Chapter 5 - Ex-husband, Please Respect Yourself

Cathy knew it was a sign of menstruation. Tyrone had been by her side before,so subconsciously she wanted to ask him for help. "Tyrone, I have abdominal pain......."

She held out her hand and held nothing.

Cathy opened her eyes in a daze, which found empty side.Apparently the man had been left for a long time.There was a note on the bedside table.

"I have to go on a three-day business trip and now I have to catch a plane"

The handwriting like the man.Every word was neat,and each word was just in the right distance.

Cathy held the note tightly in her hand.She finally broke down. She lowered her head and began to cry quietly.

For three years ,she had spent countless days and nights alone.But she had never felt so sad.The piercing pain made her uncomfortable.

Besides, she caught a cold by accident.She felt so bad that she called the company to ask for leave.After the phone was turned off, she fell asleep under the covers.

Two days later, her cold went away and she felt much better.

Cathy climbed up to take a bath, and then dial the phone to Karen, " Karen,I need your help.."

Karen asked, "what's up?"

"Can you lend me some money?"Cathy knew she was not rich,her parents both were workers.It's not easy to support a family.But she was driven to the wall.

"It's for your father,right?"


The most famous judge of Chicago was arrested.The news was so overwhelming that no one didn't know about it.

"I need to work the night shift so I am not able to accompany with you."Karen said,"I can lend you $80,000. That's all I have."

"Sufficiently enough.I'll figure out the rest."Cathy choked,"You've done me a great service. I don't know how to appreciate it. "

"Come on.We are friends. And I know you."she smiled,"I have a translate job introduce to you. A guest needs a French interpreter,and I remember you know French.He's willing to pay you $100,000 a night. Would you like to try it?"

"A hundred thousand dollars?"This is a lifesaver for Cathy. What she needs most is money now."Sure. Please give me his contact information."

"But they are indulge in excessive drinking.Can you bear it?"

"Everything is OK.Do you remember when we drank at school?You should know how much I can drink."


After they ended the conversation,Karen sent a contact information.

Cathy dialed. Because Karen recommended her, so the other party agreed to hire her.They arranged to meet at the hotel at six in the evening, and she had to prepare clothes herself. Cathy took note carefully.

Costing three minutes to get the high-pay temporary job, Cathy just wanted to scream with joy.

Including borrowing and earning money, she can get a total of 180,000 dollars!

For the temporary work, Cathy was very cautious.She picked suitable clothes for a few hours. Time seems to have been stolen.It' s getting late so she hastily put on her make-up and ran out with her keys and bag. About ten minutes. The taxi arrived at the hotel.

Cathy simply said her cellphone number to the waiter, who knew which guest was in the room and he led her up the third floor, a long corridor covered with soft red carpet that made no sound.

There are only four people in the private room, and Cathy can judge which one is the leader at a glance, so she reached out her hand to him.

"Mr.Bruno, I am Cathy, the French translator."

"Oh, oh, here you are"Mr.Bruno was very pleased with her decent dress,which made her look attractive and charming.They shook hands.

Mr.Bruno introduced the people around them to Cathy briefly ,as well as today's negotiation meeting,which about the export of goods.Because the other party's representative was a Frenchman, so they asked for translation.