Chapter 8 - Don't Escape, My Doctor!

Julia Hill finally understood what was so called that what goes around comes around, the car accident happened in six years ago, he was hurt so serious to save her, she actually became his responsible doctor six years later.

Fine, she gave up music, and decided to learn medicine, was not for him? Is there a chance to treat him now, wasn’t it just fulfilling her wish?

She was afraid that he would not accept her as his responsible doctor.

Knowing that he was in the VIP room , Julia Hill just came to find him, he had changed clothes, he did have a personal charm, and his dark elegant casual clothes were also very charming.

Julia Hill compressed her mouth tightly. After a while, she said: "Mr. Wilson, this year, I am responsible for the medical examination of you in our hospital."

After she finished speaking, she did not wait for Ian Wilson to speak. She quickly added: "Of course, if you don't believe me or you have other doctors you want to use, you can tell me."

Ian Wilson looked at her, and the cold-looking eyesight made her heart tremble, one second, two seconds.

She didn't know what the man was thinking at the moment, and the coldness in his eyes was gradually deepening.

“When did it start?” Ian Wilson regained his eyesight. “I don't have much time.”

Ian Wilson had a lot of work every day. If not Henry Wilson called him every day, he would not waste

time here.

"Oh, okay." Julia Hill also quickly reacted, "We can start it right away."

In fact, Julia Hill wanted to know his current physical condition than anyone else. Since it was a physical examination, the more detailed it was, the better it would be, so that she can make a specific understanding.

“Have you eaten anything today?” Julia Hill asked. “There are some surgical tests that are required to be done on an empty stomach. Also, have you taken any medicine within 24 hours?”

Hearing this question, Ian Wilson seemed to have paused. It seemed that there was something he didn't want to tell her. Julia Hill said quickly: "Please don't lie to the doctor, otherwise it may affect the results of the medical examination, so you and I will be bothered by it."

"On an empty stomach, I took a sleeping pill last night." Ian Wilson simply said it, but this made Julia Hill suddenly stunned.

Sleeping pills? Was he taking sleeping pills now?

“Is there an influence?” Ian Wilson asked, the potential meaning was to stop here today if there was any influence.

"No." Julia Hill shook her head quickly. "There is not much influence, then let's get started. I will give you some simple check first."

Julia Hill took the stethoscope, and then she was some blushing, did not see his eyes, just muttered:

"I have to put my hand in."

Ian Wilson did not respond, Julia Hill took a stethoscope and put her hand in. Was this probably the closest distance to his heartbeat?

However, her heart felt like jumping out, but he was extremely calm, his heartbeat was very uniform, and there was no special fluctuation. If the appearance can deceive people, then this was the most real reaction?

After six years, she really wouldn’t let him have any special feeling. She’s like a stranger. No, it’s accurate to say that she's a stranger with his hatred.

Wasn't this the result you are satisfied with? Why are you sad here?

"It's all very good." Julia Hill stopped her own cranky thoughts, took the stethoscope out, and then said one sentence, "Thank you for the last time, if it is not for your help, Star Magazine can't still be existing ""

In this regard, Ian Wilson did only a faint explanation: "If you really want to thank, just thank for Qiaoqiao, she didn't want to cause a big matter, and she don't want to have any conflicts with these unscrupulous media. I just don't want to make her embarrassed."

Really unexpected words, Julia Hill wanted to slap herself, so why did she tell him that? Her mouth was really useless!

After that, Julia Hill took him to do various medical examinations. What he showed was the relationship between a doctor and a patient. There was no embarrassment at all, but it was her, the

disappointing heart jumped faster and faster.

Perhaps at the beginning, she was attracted by his cold, and then began to chase him crazy, she really did not know where the courage came from, and now, she did not even have the courage to look at him.

The medical examination had already been done halfway, and Ian Wilson was also very cooperative. Julia Hill took him to do the electrocardiogram. Before doing it, Julia Hill said: "Mr. Wilson, please take off your shirt, it will be more convenient."

But at this time his mobile phone rang, Ian Wilson went out to pick up a phone call, and finally returned in a hurry and said: "My company has something, today's finished."

After that, Ian Wilson turned and walked out, Julia Hill quickly chased her out: "The ECG is very important, it only takes a few minutes, it will be very fast."

"Don't Dr. Hill have heard my heart at a close distance just now?" He said something with ridiculous feeling.

Fuck, can the stethoscope be the same as the ECG?

"Sorry, I am really in a hurry." Ian Wilson finished, once again turned back, Julia Hill quickly asked: "When will Mr. Wilson have time again? The results will all come out this afternoon, about your physical condition, I also need to talk to you."

"I will contact you when I'm free." After Ian Wilson walked away, he took out his mobile phone, dialed a number, and hurriedly left as he spoke.

Julia Hill took a long breath, the feeling just now was really like that she was facing the enemy, and the breath was finally smooth now.

Julia Hill, Julia Hill, you really let yourself down, the patients who were in trouble, you can also calmly deal with, but when you met him, your heart became panicked.

In the afternoon, Ian Wilson’s inspection results had all come out. From a professional point of view, it was really unsatisfactory. The car accident six years ago caused heavy damage to his body. Many of them had been damaged and had not recovered yet.

Seeing this, she felt that she was all hurting, and she thought of something, she had quickly collected the test sheets and ran to the office of Dr. Gao.

"Dr. Gao, I would like to ask, is there a raw medical record of Ian Wilson’s six years ago car accident? I want to see it."

"His medical record should have been transferred.” Dr. Gao said, “You can get it directly from the medical record room.”

"Okay, thank you."

Julia Hill didn't waste a minute. She immediately took his original medical record from the medical record room. When she saw his injury, she felt like a giant wheel was rolling back and forth in her heart.

She now knew how serious he was hurt in the past. He really almost went to the heaven. It was really a miracle that he can survive.

Ian Wilson, six years ago, why were you so stupid? You can definitely avoid it, why can you save her life and even if lose your life?

When she thought that , Julia Hill’s heart hurt like a knife was piercing her heart, and she felt that she can’t breathe at all. Just then a little nurse passing by called her: “Doctor Hill, you can off work.”

Julia Hill quickly responded, and the nurse was shocked when she saw her face: "Doctor Hill, how are you crying?"