Chapter 8 - Life at the Top

Although Wendy Schuler did not understand the stock market, she had heard of it and was eager to try. She hesitated a little but chose to trust Jasper and immediately went to open an account.

“Tangent Technology, Cain Industry, and Phoenix Pharmaceutical. These three stocks.”

With such a beautiful personal assistant as Wendy, Jasper certainly did not bother to do it himself. After the names were given out, Wendy opened the accounts for these three stocks separately.

In his past life, these three were the most bullish stocks during this period!

“How do we buy it?” Wendy asked.

The 1.8 million in cash was lying in wait in the account she operated. It was an indisputably large amount of money in this era.

However, Wendy was not nervous. After all, as the daughter of the richest man in the province, she saw money more than others would play with Lego blocks.

However, Jasper’s next words stunned Wendy.

“All in!”

“All… Invest everything?” Wendy said in shock.

Although this was the first time that she had personally traded stocks, she did not lack theoretical knowledge as she studied finance in university. It was the first time that she saw someone being so ruthless. Once an account was opened, more than one million funds would enter the market directly.

Was this arrogance or madness?

“Yes! Trust me, do it now! Place a market order!”

Jasper frowned as he said, not allowing any questioning from Wendy.

Seeing Jasper’s serious expression, Wendy did not say anymore but immediately did as Jasper instructed.

She put in a pending order, and in the next second, the transaction was completed.

Seeing the available funds in the account turning into a single digit, the software also prompted that the order was too heavy and the risk was too high. Wendy breathed a sigh of relief.

“Let’s head to the digital mall later. We’ll each get a computer for office use,” Jasper suddenly said.

Whether dabbling in futures or the stock market, a computer was essential. It was not possible for him to go to the securities company to trade every day.

“Okay, should we go now?” Wendy nodded and got up.

“Hold on.”

Jasper shook his head. “Wait until we earn the money to buy the computer.”

Wendy was oblivious and looked at Jasper suspiciously, but she saw that the latter was looking at the computer with a smile on his face.

Right after Jasper entered the market, the stock price of Phoenix Pharmaceutical suffered a fluctuation and fell instead of rising.

Everyone, including Wendy, was a little startled to see this scene.

Jasper was so confident to trade everything he had into the stocks, and they actually did not rise but fell?

Seeing the stock price falling, Wendy could not help but say, “Jasp, did you make a mistake?”

She uttered out what everyone else was thinking.

Everyone looked at Jasper with scorching eyes, many of them gloating.

Wendy was worried that Jasper would lose his dignity and become angry, so she was thinking about how to turn the situation around.

“I might have read it wrong before, but this time, I won’t!” Jasper said calmly.

Just as Jasper uttered those words, everyone had no time to react yet.

Suddenly, a thick line appeared like a dragon emerging from the sea. In a situation where everyone was unprepared, the stock price of Phoenix Pharmaceutical directly soared toward the sky.

It directly hit the daily limit!

It really… went up? It reached the limit too?

Within five minutes, while talking and laughing, they earned more than 100,000!


Next to him, Harold Wood, who was watching the whole time, was dumbfounded and spat out words of admiration.

“Is there really anyone in this world who can tell fortunes?”

Wendy looked at Jasper who was surrounded by the admiring crowd and looked at her own account that had already made more than 20,000 in profit. She could only find it unbelievable.

For someone of her background, more than 20,000 was really nothing.

However, it must also be known that this amount was earned in a few minutes just because of Jasper’s words.

Was there an easier way to make money in this world?

No wonder her father was so obsessed with entering the financial field…

Wendy frowned and peeked at Jasper. If he was so capable, he might be able to help her father who was already in trouble!

At this time at the same securities company, Penelope and Richton’s faces turned pale.

Looking at the K-line diagram in front of them and then at the funds, there was a total of 770,000.

This was the money her mother Susan got when she mortgaged the house.

However, in just a few minutes, they lost 10% from the 770,000!

“It stopped trading!”

Richton’s face was very unpleasant.

To be honest, in order to get Penelope, he sincerely intended to earn some money for her.

However, the stock market was unpredictable and no one could guarantee a steady profit.

To be on the safe side, Richton chose a stock that he had observed for a long time. Although it was unlikely to rise sharply, the advantage was also that it was unlikely to lose money.

However, misfortune struck. As soon as Penelope entered, the stock immediately fell to a rock bottom position and did not move since then.

“That’s 77,000 gone?”

Penelope stared at the screen blankly, unable to accept it.

“Alas, the stock market is like this. The risk is also very high, but this is only the profit and loss of the current position. If it rises in the future, we can still recover the losses,” Richton said.

However, Penelope had no ears for his explanation. The 770,000 was the money she had gotten by mortgaging her house. She thought that she could make a fortune, but now, she had lost one-tenth of it right at the start.

At this moment, an announcement appeared… The stocks that Penelope bought were suspended because of a major violation!

It was hard to say when trading would resume for this suspension. Besides, even if the market reopened, the stock price would at least be cut in half due to such massive negative news.

Penelope’s face went pale.

She dared not imagine how her brother and mother would react if they found out about this incident.

With clammy hands and feet, Penelope suddenly panicked.

After earning 110,000, Jasper was very happy. Under Harold’s starry gaze, he left the securities company and took Wendy to the nearby digital city.

He chose two of the latest laptops and spent more than 30,000. It was a lot of money, but for Jasper, it was nothing.

After buying the computers, Jasper and Wendy went to a nearby cafe together.

In the year 2000, in addition to this place being in the county, it was far from the developed entertainment venues of later generations. This cafe was already considered a trendier location.

Wendy glanced at the computer next to Jasper that was exactly the same model but in a different color and said, “Thank you for the computer.”

Jasper smiled and said, “It’s also for the convenience of office use.”

Wendy looked at Jasper ardently and said, “How did you do it? Why do the stocks you take a fancy to rise so soon and by so much?”

Naturally, Jasper could not tell Wendy that he had been reborn and that everything was in his memory, so he just said lightly, “Through more observation, I guess. I usually like to watch the news, plus talent, hard work, and a little luck.”

Wendy continued, “There’s something I’d like to ask for your help.”

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