Chapter 8 - Love in full bloom

Mo Qinyu didn’t expect that Qin Yichen would choose this way to handle the thing.

It didn’t mean that she could be bullied by an intern. However, it’s the first day to work, she didn’t want to make too big movement, that would be bad for her.

“Boss, ask her to apologize to me, the matter passed, Okay?”

“Ok, I apologize, sorry Mo Qinyu, sorry !” Zhang Yan was so frightened that she trembled all over and repeated it again and again.

A trace of blood-thirsty light flashed in Qin Yichen’s eyes, he leaned forward lightly with his charming thin lips closing her ears,” Qins' rules: courtesy demands reciprocity. Do you want to break it?”

Low voice came from his mouth, but it seemed to become cold the moment it through my ears, as if it had frozen his warm breath.

“I just...” Mo Qinyu wanted to explain, but later, she closed her mouth under his sharp eyes.

“Finn, pour hot water, 100 degrees, it can’t be lower than it!” after his order, Finn began heating up the water, until the screen showed that the temperature had reached 100 degrees, he finally took some hot water from it.

Zhang Yan hugged Pang Xiaofan’s legs, trembling all over like a withered leaf that was blown off by the wind.” Save me, Fan, save me...”

Pang Xiaofan was also scared now. Although Qin Yichen was born cold and indifferent, he still treated her gentle because her mom and aunt Chu were good friends. He never behaved like this.

Did he protect Mo Qinyu?

He was forced to marry her, he had no emotion to her, why did he protect her?

“Zhang Yan, let me go, you have to deal with your own business. I have to go back for work.”

She had to protect herself in the critical time. And she didn’t want to be burned by the hot water later.

However, Zhang Yan seized her tightly and never loosed her,” Finn, I did that just for you! You said Boss is your...”

Before she finished speaking, she was interrupted by Pang Xiaofan’s loud voice,” enough! I know you are not accustomed to her attitude that be arrogant to seniors, bullied others and disrespect to workmates. However, she is totally different with us, she came from countryside, how did she know the propriety? You are lowing yourself by any disputes.”

Her words were full of thorns to Mo Qinyu, she humiliated Mo QInyu, but for Zhang Yan, she was help her, then Zhang Yan nodded desperately,” I see, it’s my fault, even if she scolded, I should stand her. I am too young to control my behavior, I am too impulsive.”

Mo Qinyu was angry now, she thought if she stepped back, they would stop now, however, they became further intensified.

She reached out her hand and grabbed the cup.

Qin Yichen showed a cold smile on her face, just waiting for her to pour it down , however, she didn’t

do that and kept that moment for a while, as if she had pressed the pause button.

“Don’t dawdle, either splash it, either quit yourself!” the low voice is full of impatience and menace.

Mo qinyu peered at him , finding that there was a sense of scorns in his eyes, as if he was despising her cowardice.

Her fingers were tighten , then loosed it.

“I don’t want to dirty my hands, I’m’s not proper, how do you think so ?”

Qin Yichen sneered, then his cold eyes flashed in the light and an indescribable look appeared in his eyes.

He gestured Finn with his eyes. Finn understood him and grabbed the cup beside Mo Qinyu.

Seeing this, Pang Xiaofan kicked Zhang Yan off and wanted to escape. However, Finn didn’t give her chance, his movement was quick and fierce.

A cup of hot water splashed both of them at the same time.

Two screams came out from the tea room.

Zhang Yan screamed and burst into tears.

Pang Xiaofan rushed out hurriedly, like a bereaved dag.

She had to see a doctor now before she got scarred.

Qin Yichen was expressionless now, as if nothing happened, then he walked outside straightly. He didn’t want to protect Mo Qinyu, but protected the face of Qin family.

You must know the master before beating a dog.

Mo Qinyu carried Qin family’s banner now. Even if she was useless and he hated her much, Qin family was the only one to punish her. It’s not for outsiders.

Hitting her face is hitting Qin family’s face.

Mo Qinyu had already realized his meaning.

Lowering her head, she followed him out. Her arms were still burning pain now.

Not far away, a pair of eyes were peeping at the scene secretly.

A subtle smile came into her mouth.

Pang Xiaofan was punished , she deserved it!

She had a burn cream now, it was a godsend.

If she came to them now, she would get president’s good impression.

“ hello, your arm blister, it’s useless to flush the cold water. Here is burn cream, use it, don’t get

scarred.” she rushed to them and gave it to her.

Mo Qinyu felt so lucky,” thank you, which department are you from?”

“I’m an intern in the personnel department. My name is Guo Lulu.” said that, she greeted to Qin Yichen politely, then left.

She needn’t to stay there, or she would be regard to flatter the boss. She believed that Qin Yichen had remembered her.

After wiping the burn cream, she felt better.

“Come to my office.” Qin Yichen didn’t look back, just leaving a sentence.

It was apparently to Mo Qinyu.

She was nervous now, just afraid that Qin Yichen would give her a lesson.

She was amazed at the size of the president’s office.

JVLear was only a division of Dijue company, so Qin Yichen didn’t come here fluently, only once a week.

He sat on the chair and stared at her with sarcastic eyesight.

“ aren’t you born with thorns? Why were you frightened?”

“ I was not frightened, I was just low-key. As a new people here who hasn’t passed the probationary period, fighting with my workmates just entered the company would cause bad influence to me, morever, Zhang Yan is only a hatchet man, the mastermind is Pang Xiaofan, she is my boss, if I settle accounts with her, I would be censured by others. The best way to beat her is climbing higher than her and being her boss.” Mo Qinyu said solemnly.

“ Excuses.” Qin Yichen lifted his lips with a half smile.

The silly woman’s brain wasn’t completely rusty, she still had a little smart.

“ Whatever, I just tell out my thoughts from my bottom heart.” Mo Qinyu murmured.

Qin Yichen sharpened his eyes suddenly and became strict then,” don’t forget Qin family’s rules, a woman who always lost Qin family’s face won’t stay long in my family.”

“I see.” she nodded lightly with an air of resignation.

She found that the man was indeed indifferent and had no compassion. He wouldn’t send out warmth , so he must be the devil from hell in his precious life.

It was a woman’s sorrow to have such a husband as Qin Yichen.

“Go out!” Qin Yichen put his eyes on the computer screen and didn’t see her any more.

She pressed her lips but didn’t move, then asked him extremely careful.” why did you hire Pang Xiaofan even if you didn’t want to be pestered by Pang Xiaofan?”