Chapter 5 - Love in full bloom

“ Qin Yichen, you are a devil!” she gritted her teeth with muscles tightened all over her body, just like a stone.

She could feel his change of his body. The fear overwhelmed her all over.

That huge one was as fierce as him, it nearly killed her last time.

Wasn’t he a gay?

Why did he has reaction to woman?

Was he really a bisexual?

His attractive thin lips were lifted and showed a fierce sneer,” Don’t you like to be in the hell?”

Saying this, he leaned forward suddenly.

She tightened her fists with nails embedded in her palm.

Pain combined with an instinctive physiological response swept through her.

She bit her lips without any movement and sound, just like a dead object.

It was a silent revolt.

She couldn’t fight against his aggression, but she could resist him with her means.

Qin Yichen knew her meaning. His action became more ferocious with anger raised in his heart.

She was more wild and stubborn than his imagination.

“ Mo Qinyu, what’s your first obligation?”

She kept silent with fists clenched.

“Speak out!” his violent hit made her body tremble lightly.

“ Serve you!” she was forced to speak out the two words.

“ Very good! The second one, don’t let unimportant woman bother me!” his voice was low, just like a beast whispering.

She was in a daze, a surprise appeared on her face wetted with sweat.

She thought that he was angry because that she had been a third wheel. Now she realized that he was angry at her inaction.

“Don’t all men want their wives to be magnanimous and let them flirt with other women?”

“I hate women!” he bit her earlobe lightly to warn her to remember it.

In this world, no woman could get his interests, expect that girl in Hotel.

His slim fingers touched her smooth back.

Her back was beautiful and flawless. That girl had a plum blossom on her shoulder. That night, he couldn’t see it clearly under the dim moonlight. Maybe it was a tattoo, maybe it was a birthmark or something else.

It was her only sign.

He would find her, no matter where she was!

Mo Qinyu signed deeply in her heart.

His words were an indirect admission of his sexual preference to her.

He hated women, he wasn’t a bisexual, he only liked men!

In a gay’s eyes, no matter how beautiful and how excellent a woman was, she was always a trouble.

“I see. Stop your luck in adore and prevent women closing to you.”

Qin Yichen’s eyes flashed with a cold smile on his mouth.

He released it many times.

Although the woman was useless, he had to admit that she had a special ability: she can provoke his desires.

Even if she was not a virgin, even if she was motionless like a dead fish , he still felt the pleasure of


When he was satisfied, Mo Qinyu had already fainted.

She had tried to keep awake, but after being invaded so many times, she finally couldn’t stand him. Qin Yichen turned her over, just finding there were many blood in the palm of her hands.

Her nails were still embedded in the flesh deeply.

She didn’t beg him to stop and didn’t yield to him.she never gave him any responses even a voice.

This was a stubborn wildcat!

A strange burning anger and an irrational frustration rose in his heart.

No one could fight against him, no one could be unyielding to him.

She was the only one!

Glancing at her sharply, he walked into the bathroom to wash the remaining dirt from her.

She was a dirty woman after all!

When Mo Qinyu woke up, she was still on the cold table. Qin Yichen had already left.

Her body was pain and her bones seemed to fall apart.

She would be killed by the man one day!

He was noble and well-dressed when he was in clothes, but he became a terrifying beast after taking off the clothes! Combining the two conditions together, he became a magnificent brute!

After a showering, she lay down on the sofa.

She couldn’t go on living like a rice worm relying on Qin family, she had to own her job!

At dinner time, Mrs Qin came back.

She knew that in this family, even though she wanted to become independent, she still needed to ask for a permission.

“Mom, I’m so boring staying at home all day, I want to find a job outside.”

Mrs Qin glanced at her,” What’s your major?”

“ Jewelry design.” she replied lowly.

She just graduated from University and hadn’t found a job. She was always doing part-time jobs these two monthes.

“The wife of Qin family can’t work for an outsider. you can send your resume to JVLear, it’s up to you whether you can be hired.” she said carelessly.

It was good to let her go for work. It was really annoying that she always hanged around in the house.

“Thank you mom!” Mo Qinyu smiled, just like a captive birth who got freedom again. She was relaxed now.

JVLear was not a company of Qin company, but belonged to Dijue company.

It was established by Qin Yichen when he was in his middle school. Now, it has developed into one of the world’s top 500 comprehensive multinational group.

Mo Qinyu didn’t know its reputation and she didn’t want to know Qin Yichen’s history.In her eyes, he was just a beast.

There were five links of the interview. It was fluent and finally she was accepted as an assistant designer.

Three days later, Qin Yichen came back. By the time he pushed the door open, she was dancing happily in the room.

“ What do you want to do in JVLear?” his expression was serious and gloomy. His mother told him about this the moment he entered the house.

“ I just want a job and I don’t think of going to JVLear, it’s mom told me I can’t work for an outsider. Nobody knows my identity and I won’t tell others. I only want to make money by myself!”

There was a sense of pleading in her eyes. He was the CEO of the company, if he refused her, she would be fired before working.

“ Do you think the allowance from Qin family is not enough?” he showed a deep scorn to her.

The first day he met her, he knew that she was a material woman who loved money.

“I only want to get respect from you.” she refuted him after getting up the courage with eyes staring at him stubbornly.

He sneered, looking her up and down critically,” If you want respect , you shouldn’t marry to Qin family.” “ It’s Qin family set the marriage, not Mo family!” her tone was clear and forceful, reminding him the fact.

She didn’t reach his family and she never wanted to reach his family!