating, and as if it jumped out. Her hand that had just touched him was hot. Did he already know their relationship? “I... know. Julia Hill spoke a little shaky, " What is the problem? " “Ian Wilson had a serious car accident six years ago. Since President took over our hospital, his physical examination is done in our hospital these years. And it has special doctor to take charge of him, this arduous task is for you this year. You should know his identity, and he is also the president’s brother. You can not neglect . " Julia Hill breathed a sigh of relief when she knew he did not know their relationship. But then he heard what he said, she was nervous again. “is it inappropriate for me to take in charge of such an important patient? Could you change someone? I am a new guy. I am afraid... " “You are a new person in our hospital, but you are definitely not a new person in skill.” Mr. Gao said, "You must be absolutely competent. Do not refuse . " ... “All right.”Julia Hill can only say that , what can she say?