Chapter 3 - Ex-husband, Please Respect Yourself

There were twenty days before her father was to be sentenced.She must raise money to bail out her father within 20 days. Otherwise, his father will be arrested.

investor ?

She hesitated in what Mr.Browne said.Pulling her cell phone out of her pocket, she found a familiar phone number in her address book.

She madeTyrone the first contact and noted "husband".He can be seen first.

But over the past three years, he has rarely called or texted her,She won't bother him unless it's important.

She dialed him and threw the cigarette in the closestool by the way .

She has just smoked and her voice is a bit hoarse,so she rinsed her mouth out to keep him from noticing.Otherwise he'll look terrible.

"Hello,who is that?"

The call was quickly put through.But it was a woman.She asked questions naturally and skillfully,as if he had received many such calls.Cathy was trembling.

"Hello?" the woman on the other end of the line asked again.

After having somewhat recovered her surprise,"Hello.Is Tyrone Raman in?"

"Tyrone Raman is having a meeting."The woman called out his name intimately, as if she was the hostess,"Would you mind telling me your name.Your name isn't in the address book.“

She hastily hung up the phone.Her hands were shaking so badly that the phone dropped.She picked it up but only to find that the screen was broken.Suddenly, she found herself crying in the broken screen of her phone.Endless sorrow.

They were married for three years.Three Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. They two are already like an old married couple, but he didn't put her cell phone number in his address book. How ridiculous!

Is it hard to put her in the address book?

And that woman!

Thinking of the conversition by telephone three minutes ago, Cathy Lawson felt her whole body went cold.

Tyrone was always indifferent. Does he cheat on her?But they signed a contract. If he did so, he would divorce without getting one penny.

Cathy always believes him ,but the woman on the other end of the line made her suspicious.

The small and unnoticed gap between them is growing.

Is it Sunday today?Will he be home today?Who cares?

After work at 5:30 PM, she drove to the supermarket to buy some fresh vegetables.

She is a very good cook ,just like her mother. But according to the contract, Tyrone comes home once a week.No matter how much thought is spent on him, it is in vain.

with time goes by,Cathy Lawson was too lazy to cook, if Tyrone Raman came back on the weekend ,they cook in turns.otherwise,she odered takeout online. only occasionally she is in a good mood will cook to have fun.

The mobile phone that puted in the sitting room was playing music, the voice was so loud that Cathy Lawson didn't hear the knock at all .Being busy with dealing with the small yellow croaker on cutting board .

"Oh my god!"

When she's dealing with the gills from fish,her finger got hurt,which is full of blood.

Someone approached and helped her with the wound.It is Tyrone Raman !He ran her fingers under the tap.The rushing water made her wound better. His warm hand reassured her.

" When you buy the fish, let someone cut it first."Tyrone said,and helped to dress the wound carefully.He looked very gentle now.

Cathy Lawson grumble in a whisper," Busy with shopping, I forgot it."