Chapter 5 - Don't Escape, My Doctor!

Ian Wilson ?! How could it be him? he was wearing a casual suit different with yesterday. He looked very cool and elegant. It was his looking in daily time? He held a cigarette , and the smoke came out from his mouth. It with a dim light flashed in front of his eyes and then disappeared. It made him a little more charming, but Did he begin to smoke? He never did before. Yeah, it has been six years. Six years was enough to change a person. At least, the biggest change was that he was still him, but no longer belonged to her. Ian Wilson was still very calm, and did not look up at her. He picked up a camera to look at a photo one by one. He showed the evil smile after a while, but the smile had been concealed fast. He looked up at Julia,and smiled : “Miss Hill, who was a nurse in white yesterday, but had become a paparazzi today. You are changing fast enough.” Qiaoli and Lianyi stunned when they heard it . Qiaoli asked, " Yichen, do you know each other? " “Yes.” Ian Wilson answered simply, and this answer let Julia Hill begin to be nervous immediately. “But not very well.” Ian Wilson explained it again. Not very well? It was true now, but Julia Hill still felt sad. She did never treat him as a stranger. Julia Hill did not dare to look up at him, but she still felt the man's cold eyes, as if it could beat her heart .. Julia Hill ’s heart beat fast, as he threw the camera on the coffee table. The loud sound was directly picked up her heart, and a large shadow over the heart. “Which company?” Ian Wilson asked, as if the sound was from thousands of meters under the ice, it was cold enough to freeze the bone. LianYi was too scared to speak . She knew she was in trouble this time. “Check it.” Ian Wilson gave an order to his subordinate standing next to him. “Star Magazine!” lian yi blurted out, the voice was shaking. She knew they were going to find out for a

few minutes, she had better say it herself. Now she was out of her breath, and repeatedly admitted her mistake, " Please, your forgive me, I will never do again . . . " It seemed Wilson did not hear her words, and he ordered LinWei angrily again. “I hope to hear the information that the magazine break down in one day.” “Yes.” “Mr Wilson, Miss Qiao, I am sorry, please forgive me this time . . . " Lian yi was so scared . If the magazine broke up because of her, she would must be unlucky. But he frowned impatiently to ignore her request . He got up and said to Qiaoli, " let’s go . " “OK.” Qiaoli answered and went with him. Ian Wilson galnced at Julia Hill , and he did not turn around. His smell suddenly came into her nose. It did not change. It was the same smell, but he was no longer warm. When they went out, Lianyi could not help crying, and clutched her hand in fear: "Julia, what shall we do? If magazine was closed because of me, the president would not forgive me. " Lian Yi cried so hard, she was really scared now. Julia Hill came to hersekf, and quickly chased out. “Wilson... Mr.Wilson” She did not know how to call him now, but he ignored her and went out. “Mr. Wilson!” Julia Hill spoke more loudly and pursued more steps. Ian Wilson stopped, turned around, and stared at her coldly . " Anything else? " Julia Hill's heartbeat became fast, but she tried to keep calm. She bowed to him: " Mr. Wilson, I’m sorry to offend you tonight. Please to be graceful to forgive us." Ian Wilson sighed codly, and his eyes covered with a frost. he walked step by step toward her. Julia Hill felt a sudden pause in the heart, she did not dare to look at his eyes. He came closely , she felt a sense of oppression. “Are you begging me?” “Yes . . ." Julia Hill heard herself tremulous voice. “Please forgive us this time. " Begging him?

She was really different from six years ago... The frost disappeared, it was only cold. He said sadly, " If you offend me today, perhaps I can forgive you. but you offend Qiaoli, then do not blame me for my cruelty . " It was very familiar. he said the same words to protect her before. Her heart was like being run over by a wheel. Six years later, he said the same words, except that she was no longer the one he defended. Qiaoli stunned, and the more was the surprise. Julia Hill stood here like a wax figure, and saw him turn around to hold Qiaoli and out of the club. His smell remained in the air. It was like a poppy to kill her. Julia Hill heard Lian Yi cried all night. In fact, she really did not feel sorry to her. Paparazzi was not a good job, but now she can not say it. “Don’t cry. We will find way to solve.” “What else? I must be doomed." Lian Yi was so loom, "sorry to implicate you . " implicate her? No. She was the person be implicated. “It is too late. You sleep here tonight and tomorrow find some ways.” The house was very small, it only had a room and a hall. Lian Yi only could sleep on the sofa. Julia Hill entered bedroom, but to her surprise, the little girl was lying on the bed. Her eyes blinked at her. “Did you failed as a spy?" She looked schadenfreude. “Yes.” Julia Hill was sad, " as you said . " Rain frowned. " I had told you it was not reliable to follow her. So you failed? You will suffer if you do not listen to the children . " Er...... “But don't be upset. There must be a way to solve.” she preached like an adult, and then lying in bed, closed her eyes. She looked like that man so much. Julia Hill smiled wryly and held her. It was too late, but when she closed the eyes, everything about the man was in her mind. How can she forget him. ..