Chapter 4 - His Ex Wife

Scott's Pov

"Would you like to go on a date with me?" I asked her. I couldn't hold my tongue knowing very well that i was being unfaithful to Anna but this gorgeous woman standing in front of me...was just so distracting.

I was used to being the honey girls hovered over like bees but her…she just didn't seem to fit in the ordinary category of girls. What drew me more to her like a moth to a flame was her voice, that same sweet voice that concealed suppressed emotions my Yvonne had.

She spontaneously looked up, her beautiful green-blue eyes showed surprise, and as i stared at that beautiful face of hers, I realized how incredibly gorgeous she was, her amazing features were just made to define beauty. I had decided, no matter what happens, I want her!

Kia's POV

I am astounded, so so much surprised, he's gotta be kidding me! I thought. If he wasn't aware, he just got married and is on a honeymoon with Anna.

This is bad, I can sense something worse....but maybe it is a sign that he still belongs to you, my self- conscience spoke and I was even more startled to know that she is also by his side. This couldn't be happening, this wasn't supposed to be happening, not after three lengthy years of my life, if he had to come, he could come back then, but now, it just won't be me he will be with, besides who would want the old plain Yvonne back...

I didn't even know what to answer, there he was, right in front of my eyes, looking as gorgeous as ever and here was i, debating my inner-self whether what to answer...finally, it took me a few minutes to judge my answer and i replied with a "yes".

He smiled that slight smile that made all girls go wild, and then left a little note on the table, leaving me with just as much difficulty as dilemma i had faced three years ago. I unfolded the little piece of paper as it read, "I'll be waiting for you at the beach tonight at 9."

There was no doubt now, Scott Zachery Anderson has remained a jerk and will always stay one no matter what, but this time, I pledge to change that, gone is all the love, all the affection that existed for him deep within me, just the way he took everything from me, I'll do the same to him, he should know that a woman is not just a stone he can crush beneath his powerful feet, he should be aware that Kia has a worth and is not a worthless zealot lover of his, and certainly not just an eco graduate Yvonne was.

At the beach, 9:20 pm

"I expected you to come late," he said as I made my way to the little classy table set on the slippery sand, decorated with sweet scented candles, beneath the moon and the stars and in front of the shiny blue dancing waves.

I wish i was impressed by all this but to account for my disappointment, it was just that i expected from him to offer that to his wife instead of dating another woman on the third month of his recent marriage.

"I'm 20 minutes late if you haven't noticed the time," I reminded him with an unaffected, casual tone.

"I wouldn't mind waiting for you, even if I had the last percent of hope about your showing up," he said admiring me as I sat across him, not giving him the time to pull my chair and giving me his killer looks while doing so, and expecting me to blush and all, but how much of a jerk could he be in one particular day?! I diverted my gaze from his face to the beach, how I ever wished when I was a teen to be with my Mr. Right one day, walking hand in hand on a cold night on the beach, beneath the stars...

"Would you have some champagne m'lady?" he smirked, showing the two neat glasses of wine to me. He ignited my anger and surprise at the same time, as much as that amused me, it annoyed me at the

same time. My hatred only scrambled up the ladder, which made feel weird as well.

"Haven't you just been freaking re-married?" I blurted out, exasperated, emphasizing on the word re.

His features tempted, then softened. He slowly said, "What happens in my life doesn't concern you sweetheart, besides i do what i want to, no one orders me around.."

Yeah right, I scoffed mentally, this guy is more amusing than a daily soap, I thought bitterly about how wily he was.

As each second passed by, I could feel my stomach twisting and turning, it was maybe nervousness because i was scared of Scott, in the similar way as i had been always scared of drug addicts once in my childhood as if they were going to tear me open, I wonder why, but i always felt vicious against them, and now, him..

We ate silently for a few moments, when he tried to make a conversation again, clearly trying to get in my pants. "I bet many men from Italy might have already told you this, but you're breathtakingly gorgeous my darling, Kia.."

"Thanks," I answered casually, and got back to munching the delicious pasta whilst observing the beautiful stars. These stars… my little companions who knew my reality, who had shared my sorrow the night I was pleading and crying and blaming myself for my bad luck that my ex-husband cheated on me. Suddenly i felt tears rolling down my cheeks.

I had not even realized when my eyes welled up and why i couldn't stop my treacherous tears from flowing. "Hey hey hey, are you okay darling?" Scott said approaching me. "Yes", I replied curtly before turning my head to the other side, avoiding his gaze at all cost.

All of sudden, I felt his strong, muscled arms wrapping around my skinny and slender shoulders giving me great comfort. "No," I protested against his firm grip over me, but he was stronger than me and shadowed over my little sitting figure, refusing to pull away.

I gave up trying eventually and rested my head on his rock-hard chest leaning in to comfort despite the fact that i will heavily regret this in the future, despite all the woes he has given me, despite the fact that i hate him, but again, there's a thin line between hatred and love..

Oh Scott, why do you always do this,

you are the peace of me,

I wish i didn't need..

If our love is tragedy, why are you my remedy,

If our love's insanity, why are you my clarity?