Chapter 5 - His Ex Wife

Anna's POV

"The NNB news informs you in today's episode about Zachary Scott Anderson, one of the dominating and powerful billionaires of New York. Scott Anderson, recently married to Anna Granger, was seen last night at a beach with a gorgeous hooker. Our sources say the woman is a waitress at the posh hotel where the new couple is now on their honeymoon. So, we would want to know what is the audience' opinion is concerning this sudden mishap. Text us on 9889 or call us on 7887. We await your response, has Scott been fair enough to his wife Anna or should we support the young woman whom Scot was seen hugging affectionately o-"

I shut down the TV, exasperated. Scott cannot do this! He loves me and only me, isn't that why he left that loser Yvonne?

I took my iPhone and dialled his number. It was already 8 in the morning and he was nowhere to be seen. I'd looked in the hotel gallery, the bar, the terrace, the beach but in vain.

"Yes?" he answered with a sleepy tone.

"Scott, where are you? I searched every nook and corner in here but you were no-"

"Anna just shut up! Eat something and I’m not coming home...I-"

"Are you drunk??"

"Me, uh...." he took a long pause and answered, "no, I don't, no drunk baby.." and started laughing stupidly. It only made my heart beat faster.

"Scott tell me, where are you? I'm coming right there," I said quickly.

"uhhh....Santagona bar? Hahahahahaha Santa owns a bar Aana!!"

I sighed in relief, I knew where that place was, "Okay, just stay right where you are, I'm coming," I said as I hung up.

30 minutes later

I opened the bar door to be acquainted with the heavy and foul smell of alcohol. Many drunkards lay on the floor, among which i saw Scott. He was lying on a chair in an exhausted posture.

I rushed to him as soon as i saw him, "Scott! Scott are you okay?" He reeked of liquor, i wonder how much of alcohol he consumed since last night.

He sighed and opened his eyes. He blinked a few times to adjust to the light. I bent down to his neck to pick him up and get back to the hotel but froze right that moment as he whispered in my ear, "Yvonne.."

Last night- Scott's Pov

We'd finished the dinner and i offered to drive her home though she refused coutless times but i'm glad i was obstinate enough; atleast we got to spend some more time.

"Did you like it tonight?" I said attempting to break the awkward silence filling the car.

Her head was still turned to the window but i could easily guess she was avoiding to see my face. "Mmh.." she answered. Women giving me silent treatment provoked me to do something i didn't want to do but i kept my calm and focused on the road ahead.

"Right here!" she said and we came to an aprupt halt. I looked around the deserted road but there was no single house to be seen.

"Where do you live?" I asked out of curiosity.

"None of your business," she said in a low tone, getting out of the car. Now, she was getting on my nerves.

I got out of the car and shouted, "It is my business darling, a gentleman always leaves his lady till the door," and I pulled her hand from behind causing her to fall into my mighty arms.

She seemed pissed off and annoyed, diverting her gaze from me without saying another word and tried to free herself. I clutched her hands tightly and her shoulders touched mine gently, I was taken aback to see such a beautiful face. Her lips seemed like strawberry that i had the sudden urge to kiss her wildly and i just forced my lips over hers with authority. But she was too shocked to answer to my kiss. I let my hand slide to her back pulling her closer and tried to merge my mouth into hers. She froze, unmoved and determined to not kiss back.

I pulled back and exasperated, yelled at her, "Kiss me back damn it!"

I ran a hand through my hair and pulled her back, closer than before but this time, she slapped me!

I was dumbfounded, it was out of anyone's imagination to do that to the mighty Zachary Scott Anderson.

"Who do you think you are Scott? A greek god everyone will be willing to obey? And how many times will you do that, how many times?! Answer me damn it!" she screamed as her eyes started to well up.

"Kia?..." I couldn't find any words.

She laughed a scornful laugh. "Got fooled, didn't you too? I knew from always that you preferred women with killer high heels and fake lashes, but who knew you might stoop that low for it? But then why did you marry me? What fascinated you about a plain Yvonne?"

"You're Yvonne?" I muttered, hardly believing those words.

"And i wonder what took you so long to recognize me, but well guessed that's me, Ex Mrs Scott Anderson and..." she stepped closer, "I'm not a whore Mr Anderson," she whispered and walked away in the dark, her shadow fading slowly and then vanished all at once.


External Pov

Location: Shining Inc.

"Is that Zachary Scott Anderson?" I asked in disbelief.

"Yes sir," Warren, my secretary answered.

I was beyond shocked, I had certainly heard about him being a lavish billionaire, but cheating on his wife on his honeymoon, you're something else Scott, I thought wickedly.

"Call this woman, if he can cheat on her with his wife on his honeymoon, then she has to be someone special, I want this woman," I said to Warren, thinking about what moves shall my new pawn deliver to help me destroy and erase my rival company, the Andersons'. There was a lot more to just destroying the Andersons, most of all I wanted Scott destroyed…

Welcome to the game Kia Laurence, I smirked.