Chapter 4 - Ex-husband, Please Respect Yourself

Tyrone Raman rolled up his shirt sleeves, revealing his thin arms. "I'll do it tonight."

"Apron." Cathy Lawson stood on tiptoe hanging on the shelf apron to take it down, unfolded to his tie, "your shirt is white, oil will spill up which is not easy to wash."

Tyrone Raman looked at her, turned around, Cathy Lawson quickly put on apron him .

Because they both had chores to do, she had bought the apron a bigger size, though he was tall and it looked funny to wear it.

Cathy Lawson also didn't go out, lean on in the kitchen doorway looking at his busy figure, self- cultivation good man, even if do this kind of work still seem particularly pleasing to the eye, "Well, why are you back today?"

Although they made a promise when they married , unless Tyrone Raman is out of town on a business trip, otherwise every Sunday he must go home.But Cathy Lawson thought he came back yesterday, today should not come back.

Tyrone Raman did not look back, busy washing dishes: "today is Sunday."

"Oh." Cathy Lawson's eyes dimmed.

Sure enough, if it hadn't been for his contract, he wouldn't have come back even to his apartment, would he?

"Why did you call me this morning?" "Tyrone Raman asked, explaining by the way," the assistant answered the phone and said someone was looking for me.I looked through my phone and realized it

was you."


Which assistant will call her boss "Tyrone" such an intimate title?

"Just to know if you're coming back." That sentence "why you didn't deposit my number" ,Cathy Lawson still didn't ask him.Just hearing him front saying,she felt uncomfortable, turning round to go to the living room.

Cathy Lawson bored with twitter, watching for a while but very agitated, hand involuntarily point to open Google.

When she returned to her mind, she found that all her Google browsers were "why my husband doesn't store my number", or "my husband's assistant calls my husband intimately" and so on.

She couldn't help but look at a series of answers,"your husband cheated,and to be careful;quickly check the husband's phone to prepare evidence for divorce , at least can get more money". She smiled in the heart of sour.

At this moment, Tyrone Raman was carrying dish to come out from the kitchen, shouted : "come to have the meal." "Ok." Cathy Lawson hurriedly turned off her phone.

They eat has been quiet.Cathy Lawson frequently to see Tyrone Raman, eyes complex, but said nothing.

Tyrone Raman washed the dishes after the meal and then went back to the bedroom.

Recently, his work should be very busy, took a bath and go to the bed.When Cathy Lawson applied a facial mask back, Tyrone Raman has fallen asleep,turning his back to her. Cathy Lawson felt there was a mountain between them.

Cathy Lawson looked at his phone on the bedside table , stood there along while, finally did not resist, stealthily bring it. She had used Tyrone Raman's cellphone before for taking photos, so she knew the code.

After entering the password,Cathy Lawson casually looked through it, but it had nothing. Most of the emails were from work, and she could hardly understand them. When she turned to the text messages, she held her breath.

It was a read text message, the content of a few words: 【 Tyrone, thank you today, I will treat you a delicious meal, if I have time.】

Marian Johnson?

Is that the assistant's name? Or another woman?

Cathy Lawson also didn't know what’s his feeling when he saw this information. If it is not important information, Tyrone Raman would have deleted it. She turned off the phone, put it back on the bedside table.

Cathy Lawson looked at his broad back, couldn't help but reach out to hold his waist.

The next second both hands are gently pulled away, even he moved over there,seemed to deliberately distance himself from her.

Cathy Lawson felt uncomfortable because of him.

He wanted her endlessly last night. She can't even get a hug today.

Was there nothing between them but the paper and his physical needs?

Cathy Lawson thought, perhaps after father's matter she will put forward a divorce.

Four years was too long, and she was too tired to wait.

Cathy Lawson didn't know how to fall asleep, when she still had a little consciousness, she felt colic of the abdomen intermittently.