Chapter 7 - Love Him in the Living Hell

Grace looked up and saw it was the servant who often sent meals.

That time it was a bit different. The servant handed over a note after putting down the plate.

Grace were surprised, but she was relieved after saw the contents when she unfolded.

It was Leo Austin. He knew that she was imprisoned in Davis family, then he was coming to save her. It was great.

Until the evening, when the servant brought dinner again, Grace quietly hid a sharp weapon. She threatened the servant dragging her into her room and quickly tied her tightly with the sheets that had been prepared. Finally tied the servant to the cabinet.

She changed into her servant's clothes.

She rushed out with a plate in her hand. Fortunately, no one found the whole villa. Grace was relieved. When she ran to the door, she saw a car with the door opening and got in without hesitation.

She rushed into and shouted happily, "Leo..."

But before she could see other's face, her nose was suddenly covered. She lost consciousness immediately.


Grace were shivering with cold and biting water coming down from her head.


It's so cold.

But when she opened her eyes, it was the dazzling light. There were dozens of eyes looking at her. While it was Ethan and Bella who stood at the end of the bed and stared at her.


Hotel room?!

Grace was shocked, when she turned her head. She was naked and lay in bed with another unfamiliar man. She immediately grabbed the blanket on her body and hid her exposed body.

"No, it's not..."

"I don't know him..."

"No? Take a good look at this man again. Do you know him or not?'

Ethan turned the other person's face upside down in anger.

Grace was frightened when she could see who the man was.

"Austin, how could it be him?!"


"I won't be with Leo Austin. We are innocent."

Grace, kneeling on the bed and climbing to the end of the bed, she firmly grasped Ethan: "Ethan, believe me, I have nothing to do with Leo Austin."

Bella grabbed tightly on Ethan's sleeve. She flashed a trace of anger on her frail face: "Sister, you have even given birth to a baby!" Now that all the facts are in front of you, don't be so cunning. You're talking about loving Ethan. Now, what else can you explain?'

Bella seemed to flash great indignation on a sad and pitiful face. She tightly drew her lips and threw the picture in front of Grace.

"Sister, I didn't want to take out these pictures, but I really can't see you cheating on Ethan all the time! You've made me what I am and you've made Ethan shampoo. You're now... What's more... More shameless! I really hate it. How could I have such a sister like you?

The pictures fall in a sprinkling manner, paving the whole bed, and almost every picture was full of lust and lustful taste.

Every photo showed the woman with the same face as Grace, wantonly having fun with all kinds of men.

Even the faint dental print on the chest was the same.

Ethan's face was as dark as the bottom of the pot, wandering on the edge of the outbreak.

He wanted to kill this woman at that time!

"Is that what you mean by guarding for Leo's? Is that what you said you were devoted to him? Grace, how many lies you still keep. Did this tooth print be bitten by these men? Are there more such marks on you?"