Chapter 7 - Life at the Top

Penelope’s voice was shrill and mean. At the same time, the hall was crowded with people as well. All of a sudden, Jasper became the center of everyone’s attention as they all set their curious eyes on him.

“This isn’t your home. Me being here has nothing to do with you. Please don’t bother me,” Jasper said with a frown on his face.

Penelope sneered coldly, “It’s true that it has nothing to do with me. I’m just worried that the two coins in your pocket are insufficient for you to pay the handling fees. How dare you come to trade stocks? What an embarrassment!” she exclaimed.

Right then, Richton White walked over as well.

After seeing Jasper’s card in Glory Jewellers that day, Richton pondered upon it for an entire day. How could a young man in his early 20s own up to ten million dollars in funds?

Therefore, that card did not belong to Jasper.

Some wealthy person must have asked Jasper to do him or her a favor.

Richton’s mind cleared after thinking about it that way. He felt much more at ease.

“Alright, Penelope. Why are you being calculative with a poor jerk who has never seen the outside world? My friend has already arranged things for us. We can go straight to the VIP room to open an account. A poor jerk like him may never even get the chance to see what a VIP room looks like in his entire life!”

Richton walked over and spoke to Penelope with a grin on his face.

A satisfied and superior glint flashed across Penelope’s gaze. “That’s right. You’re the best, Richton. You can enter the VIP room as you please while a poor jerk like him can only admire us,” she taunted him.

Penelope then sent a long, condescending glare at Jasper.

After they left, Wendy brought a middle-aged man over in a rush.

Once Wendy appeared, her gorgeous looks attracted the attention of everyone in the hall. Men and women of all ages alike had their eyes on her.

“I’m so sorry, Mr. Laine. I’m Harold Wood. My apologies for letting you wait.”

After hearing all about Jasper, the middle-aged man sprinted down at almost record speed. A high- profile client like Jasper was rare. If he managed to sign a contract with him, his work performance would be enhanced.

“It’s alright,” Jasper said.

Inside the private reception room.

“Mr. Laine, are you intending to trade crude oil futures? No problem, President Jackson has instructed us to give you the highest discount on the commission,” Harold told Jasper in a courteous tone.

“The account opening and agency fees will be fully waived. However, to facilitate the drafting of the contract, please tell me how much do you plan to invest and the leverage you intend to use,” he requested.

“12 million dollars. I want leverage of 50 times to turn that 12 million into 600 million dollars, which will be used as the operating funds. If the amount is too small, it’ll be a waste of time!”

The entire reception room fell into pin-drop silence after Jasper spoke.

“Mister… Mr. Laine, that’s way too risky!” Harold stuttered.

As the business manager of a securities company, Harold had seen plenty of astronomical figures. 600 million dollars was nothing much, but as a personal futures speculator, Jasper dared to use 12 million dollars to leverage 600 million dollars in funds. Harold would never dare to do so!

“High risks, high returns. Mr. Wood, are you afraid of accepting this offer?” Jasper asked, directing a meaningful smile toward him.

“Mr. Laine, we can accept your offer under one condition. You must deposit 12 million dollars into the account of the securities company in the full margin, and it cannot be transferred out until your futures account is cleared,” Harold said.

Jasper nodded. He smiled and extended his hand. “It’s a pleasure working with you,” he said.

Harold sighed in relief. He clasped Jasper’s hand with both of his hands. Harold, who was rather well known in the financial industry, set an inexplicable gaze on Jasper.

The young man before him was… unfathomable!

The signing of the contract proceeded quickly. Wendy finally found the chance to say something.

“Mr. Laine… Jasp, isn’t it too risky to do so?”

Wendy admired Jasper’s boldness. However, she was rather worried as well.

“I’m confident that I can do it.”

Jasper laughed and pointed to the seat opposite him. “Sit down. Although you’re my personal assistant, I’m not your boss. Let’s get along as friends,” he told her.

Wendy pursed her lips and smiled. The serious atmosphere of the reception room brightened immediately.

“I’m clear about my thoughts.”

Jasper pointed to his head.

“That’s why I only do things that I’m certain of. Once I’m sure of something, there’s no need to care about what others think. If it’s something that I don’t understand, I’ll never touch it,” he said.

Jasper said these words with the intention to help Wendy.

From the memories of his past life, he knew that Wendy was the daughter of a wealthy man. Her father, Dawson Schuler, was the richest man in the province. None of their classmates knew about this.

Jasper found out about it after the incident regarding Dawson Schuler happened.

Right now, Dawson Schuler was still the richest man in the province in name. However, the incident must have already occurred.

Almost half a year later, there would be news of the capital chain of Schuler Corporations being broken. The province’s richest man, Dawson Schuler, then committed suicide by jumping off a building!

Dawson Schuler went bankrupt because he entered the financial industry, which he was not familiar with at all despite having earned his fortune through textiles. Coincidentally, he encountered a financial crisis that caused billions upon billions of dollars to disappear in a flash.

After Dawson passed away, Wendy would be tormented by the loss.

She was the only classmate who had never looked down on him and was also the beautiful girl he had a crush on for the longest time. He wanted to try helping her in this lifetime so that things would not turn out the same way.

Wendy was a pure-hearted girl. She seemed to ponder upon something after listening to what he said. However, she did not say anything in response.

After signing the agreement and completing the fund transfer under Wendy’s operation, Jasper had 12 million dollars of funds available in his international futures account.

Jasper still had 1.6 million dollars left in his account, which he used to open a domestic trading account.

It would take a few days for the crude oil market to spark up. During this period of time, he could seize the opportunity of the rising domestic stock market to make a fortune by purchasing a few well-known odd stocks.

Since this year was the millennium year, the domestic stock market would rise in a stable manner up till 2008. If he was not too unlucky during this period of time, he would be able to obtain long-term earnings with some stocks in hand.

In the midst of all this, a lot of investors had been blinded by a few renowned odd stocks. Some people took this opportunity and rose up to wealth whereas a majority of them could only look at the rising prices of these odd stocks in dismay.

Since Jasper had the chance to be reborn, he did not want to miss out on a chance like this.

“Do you have any private savings?”

Jasper suddenly asked Wendy after creating his domestic trading account.

Wendy was stunned. “I’ve saved up more than 200,000 dollars,” she said awkwardly.

During times like this, it was a remarkable feat for Wendy to save up 200,000 dollars. However, this was nothing much given her family background.

“Let’s earn some money together,” Jasper said, convincing her to open an account as well.

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