Chapter 8 - Love Him in the Living Hell

In the presence of so many people, Ethan's words are almost like bullets. It hits Grace's heart with riddled holes.

When she saw the smugness in the eyes of Bella and the anger of Ethan, Grace smiled ironically.

"Yes, you don't want to be with me now, but I never lack the person who has sex with me. Ethan, do you think that I really love you so much? Actually, I just lied to you. I just want to be pregnant with your child. This is enough. When I care about you, whatever you say is right, but now I don't care about you, no matter what you say, I won't care!"


Grace's face was slapped severely , which almost deflected her face.

But she just looked at them with red eyes, no tears.

"Even if you kill me, I will only say this! Ethan, you really can't deserve my love!"

The woman looked at him fearlessly, and her white face had scarlet marks, which made her skin look very white.

Ethan bit his teeth angrily: "Great! Great! Grace, you are really good! Do you think that I am nothing? Now I will let you know, in front of you, in this land, what I am. "

He looked down at the woman on the bed and slowly said:"Everyone is here, I will let you know what is the best woman. When Grace had sex in bed, her voice was very pleased! ”

He snorted.

He turned and left.

Bella was amazed, but she almost laughed loudly.

But Grace in bed was already scared.

"What do you want? ! Ethan, what do you want! You can't do this! No, no..."

The screams of woman and the celebration sound of man came from the house.

Ethan wants to violently kill someone in the hotel corridor outside the door.

This damn woman, this damn woman!

"Ethan~ you really want to do that? Sister, she just likes to play a little, but this ..."

She comforted him on the surface, but she was very happy in her mind. Grace is a slut, and now she was raped. She can no longer make waves in the future, and Ethan will never love her again...

However, she had just finished speaking, there was a loud noise from the room behind her.

It was the sound of broken glass.

The expression on Ethan's face suddenly became tense, and he rushed into the room.

What he saw was a scene that shocked him.

The woman curled up under the window, and the sheets wrapped in her body were torn. She had glass fragments in her hand, and the sharp end of the glass was facing her neck. Her white skin has been punctured, and the blood slowly flows out.

"If you dare to take another step, I will kill myself!"

"If you want to die with me, just come."

Grace glared with red eyes.

Her fierce look is daunting, but also... let others’ heart sour.

"All move back and get out of here." Ethan looked at Grace in the corner without feelings and let his subordinates leave.

He frowned and wanted to get close to Grace.

However, Grace seems to have been greatly stimulated. Her hands were holding the glass fragments tightly and did not dare to loosen.

She was very afraid of what Ethan will do to her.

When Ethan saw this situation, there was an inexplicable irritability in his heart.


He did not know.

But he knew that now he can't get closer to Grace. This made him very annoyed.



His back of the head was hit with a heavy punch.

They didn't know when Leo Austin woke up from the bed. When he opened his eyes, he saw Grace shrinking in the corner and Ethan standing in front of her. So he made a heavy punch against Ethan.

Unfortunately, he had no strength because of the medicine and. He had not touched a hair of Ethan, and Ethan turned and grabbed his hand and pressed him to the ground.

The two men immediately wrestled together.

"Enough! Stop it!"

After a long time, Grace began to talk slowly.

But both of them were like crazy people, they were madly hitting each other with their fists.

"Enough! Stop it!" Grace shouted loudly and threw the glass fragments on the ground. Her scarlet eyes

looked at Ethan, who had just stopped. she licked her lips and seemed to use all her strength to shout: "Ethan, I want divorce."