Chapter 6 - Don't Escape, My Doctor!

Lian Yi rushes to periodical office the next morning to do the confession, after all, the paper cannot cover the fire, the truth will come out someday. Julia Hill also feels anxious after Lian Yi left, Ian Wilson always means what he says, if the magazine office indeed is closed because of Lian Yi, then the consenquences will be severe. As for her, she might not be able to work in Guang Ming hospital, at first she planned to find a job and then saved some money to buy a small house on a down payment so that she and Rain will have a stable home, now all of her plans goes into bubble. “Little Rain, if mommy is not accepted by Guang Ming hospital this time, will you be disappointed with mommy?” The little Rain is now brushing her teeth, after hearing this, she then shakes her head and spit out the bubble in her mouth:”of course not, mommy is not only good at singing but also save people’s life, my classmates all admire mommy, so mommy should not look down upon yourself.” Julia Hill then smiles, maybe this is fine too, since the little Rain is now having her holiday, she planned at first to find her a aunt to take care of her, now seems it’s no need to hire a nanny. “Sweetie, brush your teeth quickly, then mommy takes you to go outside.” “Yes.” Julia Hill takes the little Rain to play outside a whole day again, Lian Yi calls her in the afternoon and cried. “What’s wrong? How’s the thing going there now now?” “I’m busted this time, Julia, i need comfort.” Lian Yi bursts into tears on the other side of the phone. “Okay, okay, okay.” Julia Hill cannot tell clearly through the phone, she then asks in a hurry:”where are you? I come to you now.” She then comes to Lian Yi with little Rain, Lian Yi holds Julia and cries the moment when she sees her. Actually Julia have already made a worst plan, if things get serious, she will beg Ian Wilson with a bare face, but... “What?” Julia Hill feels so surprised after hearing the words of Lian Yi:”you only got fired? So the magazine office is still on?”

“What do you mean i only got fired? I lost my job now, isn’t it serious?” ... So he really didn’t shut down the magazine office? But why? Is he really cut some slack on her? “Well, stop crying.” Julia Hill then says:”this is the best outcome, okay? If the magazine really got shut down because of you, the President would’ve killed you, it’s good for you too to lose your job as a paparazzi, it’s not a easy job after all.” “Are you really my friend? How can you say words like this?” “I’m saying this is because you are my good friend.” Julia then throws her a stare:”well, i might also not be able to work in Guang Ming hospital, i don’t have a job now too, we can go out to look for jobs together.” “My sister, how can i compare with you?” Lian Yi says with a sad look:”you are a medical doctor, even if you cannot get into Guang Ming hospital, there’s others waiting for you, but look at me, what have i got? I’m just a journalism graduates with poor grades from a thrid-rate school.” Julia Hill shrugs her shoulder hopelessly, seems Lian Yi knows her pretty well. Because Lian Yi is in bad mood, so Julia then takes her to a fancy meal. Eating is the only thing that can make Lian Yi feeling better. At the end of the meal, Lian Yi seems to remember something, she then asks:”well, about the secret husband of joely, seems you know him?” Hearing this, Julia then dazes there for a second, she then pretend to be calm and chews down the food in her mouth:”he’s the interviewer when i went to the hospital for the interview, he’s Ian Wilson, the President of Wilson Group, can say i know him.” Julia Hill don’t want anyone to know their past affairs including Lian Yi. Hearing this, Lian Yi then mutters:”wow, the President of Wilson Group, impressive! But since he’s President, how come he’s the interviewer of the hospital?” Julia Hill wants to ask the same, why was he in the hospital that day? She cannot understand... Three days later, Julia gets a phone call from Guang Ming hospital before she plans to send her resume to other hospital, she then gets numb after answering the call.

“Miss Hill, are you listening?” Julia then backs to her mind quickly:”yes, i’m here.” “Please report here at 8am tomorrow.” “Yes. Sure.” Julia still feels she’s in the dreaming, is she really admitted by Guang Ming hospital? How come Ian Wilson hire her? It’s so unbelievable! This comes so in a flash, she then holds high the little Rain:”my little Rain, mommy did it, mommy can work in Guang Ming hospital.” “Wow, momm’s brillant!” the little Rain also feels so excited, she then kisses on Julia’s face. “I’ve told you that you will surely get in, though you cannot look for jobs with me together, i still feel happy for you, Julia, finally you can start your own happy life.” Lian Yi says with excitement too:”take me to fancy meals again!” “Sure, i will treat you a good meal.” Julia says with a smile and then taps Lian Yi’s shoulder:”as the old saying goes, the new one never comes if the old one still is there, you’ll find a good job then.” “En.” Lian Yi then says with confidence:”i’m a tough girl, the more hardships i have, the more stronger i will be.” “Yes, my godmommy is the best!” Hearing this, Lian Yi then holds over the little Rain and kisses her:”little Rain, how can you be so cute? I love you so much.” Suddenly, she then thinks of something and says in a hurry:”aren’t you supposed to work tomorrow? how about i take care the little Rain this summer vocation? Then you don’t need to find her a nanny, after all i don’t have a job now.” “That will be great.” if she finds the little Rain a nanny, she still has concerns, now she don’t need to worry about the little Rain:”don’t worry, even if you cannot find a job, i can support you as well.” “Okay, it’s worthwhile for me to take good care of little Rain so long.” At the thought she will report in Guang Ming hospital, Julia feels so excited, she lost her sleep all night and waks up so early in the morning. “Don’t be late on your first day at work, mommy.” the little Rain warns Julia:”be good at work, mommy.”

“Don’t worry, mommy will not let my little Rain down.” she then kisses on the little Rain before she walks out of the room. She thinks the little Rain’s kiss would bring her good luck. After the makeups, Julia then takes the cab, they are lucky not to meet the traffic lights, so it’s kind smooth on the way to the hospital, after get there, she then tidies her clothes and finds the director Gao of the clinical department. Director Gao is a middle-ages man with medium stature, he looks nice. Julia then says polietly to him:”hello, director Gao, i’m a new one here. I’m Julia Hill.” Hearing the name, director Gao then takes a glance at her and feels a bit surprised:”you are Julia?” “Yes.” Director Gao is very nice man, he talks to Julia briefly about the situation about hospital and shows her around. “This is pretty much about the hospital, you check for the patients every Friday, as for the rest of time, you basically are in the emergency room and the operating room, if there’s other changes,you might also need to go outside to see the patients, so it’s actually a very tiresome work, but i’ve heard that you have more experiences in clinic, so i believe you can handle this.” It’s not so hard for Julia, she then replies:”yes, director Gao, i will work well.” “That will be the best.” then director Gao says again:”you are really lucky,you were about to be kicked out of the audit option, but someone asked to remain a place for you, that is why you are here.”