Chapter 7 - Love in full bloom

The next morning, Mo Qinyu went to the tea room to make coffee. Zhangyan and Pang Xiaofan followed her.

“ Fan, your civet coffee is deserves to be the best of coffee.” Zhangyan said deliberately.

“Of course, ordinary people can not afford it. The poor can only drink instant coffee.” Pang Xiaofan said while peering at Mo Qinyu.

Mo Qinyu was about to making the bag of instant coffee in her hand.

She didn’t ask much for coffee, only if it could refresh.

Seeing her still keep motionless, Pang Xiaofan walked to her, “Mo Qinyu, do you want me to share you some coffee beans with you?”

“No, thanks.” Mo Qinyu declined, she knew clearly that Pang Xiaofan wanted to find faults in her.

“Okay, if I share you some beans, you don’t know how to make it, and you will waste them.” Pang Xiaofan scoffed.

Mo Qinyu was calm now, she stirred the coffee of her cup,”I can’t stand the faeces that came out from a cat.”

“You, You such a bumpkin from countryside! You know nothing! Rude and ridiculous!” Zhangyan stared at her viciously.

“ Isn’t it just a matter of feeding coffee beans to the cat ,then picking out he beans from cat’s poop and

selling them to people? Shouldn’t it call faeces when it was pulled out from a fart?” Mo Qinyu said slowly.

Hearing her words, Zhangyan felt disgusting herself.

“Mo Qinyu, you are a newer here, don’t you know how to respect the predecessor?”

“I only tell out the fact, and I didn’t disrespect my predecessor, if you don’t trust me, you can search it from the Internet.” Mo Qinyu shrugged and then took the coffee to drink.

A gloomy sense flashed in Pang Xiaofan’s eyes, she pushed Zhangyan from her behind. Zhangyan understood her and then walked to Mo Qinyu to push her violently.

Hot coffee was poured out. Although she had loosen the cup on time, her arm was still scalded.

Her white skin became red immediately with some blisters appearing on it. The burning pain was like to tear her skin.

“ Are you crazy?” she quickly turned on the tap and flushed the wound with cold water.

“ This is only a small lesson to you. In design department, Fan had the highest position except the director. If you disrespect to Fan, you are fight against to the whole department.”

Zhangyan and Pang Xiaofan looked at each other. Her tone was sharp and mean without any sense of guilty.

They didn’t know that Qin Yichen passed by this moment, and saw the scene.

Flushing for a moment, the pain hadn’t abated, she had to buy a burn cream later.

Pang Xiaofan was complacent and pleased with the scene.

If this cup of coffee was poured to her face, that would be better. Ruined her appearance, she couldn’t seduce Qin Yichen any more.

Mo Qinyu turned off the tap and picked up the cup on the carpet.

She didn’t say anything but turned around to leave.

Two against one, she was in the losing side.

However, she hit at a solid flesh wall when she walked at the door. Raising her head, she saw a handsome and frozen face of Qin Yichen, she was too scared that she stepped back two paces” Qin...Qin....”

She nearly shouted out his name, but later, she turned her tongue into a vague “ Qin boss!”

Pang Xiaofan was shocked, she didn’t expect that Qin Yichen would appear.

He was not alone, there was a very handsome man fowlling him, his special assistant, Finn.

“ Yichen!” Pang Xiaofan smiled brightly and then called him affectionately.

Qin Yichen didn’t respond her, but stared at Mo Qinyu’s red arm,” What’s wrong with your arm?”

“ It was burned” Mo Qinyu said cautiously.

“ Who did it?” he frowns lightly.

Mo Qinyu lowered her head. She didn’t know if she should tell the truth this moment.

“Say!” Qin Yichen said with a hint of impatience.

She swallowed, then raised her head to look up him. He was expressionless now, with a pair of dark eyes just like an ancient Well of two thousand years, which couldn’t see the bottom.

“ It’s...” the moment she opened her mouth, Zhangyan grabbed the words,” it’s her burned herself. She was arrogant just now. She insulted Fan and said Fan drink cat’s shit. She was not humble any more.”

She thought she would impress Qin Yinchen.

Pang Xiaofan was his girlfriend, if she helped Pang Xiaofan, he would agree with her behavior.

Pang Xiaofan showed an aggrieved look,” Zhangyan, don’t say it. It doesn’t matter, i won’t care about that.”

Qin Yichen’s eyes became cold suddenly,” I hate lies most.”

Zhangyan’s face turned to pale immediately.

Pang xiaofan this ace didn’t seem to be useful as she expected.

“ tell the truth quickly, don’t waste time! Do you want to get the surveillance video out from the security department?” Finn said behind.

Seeing this, Mo Qinyu knew that he had known all about the thing, he was pretending now.

“ Boss, there's nothing for me. It’s a little late now, I have to go back for working.”

She didn’t to want to make it worse, she was just a new people here after all, moreover, she was also be isolated, it would be better for her to low profile.

She only took a step forward and then was yanked back by Qin Yichen.” give you three minutes, speak out the people, or you can quit now.”

His voice was light , but the meaning was very head as lead.

She shuddered, wasn’t he looking for a reason to fire her?

No! She couldn’t give him the chance.

“’s her!” she pointed to Zhangyan. She couldn’t think too much in order to keep her job.

“No, it’s not me, you nonsense, you wrong me!”

Zhangyan was panic now, she looked at Pang Xiaofan to ask help from her.

Pang Xiaofan didn’t expect that Qin Yichen would focus on the thing too much, he was never like this.

“Yichen, it’s an accident, zhangyan didn’t mean it. She heard that Mo Qinyu’s words were rude, then reminded her this is company, not the vegetable market, she can’t see rude words here. We didn’t expect that Mo Qinyu was a little excited, they two bumped into each other and her coffee spilled.”

Her words were exonerate Zhangyan ostensibly, actually, she injured Mo Qinyu once more.

Mo Qinyu sneered,” Miss Pang, I just explained that the civet coffee was poop from a cat , it’s simple and easy to understand, I don’t think it’s rude.”

Qin Yichen showed a strange expression, he wanted to laugh but finally he kept it.

It was indeed simple and easy to understand.

Only the silly woman could say these words.

His slender fingers tapped on the table, then his cold eyes closed first, then opened suddenly, showing a aura from him without anger,” Okay, She spilled your coffee and you spilled it back, then you two even things up.”

Slowly leisurely words exploded in the tea room like a heavy bomb.

Zhangyan was scared that her legs were soft, she fell down beside Pang Xiaofan, the arrogance disappeared without a trace.

“ I was wrong, Boss, it’s my fault, please forgive me, I dare not do it again!” she cried with a pale face, even her lips lost its color.